Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chalice Hair - The TRUTH, The Whole TRUTH & Nothing But The TRUTH

OK this is going to be short because I'm too excited to concentrate for long.  The most beautiful surprise I could ever think of occurred tonight when I logged on.  The irrepressible Truth Hawks, hair dresser extraordinaire, sent me a message saying that a little birdie told him I would love a Truth hair style named after me.  This is very true.   You may recall me pleading shamelessly a couple of posts ago.  Well it happened.  He did it!  Truth sent me the Chalice hair shown below and if I'm lying,  may my boobs hit the floor and stay there, this is my favorite ever Truth style.  It's just................................................perfect. 

I went over to the store and can't yet see it there but I'm hoping it will be in his usual Friday releases.  You just have to get it.  Darling have seriously made this girls day, week, year.  Take the limo to Truth to buy your Chalice hair.  Please make me a sell out.



I don't think I've done this hair any justice with my pics because when you see it in the flesh, it's amazing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: I'm A Lady....GaGa that is!

Not having had time to peruse the feeds this evening prior to submitting this post, I suspect the new release shoes from Pacadi Jasha titled Armadillo Plateaus will be blogged quite a bit; however, when I received them upon logging on tonight, they screamed to be matched with my new House of Fox outfit called Lady H.O.F. that I planned to blog about.  As I'm apt to do, I substituted the Black Sheer Top, also from House of Fox, with the black bra provided with the outfit.  I love, love the look.

No doubt we've all seen the amazing pairing of Alexander McQueen's 10" stiletto's with Lady Ga Ga's feet.  Like Dolce & Gabbana, Trinny & Susannah and Gautier & Madonna, this duo was made in fashion heaven.

How timely given the impending 'For The Love Of McQueen' tribute show being  produced by AVENUE and scheduled to run at 12.00pm on the 28th of February at GOL. I guarantee you'll see nothing like it knowing that Rusch Raymaker (CEO AVENUE Inc.) and Jesika Contepomi (Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.) surround themselves with consummate professionals of the highest caliber.  With the creme of SL designers contributing outfits and the most talented stylists in the business, Vixie Rayna, Thalia Jie, Jesika Contepomi and Winter Jefferson, this promises to be the show of shows.  Hosted by Ms Fashion herself, Angie Mornington, the outfits pay homage to the amazing work of Alexander McQueen and will be available from the designer's stores for the month of March.  Of particular note is the fact that all proceeds from sales will be donated to the 'KEEP A CHILD ALIVE' charity given McQueen was a known supporter of similar charities focusing on HIV/AIDS issues.  If you attend nothing else this year, do your spirit a favor and enjoy the celebration of one of the most amazing designers the world has seen.

I must say that Pacadi Jashan have done an amazing job with these McQueen inspired beauty's shown here in the color, Ocean.  Hope you enjoy :-)


Skin: Estelle Light in Make Up #8 by LeLutka
Hair: Blond Hair Base with hair attachment by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #7 by Nany Merlin  
Outfit: Lady H.O.F. by House of Fox
Shirt: Black Sheer Shirt by House of Fox 
Hat: Lady H.O.F. by House of Fox 
Earrings: Chloe Dimensions Earrings from Phoenix Rising 
Shoes: Armadillo Plateaus in Ocean by Pacadi Jashan 
Tights: Python in Black by sayaaKa Boa

Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chalice in Wonderland: Stitch by Stitch Funny Bunny

Sometimes out of the blue, Sevenstar Amat, designer extraordinaire of Stitch by Stitch will send me wonderful treats she has been working on and whatever I'm doing, I can't wait to pop them on.  The day she sent me the penis hat I was out shopping and nearly spat my drink across the room when it finally rezzed.  I thought it was a Carmen Miranda type hat with banana's atop until the thing became visible.  Its the most favorite thing I own but out in the middle of a shopping sim surrounded by people, it felt like a beacon saying 'look at my lovely collection of penis' on my head'.  So these days, I grab a quiet corner just in case because Seven's creativity knows no bounds. 

What I received this time was the La Boite Bunny Hat.  She knows I love hats and this little gem is no exception.  As usual, she doesn't stop there.  Along came her new release Sammy dress, a profusion of red, black and gray material with polka dots.  The outfit can be worn with the cute shorts or prim skirt.  Either way, it's a stunner.  Her La Boite Message Beads necklace was the perfect accompaniment and once again, I was fashion heaven Stitch by Stitch style.

Please go check out her store.  Seven just never stops and just being in her shop is an uplifting experience. 

So without further ado, here's Sammy.  Click the pics for a larger more detailed view.

Skin: Ife Light skin - Heart from LeLutka (free gift from Heartless shopping sim)
Hair: Hair 64 in White by W&Y 
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Gray by Nany Merlin 
Dress: Sammy from Stitch by Stitch 
Hat: La Boite Bunny Hat from Stitch by Stitch 
Beads: My Message Beads from Stitch by Stitch 
Nails: Red by Petite Ange 
Earrings: Berlioz in Silver by DeLa 
Shoes: Fairy Rose in Red by L+R+W
Location: The Mother Road

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: House Of Fox Rocks.

You know, I get a big thrill when a designer sends me something to consider blogging as I take it that they feel I might do justice to the fruits of their labor.  Last night was one such time when I clapped my hands and went 'Ooooooo'.  I was in the middle of an SOS question in a group when along came some treasures from Fashionboi Landar, the owner/designer of House of Fox.  When said emergency was over, I threw on the contents of my newly acquired folders and jumped for joy.  These are my kind of clothes.  This is taken from Fashionboi's profile because who can explain a label better than the designers themselves?

"House of Fox offers both Avant Garde and Casual clothing. Our style of clothing are mostly in the greyscale. You will not find anyone other like us both our fashion sense and our vision of the modern woman".

I TP'd over to the store today and found some amazing pieces for those who like their fashion edgy, strong, unconventional and making a statement without fluff or flounce.  This is not for the frou frou woman but a woman who not only pays for her own dinner, she buys yours as well.  Here Chalice is wearing 'Antoinette Ram' and she's just as likely to kick you in the gargoyles than give you a passionate kiss.  Worn with the House of Fox Magdalena Couture Face skin, I love the result.  The Couture and Natural skins are the cherry on the top of these monochrome delights and while not everyone might wear them for everyday SLiving (although you sure could), they certainly create an impact on the fashion stage.

More to come from House of Fox.

Skin:  Magdalena Couture Face from House of Fox
Hair:  Magdelena Black Hair Base and Ponytail from House of Fox
Head accessory:  Ram Horns from Antoinette Ram by House of Fox
Lashes: Bedroom by Cake  
Eyes:  Monni Heaven by Boingo 
Gloves: Aya V black fur gloves by Ateilier
Dress: Antoinette Ram by House of Fox
Shoes: Red Lotto Boots from Acid & Mala Creations
Necklace:  Black Diamond Trinity by Artsy Mirabeau at Digital Knickers
Earrings:  Black Window from Rara Avis (free gift)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Don't Be Jealous Of My Pants.

I'm on a mission at the moment that has been taking up some time.  I'm creating a note card in alphabetical order of great photography sims with a brief description and LM.  I'm doing a few every time I log on and it's one of those tasks that becomes bigger the more you do it.  The catalyst being my endless searching for LM's in my inventory or in the search engine for places I vaguely remember and my frustration in trying to recall the names.  Once done, I'll be happy to share with anyone who doesn't have a one stop shop of photography LM's.  There are a few kicking around but I've found the one's I was given have a lot of old LM's. To the people who's bedroom's, bathroom's, lounge-room's and kitchen's I have landed in, I'm very sorry.  I promise my eyes were closed until I could find my TP button.

I've been wanting to share these pants with you for a few weeks since I stumbled upon iLLNiniA Palmer's shop called Ninia.  I saw them across a crowded room and had to have them.  I'm a sucker for dots, retro and thongs so thought I'd combine the lot and jazz Chal up a bit.

I brought these thongs a few days ago from JB Gazov's store aptly named J's Main Store.  Now I learned something the other day that probably all of you know but me.  I can find the color of my skin by going into the Advanced menu, down to UI and then at the very bottom, select 'SHOW COLOR UNDER CURSOR'.  I was able to select the skin close to the prim foot of these thongs, and using the hud, move the arrows up and down until the numbers matched those at the bottom of my screen that gave the numeric value of my skin color.   OMG what a difference.  You can wear with or without thongs and the feet are great in my opinion.  Little toe rings turn my lumps of meat into sexy toes :-)

Anyway enough talking cause no-body reads the words anyway lol.  Here endeth the rant on my pant(s).  These pics were taken at some of the great sims I'm cataloging.

Oh yeah...little message for Truth Hawkes.  Man you just get better and better.  Would you make a hair and call it Chalice....pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse :-)  I wouldn't even care if it was a merkin.  Look that up guys...didn't even know they existed until one of my friends told me to 'stop jerkin your merkin'.  Needless to say I howled laughing for an hour. 


And the important stuff:
Skin:  Ife Light Make Up #1 from LeLutka
Hair: Joanna in Champagne from Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Bedroom from Cake
Undertop: Jersei Punto GrisAzul created by cekin Karas (no longer available)
T-shirt: Aqua top by Maeva
Pants: Retro Dots pants by Ninia
Shoes: J's Flip Flaps (Aussie for thongs) by J's Main Store 
Earrings: Berlioz in Sky by DeLa 
Watch: Flight Compass watch by Indyra Originals
Nailpolish:  from J's Main Store

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Always The Bride, Never The Bridesmaid Blogger Challenge

I guess one of the commonalities we all share as bloggers is our creativity with fashion working within the limitations of our environment.  There are so many wonderful blogs enlightening residents on cheap or freebie items that there's no excuse for drabness in our world.  This got me thinking about setting a challenge to see how many amazing and diverse looks we could put together sharing the one brief.

My challenge if you choose to accept it, is to create two bridal looks only using what is in your inventory.  If you happen to have a wedding dress in there, don't use it because that defeats the purpose.  This is about being creative, reflecting your personal style in what would be considered a very important day in your life.  Because flowers are such an important part of any wedding regardless of style and the fact that you might not have any floating around, you can purchase flowers only to accessorise with your wedding look if you'd like.

So get sifting through your stuff and come up with your own bridal looks for a BEACH THEMED WEDDING and a CHURCH THEMED WEDDING.  I had so much fun doing this because it really was a challenge trying to find outfits that would fit the bill especially when I didn't think I had anything remotely resembling a wedding gown.  We don't have to be white meringue's and I bet you come up with some amazingly creative looks because you aren't just looking at one total dress.

Here's my attempts.  I'd be really interested to see what other people come up with.  You know how people love to see a bride...whether they're admiring or laughing at her :-)  Just pretend that the person of your dreams said "marry me right now".  Could you put together your dream outfit with what's in your wardrobe???????  GO ON.



Skin: Estelle Light - Make Up #1 by LeLutka
Hair: Berry in Champagne by Truth
Lashes: Catwalk Lashes by Minnu Palen
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4
Nails: Blue by Petit Ange
Dress: Albastro by Baiastice
Shoes:  Celine in Breeze by DeLa
Watch: Omega DeVille by Francis Chung
Necklace:  Created by Pearlie Pedro (no longer available)
Flowers:  Lily & Lilac bouquet from Cazenove Creations


Skin: Ife Light Make Up #5 by LeLutka
Hair: Lulu in Champagne by Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Dress: Polished Gown by Chic Boutique
Dress overlay:  Flexi skirt from Persian Dream outfit by Baiastice
Veil: From Persian Dream outfit by Baiastice
Gloves:  Champagne gloves from Aimee gown by LeeZu
Necklace/earrings:  Chalice Diamond from JCNY (colored gold)
Shoes: Shanti Nude by Maitreya Gold
Flower: Antique Calla & Rose Bouquet from Lapointe & Bastchild

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Home Sweet Home

It's taken a while but I think I've finished decorating.  I've purchased things I thought I'd like only to end up replacing it with something I liked more.  I do love my SL home because unlike my RL home, it's peaceful, quiet and I'm  It's my head space away from the frenetic craziness of my life, which I love by the way, but it can get a bit much.  Shopping was so much fun and with only 1225 prims to play with, I think I did good.

I wasn't happy with the water nor my previous off-sim islands so as of today, I went shopping to rectify the situation and now I finally have what I'm happy with.


Relaxing on my new jetty.

  • Off-sim jetty from The Beach Store 
  • Chair comes with 2 female/male poses and 1 stand where you lean on the back of the chair.  Also coffee table from LUXus Design.  Fab chair and awesome shop.
  • Artisan lanterns from Scarlett Creative.  I love, love these.
  • Off-sim island from Heart Garden Centre.  Only 20 prims and it gives the feeling of more space. Heart's would have to be one of my favorite SL businesses.
  • For my water, I have used a combination of OneDom Magic Water Wave Reflections, IKoNoS Coral Reef Visual Sim Expand and Mediterranean V3 Wave Collection by Antreas Alter
  • Candles only 1 prim each  by Plush Pod

Sunset from the jetty.

I purchased these gorgeous little birds that move and chirp.  I named them Jula and Vixie cause they never shut up.

  • Little birds come in a variety of colors and for $180L, you get 2 scripted birds and 2 non-scripted.  I purchased these in green and violet from Happy Mood.
  • Deck chair in various colors from Scarlett Creative.  Look at that texture.

A birds eye view of my little piece of SL.  Well at least while I keep paying tier.  I finally went from rezzing boxes on my head to setting up and landscaping my own place all by myself.  Only took me 2 years but better late than...oh never mind.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Tossers, Trollops & Tools

SL can bring the best and worst out in people.  The best has been some of the great blogging challenges designed to bring the blogging community together and pay homage to those who make a real difference.  I've really enjoyed reading those.

The worst tonight was some anonymous twat who responded on someone's blog with a post so nasty, so untimely and so inappropriate that sitting at home in my haven with my fluffy cat and adorable dog who lower my blood pressure just being around me,  I felt like punching said person in the balls or boobs.  I don't know which because of course, they're anonymous. 

Don't you feel so helpless when someone is just so wrong, and nasty and lacking in compassion that it makes you seethe?  There's little you can do other than write your protest down in a response but it's ineffectual really and does little to exorcise the anger you feel.

Well I needed an outlet as I was seriously contemplating performing some voodoo hoping that each pin I thrust into my teddy bear would hit it's mark with Harbinger the Anonymous.  So I did what any fashionista would do....made a T-Shirt as a protect to this drop-kick piece of crud.  So Harbinger...kiss my ass tootz.  May karma nip at your heels all your days.

Bless you Em.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Some Day's You're The Lamp Post...Some Day's You're the Dog

In light of some recent happenings played out in public, I just wanted to remind us all how fragile and delicate life is and in the blink of an eye, everything can change. Without wishing to inflame matters or take a side, which I can't because I don't know anything, just on the periphery and putting two and two together, I can see there has been some dissent. 

It happens all the time and will continue to happen and for the most part, its healthy that we don't all see things the same way.  I merely wanted to suggest that before we say or write anything, we think for a minute 'where will this information go"', 'will I feel this way tomorrow?' and 'what can people do with this information?'  If you're happy with your own answer's, go knock yourself out and say what what you gotta say but be kind to yourself and make sure the real you is talking, rather than the reactive you.  The number of times I've wanted to vent, get it out, exorcise the negative stuff right out my body and just dump it all out there is amazing.  More times than not, I've regretted it and wished I had just given myself a buffer.

This is honestly a no-judgment post. I've just been contemplating what I've been reading over the last few days and more than anything, wanted to remind myself that if I want to purge, I'd better be prepared for others to purge right back at me.

Thought I'd just share my most favorite quote (from someone) that I think about when I need grounding.  I've got 80,000.000 hugs left in my lifetime...I can sure afford to send some out to you all and say, 'this too will pass'.. xxx

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Stitch by Stitch Miranda Gown

The more I am traveling about looking for photographic opportunities, the more I am appreciating the beauty of SL particularly playing around with windlight settings.  I have another Stitch by Stitch treasure tonight, called the Miranda Gown, a stunning gold brocade dress with flower and bead embellishments.  The hair accessory is from LeeZu and I've had it for ages.  It's one of my favorite things.

Here is the Miranda Gown shot at this amazing sim called Funky Crazy.  Just the loveliest place and I've included a photo of a scene on the island.  Blogging is certainly giving me more enjoyment than anything else I have done in SL because it's opening up more opportunities to discover the amazingly beautiful work of builders.

Please click on the pics for a bigger image.

Isn't this an amazing sight for a weary spirit. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Tally Ho from Sascha's Designs


Sascha's Designs have created this sexy, yet sophisticated set of pieces called Tally Ho.  In a variety of options, you can mix and match to create a myriad of looks  With available top hat and scripted cane, you are ready for anything. .You'll be the fox at the hunt without doubt.

Chalice In Wonderland: Stitch by Stitch Red Roma (and I ain't talking tomato)

This just happens to be my favorite from Stitch by Stitch called Red Roma.  I have loved it from the moment I purchased it and to me, epitomizes all that is wonderful about this brand.  Perfectly constructed, surprises everywhere, vibrant colors and just plain gorgeous.  It has a playful sophistication inherent in European fashion.  Having coveted Maitreya Gold's Salience heels for so long, I thought Red Roma deserved Salience and vice versa.  I love the result.

I took off to the Foul Whisperings Strange Matters sim to take these pics and as usual, had a hoot discovering new places.




Skin:  Eclat Light Make Up #4 from LeLutka
Hair: Light hair base and Eclat Hair 2 by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Nails: Skin Deep Diamond Series Red by Polly Pavlova
Lashes:  Photoshoot 11 by LeLutka
Outfit: Roma Red from Stitch by Stitch
Beret: From Roma Red outfit Stitch by Stitch
Shoes: Salience black/gold by Maitreya Gold
Earrings: Aly Ruby Cascading Heart by Alyssa  Bijoux
Necklace: Stone pendant by Pixel Dolls
Ring Right Hand: Bubbles Ring by Chloe
Ring Left Hand: Bloom Ring by Flirt

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Spring Into Spring With Sascha's New Ra Ra Outfit

Ms Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Designs asked me if I would be interested in bringing some Spring to the feeds with her new season outfit called Ra Ra. 

While I've been melting my make up off down under, I thought why not share some sun and warmth wearing Ra Ra for a tantalizing taste of what's to come for you guys up North.  Colors to lift the spirit, barely there textures and some of my favorite retro sunnies all fuse together to create Spring time fun.  Ra Ra comes in Summer Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Blue.  As usual, spoiled for choice, you have 4 skirt options per color.  Brighten up your beach in Ra Ra.

Grab a taxi to Sascha's Designs and kick Winter in the butt.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Stitch by Stitch Coco Dress

Continuing with my week long hug of Stitch by Stitch creations, I bring you the Coco Dress.  Wonder who that is named after? 

I am having fun styling Seven's designs because they give you carte blanche to be as unconventional as you want to be but still maintain an avant garde fashion look without it looking like a costume..  Of course, I'm known to  take things to the nth degree and am not in anyway understated so my look is mostly an eclectic fusion of color and texture loosely following a theme.

I sped over to Rouge to take these photo's because I wanted something richly red but found this cute stage set up so thought my life's a stage so why not photograph myself on one.  Hope you enjoy.  I like to think that gorgeous diamante 'C' brooch stands for Chalice.  Haha.

Skin: Ife light in Make Up 1 by LeLutka 
Hair: Veruca 2 in Champagne by Truth 
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Blue #6 by Nany Merlin 
Lashes: Photoshoot 11 Lashes by LeLutka 
Nails: Wine by Petit Ange 
Dress: Coco Dress from Stitch by Stitch 
Hat: Rose Beret from Stitch by Stitch 
Shoes: Saffron Pumps in Black by LeLutka 
Tights: Sliced Leg Couture Tights by Digit Darkes 
Anklets:  Maitreya  
Umbrella: Black Lace Scripted Umbrella created by Seagel Neville

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Hyper Culture's Viviera Gown

I received a lovely note card recently from Ms Christensia Parkin, designer and owner of Hyper Culture inviting me to blog some of her clothing if I wished.  One thing that I know about Hyper Culture is that Christensia certainly works hard to market her outlet and going by the large variety of stock in the shop, must be a very busy woman.  I jumped at the chance to feature Hyper Culture on my blog and received the Viviera Gown in all hue's. 

The dress is simply cut around the bodice to form a halter neck and is tightly fitted to the hips where it simply drapes down to the floor with very little poof.  You have a choice of the simple skirt or the train skirt as you can see in the photo's below.  Both skirts are beautifully constructed and hang perfectly.  A daring plunge back emulates the plunging neckline at the front.  Whilst the dress cut is simple, it is the gorgeous, sensuous silky texture of the material that brings this dress to life.  Similar to a paisley but with more va va voom, each color is vibrant, with a stunning shine that dazzles. 

Hyper Culture is full of other treasures encompassing casual and formal wear.  Viviera would be an asset to any wardrobe and I'm very impressed with the textures. 

Here's your cab to Hyper Culture

Hair: Shag
Earrings: BiancaF
Skin: LeLutka Ife