Friday, September 30, 2011

Only A Few Days Left To "Feed A Smile".

In order to raise money and provide positive change to the extreme poor of the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya, Live and Learn in Kenya NGO and Loveli Inc would like to announce the Feed A Smile Charity Fashion Event 2011.

This year’s Event begins September 17th and runs through October 2nd. It is being held online at the FeedASmile For Loveli Sim and features fashion shows, auctions, sales, live music events, art exhibits and more.

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is a non-profit, charity organization working to aid the impoverished people – especially the children - living in Kenya. Loveli Inc is a fashion and art company that believes in giving back to their worldwide community through charitable work.

About the Organization: Live and Learn in Kenya NGO, located in Selb, Germany, and its “daughter” organization Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO are non-profit, charity organizations. LLK works to combat desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides, etc of those living in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

You can find out more by visiting Loveli Inc. For more information and how you can get involved please contact Liata Exonar, Mellificent Juneberry or Brique Topaz inworld.

Hurry have until the 2nd of October to lend your support.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Flair Of LaViere.

Hello precious ones....yes YOU.

Here is another wee purchase from my time at Modavia Fashion Week when I stumbled across some vendor posters with one of them showing this wonderful, fresh white outfit from LaViere called 'The Blanche'. I loved it immediately and loved the price even more. If memory serves me correctly, it was only about L$150. I hadn't heard of LaViere before and post my picture taking, I took a trip over to the shop. The designer, Azure Electricteeth (one wonders whether she can carve the Sunday roast with her mouth) appears to be starting up shop at Elsewhere and I must say, I'm excited. The shop design is smart and already filled with lots of lovely things.  I may be wrong but given it's not entirely filled, I'm gathering its a new venture...I apologize if I'm incorrect here.

I went looking for white shoes and at my first stop, Similar Italian Footwear, I found a gorgeous pair called 'Otranto'. OMG I'm in love with my feet. I have fallen in complete love with this brand and I simply can't get enough of them.

I'm a lucky girl. When I logged yesterday, the one and only Maddox DuPont of MaDesigns fame was kind enough to send me copies of all his new release couture hair. OMG people...they are stunning. I can't help wonder if he meant to forward them to someone else but Maddox, I'm extremely grateful and will be showcasing the various styles as I blog. Here I'm wearing my favorite, Maya. I also found these cute silver steam punk glasses from Amaranthus, a Victorian Gothic Jewelery and Accessory store I found at the Jewelery Fair.

I found the snazzy white belt called Tory from LeLutka and the riding crop was a giftie from Violator. It's scripted so you can smack anyone you like. Anyway, enough from me.  On to the next outfit...

Credit where credit's due:
Hair Base: Paper Couture.
Hair: MaDesigns.
Skin: Glam Affair.
Eyeliner Tattoo: LionSkins.
Outfit including Tattoo makeup: LaViere.
Shoes: Similar Italian Footwear.
Crop: Violator.
Bangles: Armidi.
Earrings: Mandala.
Glasses: Amaranthus.
Belt: LeLutka.
Nails: Pixel Mode.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Town and Country in Chantkare.

I couldn't resist this outfit from Chantkare called 'Country' that I purchased at Modavia Fashion Week. WOW what a combo. Regal taffeta skirt with drapes and folds pairs perfectly with a country tweed jacket adorned with traditional leather buttons. If I loved it any more, I'd marry it. Conservative yet the glimpse of midriff sexes it up.

I'm also loving this new hair and base from Paper Couture. More, more hair Lu ladies. You've done a marvelous job with this, in fact, it's my favorite base thus far, ever, ever.

As you can see, I've had a little blog make over and hope you like it. I needed a little whitewash in my life.

Hair, headband and base: Paper Couture.
Skin: Glam Affair.
Eyes: WAP Designs.
Eyeliner: Miamai.
Jacket, skirt and belt: Chantkare.
Shoes and socks: Maitreya.
Bag: Bounce.
Earrings and necklace: DooDads.
Nails: Mandala.
Ring: Kunglers.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring Has Sprung.

Coffee? Tea? Me?

Hi babies...well while I appreciate many of you are enjoying the glory of autumn, my reality is SPRING. I was enjoying a shop-a-thon the other day at the Modavia sim and found this gorgeous body suit in House of Fox that I'm wearing as swimwear. Because I've already had a few swims in RL, I wanted Chal to don a swimsuit and get in the sun. Look at the wonderful texture and colors of the Asmara Bodysuit. Gorgeous no?

I also wandered around the Jewelery Fair and fell in love with the gold bracelets and heart earrings from U&R Dogs. Can I make a suggestion without being shot? I found some of the vendor poster's and general marketing presentation of some jewelery designers lacking in inspiration and creativity. Perhaps if you stand back with a critical eye and also visit some of bigger known designers you will see that tiny little posters where you can barely see the pieces, poorly taken pictures and using ill-lit avi's is not the way to seduce shoppers to buy your wares. This doesn't just pertain to some of the Jewelery Fair participants, but anyone with a store selling stuff. In my opinion, retail is one situation where 'judging a book by it's cover' well and truly applies.

I notice a few people have blogged about the amazing shoes of Similar Footwear. Well I'm on the bandwagon too because they are quite something special. Here I'm wearing Grosetto in Tan Suede and I'm in love, love, love.

Take a look at these tootsies. Aren't they amazing? If only my RL feet would get on with uber high heels, life would be perfect.  I have a limit of around three hours, then the flatties come out. lol

OK me got more to blog...ta ta.

Hair & Base: From Miamai.
Skin: From Glam Affair.
Eyes: From Fashism.
Bodysuit: From House of Fox.
Shoes: Similar Footwear.
Bracelets and Earrings: U&R Dogs.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meet My New Lover....Peqe

Once again, Modavia Fashion Week set an impeccably high standard and the venue was awesome. I found it easy to navigate and thought the build was beautiful. Whilst SL performance is an issue for me of late, I persevered and eventually managed to see it all. One designer there piqued my interest big time. PEQE has some truly amazing fashion and I snapped this Kiss Me Pop Art jacket, black tights and G Wedge Heels as I thought together, they'd make a great outfit.

The quality is amazing and I can't wait to go back and buy more. I used my Bag Ye Ye from Simay Creations which happens to be one of my most favorite bags in my collection.

I've got so much to show but with so little time and SL being naughty, I will do my best. Have a great weekend all.

Credit: Hair: Rykiel by LeLutka Skin: Rhea by R.icielli Lashes: By Miamai Nails: By JeSuis Top: Kiss Me Pop Art jacket from Peqe Leggings: By Peqe Shoes: By Peqe Ring: By Kunglers Bag: Bag YeYe by Simay Creations

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm A Lady Who Lunches.

Sometimes you purchase one item because you love it and then wonder, 'what am I going to do with this'? I've been sitting on this OTS Tutu in mint from Ladies Who Lunch for ages because I knew it would take a bit of effort to style given the item only consisted of the prim Tutu and nothing else. Regardless, I hoped that if I could sift through my stuff and find something I liked to go with it, I might achieve a one off look that I was satisfied with.

I rather like what I've thrown together which come from a few different sources. Unlike a normal tutu that sits on the waist, this delight is asymmetrical and travels around one shoulder sort of like a crazy sash that Miss Universe/World would receive. I loved the mint color but it is available in a good selection of other color options. Great job to the ladies who make things for the Ladies Who Lunch

I remembered the Rare headpiece from LaGyo I purchased the other day because I loved the huge ribbon effect. I simply can't get enough of hats and hairpieces and LaGyo has some stunners.

I've been enjoying all the mesh products on the feeds but am loathe to download V3 just yet when V2 is actually working for me. I might become mesh-ified when I get my new super-dooper fast computer. 

Skin: Jadis V2 in light from Glam Affair.
Hair: Base and Puka in Essence by Vanity Hair.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in pale mint by Fashism.
Hairpiece: Rare from LaGyo.
Nails: Milky Way Silver Prim Nails by Mandala.
Tutu: From Ladies Who Lunch.
Top: Top from white bodysuit by Erratic.
Pants: Basic White Leggings from fri day.
Shoes: Grace in white from DeLa.
Necklace & Earrings: Manhattan by Eclectica.
Bag: Sway hand bag by Septem Essentials.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Strangled By Her Skinny Jeans.

"Skinny Jeans: The name given to punk "drainpipe" jeans when they came into fashion recently. Also called ciggarette pants. They are made of a stretchy material and get slimmer near the ankles. Usually worn by girls but indie/emo/scene/skater/punk boys also wear them. It should be noted that skinny jeans for boys are looser around the crotch so wearing doesn't make you sterile, as alot of ignorant emo haters claim" (Source Urban Dictionary)

Always on the hunt for a good pair of SL jeans, I came across these at Candy Doll a while back and thought I'd give them a plug. Great shading and they come with ankle prims and have a cute belt at the waist. Putting the outfit together, I found a folder from Hello Dave as part of the Platinum Hunt and couldn't believe my luck when I tried on the Wire Boots in denim. They are fantastic and I love the laces effect at the heel. Then I tried on the tops in the folder and couldn't go past the Immeasurable T in a great slate blue color. Great stuff from Hello Dave.

Another find I purchased recently and was waiting to blog is the gorgeous scarf from Cashmere called Dolce. The drape and folds are perfect and contains a re-sizer script to fit all avi shapes.

Unfortunately I missed going to the gym last night and this morning so my skinny jeans will have to stay in the wardrobe for a bit longer.

Skin: Jadis V2 in light tone by Glam Affair.
Hair: Charlize in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Eyes: Sunrise eyes in pale steel blue from Fashism.
Nails: Sculpted Metallic nails from Pixel Mode.
Jeans: Just Jeans in Gray from Candy Doll.
Top: Immeasurable T from Hello Dave.
Shoes: Wire Boots from Hello Dave.
Earrings: Antonia in silver by DeLa.
Bracelet: Heavy Metal Bracelet by Paris Metro.
Bag: Tote by Berries Inc.
Scarf: Dolce by Cashmere.