Friday, May 31, 2013

How Can You See Into My Eyes Like Open Doors?

I've been noticing a few designers lately who sell their clothing items with accessories included. While I love to mix and match my fashion to create a bespoke look, I do appreciate how handy this is for people not wanting to go ferreting for hours on end in their inventory for the right shoes, jewellery etc.  This outfit is from SLX, a combination of Ducknipple and 20.FIVE, providing complete outfits for SL customers.  Great idea for those on the go who want to just pop on some fabulousness and head out.  It consists of the dress, boots, bangles and necklace which all compliment each other beautifully.

I really just added this silver chain clutch from Croire (now trading on Marketplace), hair, skin, tattoo and nail gloves and voilà, ready in record time.

Another thing about purchasing complete outfits from SLX is the fact that you are saving heaps of money if you're anything like me when you style.  I spend a fortune on shoes and accessories so this way, you're getting it all in the one purchase.  At only L$195, this is remarkable.

Oh and I did a naughty thing.  Walked right into Glam Affair and fat packed the Cleo.  Will someone please chain me to a heavy seat at my home for a week so I can't go shopping?  I'm out of control....and loving it :-)  Be good till next time.

And my blog title?  Guess what I was listening to when I was thinking 'oh no, what do I call this post'. lol


Hair: Megan Mesh hair in Seafoam color from Wasabi Pills
Skin: Madeline in Pale tone by Envious Skins
Eyeliner: Love My Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara from Boom
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eyes in Monet Dawn Shadow by Mayfly
Nails: Nail Gloves by DownDownDown
Dress, Boots, Bangles and Necklace: Kit in Warm color from SLX
Bag: Chic Chain Clutch in Silver by Croire (at Marketplace)
Earrings: Voyante Ear Clips (color change) by Je Suis
Back Tattoo: Sensation Of The Spider by Tattoo Paradise
Location: LEA7

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Through The Sands Of Time, There's Zaara.

This is one of the most beautiful outfits I have ever shown on my blog in my opinion.  This post is exclusively a dedication to the wonderful designer, Zaara Kohime, who brings such quality, color and vivacity to SL.  Upon checking her profile, I see she is an Art Director/Illistrator and it certainly shows in every piece I've ever purchased from Zaara the label.  The outfit I'm wearing is called 'Syona Kurta' in Saffron.  It comes complete with tunic, scarf and pants.  Being this is a feature on Zaara, I chose the cute little flats called 'Ilaida Mojri' also in Saffron.

The stunning head jewellery is called 'Nizam Head Jewel' in Gold and the earrings are 'Nizam Jhumka' also in gold.

The stunning bracelets are called 'Atiriya' in carnelian gold.  I also added a turquoise bracelet called 'Vyomini' just because it's so beautiful.

Yep, my Slink hands look splendid and the nail appliers are the Glitter Set #1by Orc Inc.

Overall, Zaara has produced some kind of wonderful and I am in total LOVE with it.

While putting together this post, I have been listening to K.D. Lang's version of Hallelujah over and over and over.  I needed the soothing tones of her voice in my head tonight.  I am in love with her big time even though I've been crying for an hour torturing myself through the resonates with me right now and its perhaps not the best thing to do.  Play songs that bring up emotions but hey, don't they say crying washes away the pain?


Hair: Vix in Blond by Tameless Hair
Skin: Mya in Pale tone from Belleza
Lip Tattoo: Mya Pale Lips #2 by Belleza
Hand Skin Applier: From Belleza
Lashes: From Tameless Hair
Hands: From Slink
Nails: Glitter Nail Appliers #1 by Orc Inc
Top, Scarf and Pants: Syona Kurta in Saffron by Zaara
Shoes: Ilaida Mojri in Saffron by Zaara
Bracelets: Atiriya in carnelian Gold by Zaara
Bracelet camera left: Vyomini by Zaara
Earrings:Nizam Jhumka in Gold by Zaara
Hair jewels: Nizam Head Jewel in Gold by Zaara
Location: Kingdom of Sand - thanks to Alyssalillian McMinnar for sending me the LM.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Now this is a cause I'm very passionate about because in the deepest recesses of my soul I believe that the GLTB community should have all the rights that are afforded the 'straight' community.  Because I couldn't express the importance of this issue any better than the organizers of the campaign currently occurring in SL, I have taken an excerpt from their blog to explain.

"Each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return. GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED or BISEXUAL…..Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn’t Matter. The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should be available to any loving couple. Let’s end hatred and discrimination now. Stand UP and be counted!!!

STAND 4 LOVE is an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight loving couples to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world. It will be a picture campaign in Second Life to spread awareness and promote equality and tolerance. Each participant will take a picture of themselves in a plain white or black background then add the Stand4Love Logo. They will then put their message of support as well as their SL name and/or Title/Business (Optional) in the picture.  All pictures received will be published here in this blog. It will also be promoted in Stand4Love Facebook page and Flickr group. We will be opening a gallery inworld to display your picture entries for a month. Please Join us."

Here is the link to the Stand4Love Blog and I hope you all participate.

My entry.

Poncho and Pants by Little Petits Details
Shoes by Slink
Hair by Diva
Skin by Glam Affair

Under Pressure (Twas listending to the Mercury/Bowie version when I posted).

Pressure!  We all experience it to varying degrees because our lives pull us in so many directions.  Some of us cope with it better than others and even if we cope with it well, there's days when it all goes to shit.  Add depression to it or any other form of psychological or psychiatric disorder and life can become a mine field.  I think that joy plays a huge part in living a successful life.  You can have money, huge houses, expensive cars, holidays that go on forever but if there's no joy, whats the point of it all?  At the moment, SL is perhaps one of the few places that joy finds me.  Of course, I'm working on improving this situation every second of the every day but by god it's hard.  When the joy goes, it permeates every aspect of your life.  The things that used to excite and motivate me aren't working any more and the fight to get me back is taking a huge toll.  So to those of you who are having trouble finding your inner joy, I hope that each day you find even a little of it in your heart.

I needed cheering up and I always know that Little Petits Details will provide me with visually stimulating lovliness and I wasn't disappointed when I saw this dress called 'Organzal'.  Ca-ching, it was mine.

This skin was a freebie at the Skin Expo from Nuuna's.  I love it when in amongst my dogs dinner of an inventory I find just the thing I wanted.

Jewellery is from Je Suis's current 50% sale.  Its only on for a week so it might still be going.  Limo here.

I just added some black gloves from Cheerno that I don't think are still available.  I've become so spoiled with my Slink hands 'n' feet, that when I can't wear them because there's no skin applier available, I wear gloves.

I lashed out again on another new pair of heels from GOS.  I'm just so impressed with the GOS label and I always get a kick out of visiting and purchasing a new pair.  These are called 'Grace' in Pink.  To coin a phrase from Sex And The City, "Men I might not know, but shoes, shoes I know" - Carrie Bradshaw.


Hair: A816 in Creamy Yellow color by Tram
Skin: Nuuna's freebie skin from the Skin Fair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity color by IKON
Dress including Hat: Organzal by Little Petits Details
Shoes: Grace in Pink by GOS
Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets: Sophistique in black by Je Suis (sale LM)

Monday, May 27, 2013

C'est la vie...Whatever Will Be Will Be

C'est la vie has just released a new ribbon belt skirt and I felt compelled to drop everything and create a style around the skirt.  Available in 6 delightful colors and patterns, the ultra feminine 'budding pink' was my choice.  I also found the soft pink scarf upstairs at C'est la vie and was happy to have purchased it because I love the match.

Now if I'd put down my tub of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, this whole process would have been much quicker but you see, I've just discovered it and can't believe you American's have hidden this from me until just recently.  I was a bit pouty tonight when I got to the shop that sells it and found my favorite peanut butter one was out of stock but settled on Phish Food instead.  But I actually, I've put it back in the freezer.

It's a lovely, lovely skirt and I did a bit of traveling around to style it. My limo driver made a few bucks tonight!

I found the bag at Little Petits Details called 'Geena' and I think its a sympathetic match to the skirt.  That shop really makes my jaw drop when I walk around.  It's almost too perfect and I mean that in a good way.

I found the pintuck T and Carnation Flats at Tram.  I knew I could count on them for finishing off the look.  The little flats are just so decorative with little carnation flowers on the front and back of the shoes.

I took these pics at {what's next}.  Is there a truly sweeter place than that sim?  There's just beauty at every turn and an abundance of photo opportunities.  I actually stayed there for ages because they have such peaceful music streaming I was nearly asleep.

I often wonder how many non-bloggers utilize the feeds and I hope its a lot of Second Lifer's.  I want to send out a warning to anyone, particularly new people to SL who may be shopping for shapes.  DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT shop at Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC (allegedly aka MissFedorova in SL) on Marketplace.  By her/his own admission, they are copybotted from known models in SL. Boycott the copybot at all costs.  Apart from the fact the unit is loony, racist, ageist, sexist and any other 'ist you can imagine, handing over a cent to this person is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG because someone else's hard work went into creating their SL visual identity and wacko here is trying to benefit from it.  I wanted to make mention of this because its wrong to assume that everyone knows the story behind this individual and may just stumble across these shapes on Marketplace without knowing the history. 


Hair: Miu (Type B) in Moon Stone by Diva
Skin: Margot Europa #4 by Glam Affair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity by IKON
Lashes: By Tameless Hair
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair
Top: Pintuck T in Rose by Tram
Skirt (includes ribbon belt): Ribbon Belt Skirt in Budding Pink by C'est la vie
Bag: Geena bag by Little Petits Details
Shoes: Carnation Flats in Pink by Tram
Scarf: Fur Muffler in Pink by C'est la vie
Earrings: Studio Please Me by Glow Studio
Ring: Melt My Heart in White by Auxiliary
Bracelets: Pink Bangles from C'est la vie
Location: {what's next}

Two Skulls Are Better Than One....If You Need Book Ends That Is.

Hey man, I've got my groove on in Mesh Head again.  The fabulous Frances Cocarerra sent me this skull head corset complete with texture change hud for those days when you can't decide what color mood you're in.  Thanks so much.  I'm a Mesh Head fan girl because I can see the work that goes into the intricate details on each piece.  Like its not your average corset, this one has rings attached and realistic seams to name but a few features.

These jeans are also from Mesh Head.  Look at the fading, creases and belt...brilliant.

The great back pack is from Pixel Box.  Again, interesting details abound.

Not many words today.  When someone you love more than you love yourself leaves, the sadness is so deep you wonder if it will ever stop.  I'm trying to be brave but some days I don't want to be brave...I want to cry and feel the pain. 


Hair base: Malaysian hair base by Eskimo Fashion
Hair: Claudia by LAQ
Skin: Margot Europa 2 by Glam Affair
Eyeshadow and Lipstick Tattoo: Green Glitter Exotic Eyes and Silver Lipstick by Noya
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Field by IKON
Top: Backless Skull Corset by Mesh Head
Jeans: Hippy Flared Jeans by Mesh Head
Bag: Backpack Angels Secrets by Pixel Box
Shoes: Fabric Platforms by Slink
Hands and Feet: By Slink
Necklace 1: Soul Necklace in Blue (Option 3) by Mandala
Necklace 2: Love Letters necklace by Bliensen and MaiTai
Bracelets: Sea Bangle Set by FuLu
Ring: Black Heart Ring by SAKIDE
Ear Plugs: Day Of The Dead Plugs by Zombie Suicide

Saturday, May 25, 2013

SHEY Got It.

I declare today SHEY day because I'm showing you a fabulous, albeit very short, dress from that label.  I thought hard about what to put with it because my 'V' was showing and settled for the Floral Corset Panties from Bubble.  The dress is such a strong design and cut that I didn't want to overwhelm it with too much (or too little if I hadn't worn my undies)..

I purchased some stunning jewellery from Kunglers who take jewellery design and execution to a whole new level.  The necklace and earrings set is called 'Camelia' in gold.  The bangle is called 'Omochi' from Mandala.  I picked up this 'Leather Louis' Bag from OhLaLa Fashion and I remember it being an absolute bargain which I think was only L$50, but don't hold me to it....memory is a bit slow atm

Now the wonderful thing about this 'Maija Wrap Dress' is the fact that it comes with a hud to change the colors/textures which I have shown you below.  So many options for future wear which is great.

How are you all getting on with the new Flickr?  I don't like it at all but like everything, I suppose I'll get used to it. 


Hair: Marie (type B) in Moon Stone color by Diva
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Field color by IKON
Hands: Slink
Nails: Slink Metallic Metals Nail Applier HUD by Orc
Dress: Maija Wrap Dress (with color/texture change hud) by Shey
Undies: Floral Corset Panties in Black by Bubble
Shoes:Baviera Boots by Crazy
Bag: Leather Louis Bag by OhLaLa
Bracelets: Omochi bracelets in Sahara Brown by Mandala
Ring: Eleween Ring by Manna
Earrings and Necklace: Camelia in Gold color by Kunglers
Location: Hodgepodge

Friday, May 24, 2013

CICA - Forever Fashion.

For weeks I've been wanting to present Cica Ghost's label 'CICA' to you.  The outfits speak for themselves.  The collection, being predominantly black, makes a huge visual impact and without doubt,  are wearable works of art.  Readers I am so pleased to present you CICA.

"Dark Feathers" by CICA

"Every Day" by CICA

"Romance" by CICA
I just want to make mention of the necklace I'm wearing above from Pixel Box.  You can place your own pictures in the lockets as I have done.....that's what I call personalising your jewellery.

There are SO many fabulous outfits designed by Cica Ghost that choosing only 3 was a hell of a task but believe me, you won't be disappointed if you've not yet had the privilege of visiting her store.

Please click the pics for more detail.


Hair base: Malaysian Lace Front hair base in black by Eskimo Fashions
Skin: Amberly Petal Edition Skin (Sugar) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Glen color by IKON
Outfit including hat, gloves and tights: Dark Feather's by CICA
Boots: Pretender Platforms in Lime color by Ladies Who Lunch
Earrings: Plastic Earrings in Lime by Plus (designer Helena Compton) - unsure if she is selling in SL
Scarf: The Very Long Winter Scarf in Pine/Black by Zeery
Ring: Elenween ring by Manna


Hair base: Malaysian Lace Front hair base in black by Eskimo Fashions
Skin: Amberly Petal Edition Skin (Rei) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Clarity color by IKON
Hands: Slink
Nails:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails (Glitter Set) by Orc
Outfit including hat, top and tights: Every Day by CICA
Scarf: Afghan Stole (color change menu) shown in black by Sey
Shoes: Black Patent Ankle Boots by Kunglers
Bag: Bitch Clutch by Pure Poison
Earrings: Clown Set by Glow Studio
Rings: Anuttra Rings from Mandala


Hair base: Malaysian Lace Front hair base in black by Eskimo Fashions
Skin: Amberly Petal Edition Skin (Teary) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Glass color by IKON
Lashes: By Tameless Hair
Hands: Slink
Nails:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails (Glitter Set) by Orc 
Outfit including hat, top and tights: Romance by CICA
Boots: Troopa Boots in Soldier Black by Ladies Who Lunch
Earrings and Necklace: Steampunk Open Secrets by Pixel Box
Bracelet: Rock Leather Stud Bracelet in Black/Silver by Pure Poison

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life's A Beach And Then You Fly...Because You Outstayed Your Welcome.

When I saw this gorgeous top and lacy shorts made by Leri Miles Designs the other day at The Garage Designer Fair 2013, the soft lemon tones called to me LOUDLY.  I thought they would work well together and grabbed them.  I do love yellow hue's as they make me happy and this whole outfit is one big smile for me.  The earrings are from Eskimo Fashions and are actually peacock feathers but I thought they looked like fish bones.  I remembered seeing them there and given I chose a beach location, thought 'go on, get them'.

The off the shoulder top is hemmed with a polka dotted material featuring a cute bow made up of blues, reds, greens and browns which gives you license to accent those colors in your accessories although I remained with different tones of lemon.  The lace shorts are so feminine in my, sexy lace.

Now this is the sad part...the sheer hose and bag I purchased in separate fat packs just before Emily Kaestner closed her in-world shop Croire; however, here's the link to her Marketplace store.  The bag is so dainty and the other colors in the fat pack are equally endearing.

Now the shoes I purchased from GOS.  Called 'Ursula Wedges', they are sublime and close up you really get to appreciate the work all those little shoe makers do.  I imagine them all lined up in a row being beaten by Gospel Voom screaming 'work faster'.  Only joking, I'm sure he only gently reprimands them if the production line slows up a little.  Seriously, I know I wax lyrical about lots of things and I'm genuine when I do it, but I did let out an audible OMG when I cammed in close.

In the background, I can't work out if it's a kind of Christmas decoration for fishermen or the floats on fishing nets but they're mighty fancy balls.  This was shot at Salt Water, a really brilliant location for picture taking and relaxing at the sea side.  I spent exactly two hours laying on a hammock type thing that sits out over the water listening to the tunes and waves.  I think I spied other people waiting for a turn but first in, first served, even if I did out stay my welcome.

Oh gawd, the bill just came in....they charge by the minute for use of the lounging equipment.  Aww just tricking ya.


Hair: Moira in White by Tameless Hair
Skin: Margot in Europa tone #1 by Glam Affair (including Skin Appliers for Slink Hands)
Eye Shadow: Golden eyeshadow (was a group gift) by Little Petits Details
Liner: Gogo Add On Dark Eyes by DeeTaleZ
Lashes: Lashes #28 from Tameless Hair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Glen color by IKON
Top: Wanda Mesh Blouse in Polka Dots Lemon by Leri Miles Designs purchased at The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Shorts: Piper Shorts in Lemon by Leri Miles Designs purchased at The Garage Designer Fair 2013
Tights: Sheer Pattern Leggings by Croire
Hands: Slink
Nails: By Flair
Bag: Chic Chain Clutch in Gold by Croire
Shoes: Ursula Wedges in Gold by Gos
Earrings: BeDazzled Peacock earrings in Orange by Eskimo Fashion
Rings:  The Little Prince Elephant Rings by MiWardrobe
Bracelet: Paisley Bangle from the Lemon Bangle Set by Fulo Jewellery

Come See My Pixel Box.

Well another day, another dollar.  Thank goodness because there's so many magnificent goodies in SL at the moment I've developed a strategy of waiting 5 seconds before each purchase asking myself 'do I need it?'  I fear the answer most of the time is 'yes, yes, yes'.

In my previous posts I have mentioned the label Pixel Box and today I'm featuring the striking lace top, steam punk boots and bag from that shop.  Practically stole them, the prices were so low and that's always a thrill when you open the box, attach it and go 'Ooooo yeah'.

To me, the top is so pretty and delicate but I decided to pop a top under it rather than leave it semi see through.  I'm also thrilled with the skirt I recently purchased from Insanya called 'Ruby Mini Skirt' in black.  Loving the zips up the sides and silver studded belt.

As with many of the jewelery pieces sold at Pixel Box, you can place your photo in the lockets etc and as you can see here, the 'Dark Cross' bag has a label near the cream lace decoration to add your own picture as I have done.  The 'Mrs Daisy Bray' steam punk boots are decorated with lots of sweet embellishments.

Here's the entire outfit and I really love it from head to toe.  I'm again wearing the Amberly Petal Edition skin from Glam Affair and was so happy to find a Skin Applier for that specific tone.  Good on you rock. 


Hair: Lettie in Black by Tameless Hair
Skin: Amberley Petal Edition Skin (Edward) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Blue Grey color by IKON
Hands: Slink
Nails: Black Drama by ASS
Lace Top: Soft Lace Blouse by Pixel Box
Under Top: Linije Black Top from the Dark Feather's outfit designed by Cica
Skirt: Ruby Mini Skirt in Black by Insanya
Ring: Black Heart Ring by SAKIDE
Bag: Dark Cross Handbag by Pixel Box
Shoes: Mrs Daisy Bray's Steam Punk Boots by Pixel Box
Stockings: Ripped Black Nylon Tights by DeeTaleZ
Location: Souls Journey at Digital Studio's

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Purple Purpetrator.

I found this pretty yet simple dress from Kaithleen's called 'Short Retro Twiggi Pleated Dress' in a delicious shade of purple.  The shading is very clever and really does give the impression of movement.

Call me don't cause I'm sensitive, but I had no clue that Slink sold hair.  Probably because every time I go to Slink I turn left instead of right. I purchased this style called 'Lila' in pale blond and I love it - the texture, style etc is of excellent quality.  God not another place to buy hair...I'll be broke I tell you.  The bangles are from BSD Design Studio and are called 'Iconic Beauty Bangles' and I think I purchased them at The Garage Fashion Fair.  The earrings I'm wearing are from Pure Poison called 'Rock Earrings'.  The details are really quite exquisite and are truly appreciated up close which is why this label has become one of my favorites.

These shoes are from Eskimo Fashion and are one of the color tones in the 'Waterlilly Collection'.   The one shown here is from the roses tone. You purchase different color collections which consist of 4 choices and they come with two huds, one to change the shoe colors including metals/nails etc and the other for skin.  You really do get value for money when you consider you have 4 different hues per purchase and combinations of shoe hardware. I couldn't go past the dripping mouth of a bag also from Eskimo Fashions called 'Lips Of The Galaxy Tote'.  The designer, Ms Lucy F. Satori Massiano-Parker, has probably one of the longest SL names I've encountered.  Her items are excellent so do go have a look.

I'm so pleased to have stumbled across Kaithleen's store when she produces dresses such as this.

On a more sombre note, I send love and positive affirmations to those affected by the tornado's in Oklahoma and any other states touched by the tragedy.  I am always astounded by the resolve and sheer strength of the human spirit when nature reminds us who is the boss.  For those of us watching around the world, all we can do is pray that each individual affected receives the help and support they need at the time they need it most.


Hair: Lila in Pale Blond color by Slink
Skin: GOGO in Medium Fair tone by DeeTaleZ
Make Up: Colorful make up bundle #4 by DeeTaleZ
Hands: Slink
Nail: Nail Appliers by Flair
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Blue Grey tone by IKON
Dress: Short Retro Twiggi Pleated Dress in Purple color by Kaithleen's
Bag: Lips Of The Galaxy Tote by Eskimo Fashions
Shoes: Waterlilly Collection in Rose tones by Eskimo Fashions
Earrings: Rock Earrings in Purple and Gold by Pure Poison
Ring: Motsumame in Silver/Purple by Mandala
Bangles:  Iconic Gold Bracelets by BSD Design Studio
Location: Undine North

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Got The Exclusive On GOL The 9th - Opening 24th May.

Lucky me got an exclusive early viewing of Dakota Neumann's new club, GOL The 9th that is opening it's doors to clubbers on Friday the 24th of May at 10amSLT.  Go GOL or go home I say.  Who hasn't heard or been to Mr Neumann's existing GOL clubs?  This new version, designed and built by the man himself is classy, vast and has a wonderful ambiance to it.  If I'm not wrong, and I know I'm not, Miss Vixie's gorgeous face adorns the back wall and let me tell you, its a fierce shot that just draws you in. 

The long entrance just beckons you in and I guarantee before you even hit the dance floor, you'll be shaking your booty off its hinges.  Since 2006, dedicated GOL clubbers have been spoiled with some of the best tunes from the best DJ's the world has to offer 24/7.

I couldn't help but roll around on the beautiful tiled feature in the floor.  As always, Dakota's attention to every detail is what set's his builds apart and is found in every nook and cranny.

One more photo with the Diva before I took off home waiting with barely controlled anticipation for the official public opening on Friday at 10amSLT.  Now here's the limo darlings.

My congratulations to the entire GOL team for creating a club, the likes of which we haven't seen before.

GOL online:
GOL on Flickr:

What I'm Wearing:

Hair: Tikki by Bizarre Hair
Skin: GOGO in Medium Fair tone by DeeTaleZ
Make Up: Elegance #4 by DeeTaleZ
Top: Brown Feather Top by Acid and Mala Creations
Pants: Light Rose leggings from DeeTaleZ
Shoes: LuLu Add On shoes in Brown by Slink
Hands and Feet: Slink
Nails: Metallic Nail Appliers by Izzies
Bag: Grandma's Bag in Brown color by So Many Styles
Earrings, necklace and bracelets: Wanderer Set by League