Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Telling You To ShuShu.

I'm loving the label ShuShu darlings.  According to ShuShu's designer, ShuShu Congrejo, she is the RL daughter of one of SL's most innovative designers, AnaLee Balut from ALB Fashions.  Its obvious the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when you look at ShuShu's couture collection.  Its fun and fab for those who like their fashion vibrant and unique.

This mesh outfit is called 'Glam Affair' and comes with the knit bolero and waist bow.

This is so fashion forward when you look at the layering of the flower patterned skirt, flouncy over dress and strategically placed bolero with two wooden buttons keeping it in place.  Brilliant designing Ms ShuShu.

I threw on some sunnies from Tabloid and the 'Louis' bag from OhLaLa.  The leggings are from Art Decade.

The fabulous shoes are the 'Marilyn' sandals from GOS shown here in burgundy.  I most certainly am a ShuShu fan and want to add that if you join the group, there are some great gifties available.  Now ShuShu...go buy.


HAIR: Machiko 11 by Kik
SKIN: Betty in Pale (make up # 1) by Belleza
GLASSES: Baia Sunglasses by Tabloid
HANDS: By Slink
DRESS: Glam Affair by ShuShu
BAG: Louis Bag by OhLaLa
SHOES: Marilyn in Burgundy by GOS
LEGGINGS: In Cocoa by Art Decade

Monday, August 26, 2013

I Purr In La Fleur.

This post is a bit picture laden but only because I adore this dress that I found on Marketplace for $150L from La Fleur.  Simply called the 'Mesh Old Fashioned Dress Model 4', I fell for it hook, line and sinker and hoped that it would look as lovely on as it did in the picture.  It totally exceeded my expectations and taking a look at the offerings from La Fleur on Marketplace, know I have found a new favorite store.

Take a look at that stunning cut and pattern.  It screams sexy and reminds me that there are people out there making damned fine clothing at reasonable prices. I love the little sleeve, tight bodice escaping into a finely draped full skirt.

I'm loving the hair choice from Wasabi Pills called 'Tanya' in the color Seafoam.  I'm feeling very Brigitte Bardot.  A lot of thought has gone into this dress when you look at the chocolate striped edging on the skirt with the flower treatment peaking through.

I accessorized the shoes and bag in chocolate both by Faenzo.  The shoes are made to wear with the Slink Add-On feet so I was extra happy to buy them.  The bag is called 'Sookie' and has beautiful hardware.

Here's the outfit in its entirety and I'm thrilled with the result. I ain't taking this off today that's for sure.


HAIR: Tanya in Seafoam by Wasabi Pills
SKIN: Lilith in Europa tone (make up # 3) by Glam Affair
EYES: Vanity Eyes in Glen by IKON
POLISH: Metallic Nails by Izzies
MAKE UP TATTOO: Make up layer # 5 by Glam Affair
DRESS: Mesh Old Fashioned Dress Model 4 by La Fleur (Marketplace)
BAG: Sookie in Chocolate by Faenzo (Marketplace)
SHOES: Eleganza in Chocolate by Faenzo (Marketplace)
BRACELETS: Pink Bangles by C'est la vie
EARRINGS: Anaya Onyx Earrings by Zaara
RING: Ravesc Ring in Blush from Ravesc jewelllery set by Donna Flora
LOCATION: Hotel Del Coronado at San Diego City

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pretty Is As Pretty Does.

I really do love pretty and I'm a sucker for floral muted tones especially if I spy a flower or two as accessories in the package.  This gorgeous top I purchased from the Love Donna Flora Event and is made by Gizza perfectly titled 'Romantic Rendez-Vous. While unfortunately there was no rendezvousing taking place, I took ME on a date and I have to admit I'm expensive.  The top comes with hair and waist flower and delightful beads of cream, dusty pink and sage.

Never being one to be constrained by fashion rules, I chose these 'India' jeans by ALB while bold in their own right, do reflect many of the tones contained in the top.

I couldn't wait to bust out my new bag from Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility called 'The Ashbury'.  I love the colored leather look fringe and unusual material.

Zaara is currently having a 50% sale and I took advantage of it to purchase these 'Atiriya' stone bracelets.

Standing at the dock on the bay, I'm feeling pleased to have found another location for pics.  This time its Annwn Willows.

My inventory is in such a mess at the moment and I get so annoyed with myself when I purchase things to wear together and then forget where and what they are. Too much clicking and not enough sorting straight away is where I go wrong.  I need a personal assistant...NO...I need a cleaning lady. lol


HAIR: Carrie in Light Blond with Roots by Truth
SKIN: Margot in Europa tone (make up # 2) by Glam Affair
EYES: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring by Mayfly
POLISH: By Flair
JEANS: India Jeans by ALB
BAG: The Ashbury by Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility
SHOES: Lulu Add-on shoes in Beige by Slink
RING: Elenween Ring by Manna
EARRINGS: Violetta by Donna Flora
BRACELETS: Atiriya Stone Bracelets by Zaara

Friday, August 23, 2013

Praise The Poppy.

Woo hoo.  Back from Sydney after a wonderful few days and am ready to bring you more SL loveliness from my favorite designers.  Today is no exception as I feature one of my dearest fashion houses, Little Petits Details.

I purchased this cracker of a dress called 'Spring Dress Blue' featuring beautiful red poppies.  Wear with or without the vest, it is again strong in details such as the layer upon layer pointy skirt wonderfully textured as is all of LPD's outfits.

I popped on some red lace leggings from [JP]:gsd for extra flair and found the stunning flower head piece at Natural.

The red clutch is called 'Zodiac' from Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility where you will find a seriously excellent collection of bags and clutches.

Thanks LPD for keeping us utterly beautiful.


HAIR: Loredana by EMO-tions
SKIN: Cleo in Europa tone (make up # 7) by Glam Affair
EYES: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in London Fog by Mayfly
POLISH: Lustre by ASS
DRESS: Spring Dress Blue by Little Petits Details
LEGGINGS: Red Lace Leggings by [JP]:dsg
SHOES: Boudoir Slippers in White by Slink
BAG: Zodiac Clutch in Red by Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility
NECKLACE: Pearls Color Mixing Necklaces by Maxi Gossamer
HAIR FLOWER:  Toujours Ensemble in Red by Natural
RING: Cultured White Pearl Ring by Zeerys
WATCH: Rolex Watch in Silver by 7891

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cut Me And I Will Bead.

I just had to share one of my most favorite outfits in a long time from the label [JP]:dsg.  I purchased this quite some time ago, maybe a month or more and forgot to put it on.  When I did...well...I was so impressed that I have stayed up to blog it.  Called 'Malia', it is a work of art and comes with the necklace and beading around the bottom of the jumper dress.   The lace leggings can be worn black or in white. OMG I love it.

Look at that gorgeous belt and beading treatment and to boot, all of it can be resized.  Divine.

The bag I picked up at House of Fox called 'Roman Bag' in Rusted Teal.  My Bliensen and MaiTai 'Eurydike' earrings were just the thing to match the necklace.  I added two hair pieces for this look.  The brownish floral barrette is called 'Sekei' from Indyra Orignals and the black lace headdress is called 'Dakini' from Miamai.  I just threw on both and loved the effect.

I popped on my Fabric Platforms that are add-on's from Slink and my look is complete.  If I do say so myself, I'm loving this to bits.

Now the hair I purchased at Lotus called 'Celia'.  I really love the edginess of it and felt it an unusual cut for SL.  See, look and ye shall find.


HAIR: Celia from Lotus
SKIN: Amberly Petal Edition skin (Tribal) by Glam Affair
EYES:Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in London Fog by Mayfly
POLISH: Black Drama by ASS
SHOES: Black Fabric Platforms by Slink
BAG: Roman Bag in Rusted Teal by House of Fox
Earrings: Eurydike by Bliensen and MaiTai
Ring: Black Heart by Sakide
Floral Barrette: Sekei by Indyra Originals
Headdress: Dakini by Miamai
LOCATION: Syltopia

Go Away, Come Back.

Please don't remove me from the feeds if in the next two weeks I'm blogging less frequently.  I have overseas visitors and will be heading up to Sydney tomorrow so I'm not sure when and if I can blog but I will be back.  If I'm removed I will cry and cry hard.

Today I'm featuring a sweet strapless summer mesh dress from one of my favorite designers, Kanou.  Called 'Alice', it comes in a beautiful range of colors (blue, coral, green, pink, silver and turquoise).  I've shown it in blue which was a perfect opportunity to go out and buy some blue shoes from Slink which I have been coveting.  Thank to you designer Dexter Kaupas for sending me your fabulous new release dress to blog.

My hair is from LeLutka called 'Dulcina' and comes with an interesting flower pin.  I do love the dewy look of the Petal Edition Skin from Glam Affair.  This one I'm wearing is called 'Clean'.

These are Slinks Glitter Peeptoe's in Blue and being add-on's for the Medium rigged feet and the Slink Avatar Enhancement feet, always make your feet look perfect.

I popped on my Blue Sculpty Scarf from Maitreya and added this delightful clutch from Molichino called 'Delirium' in Peach.  I found a cute hair bow to wear on my wrist from ASO.

The bracelets shown on camera left are also from ASO called 'Leather Coin'.

The location is Kagurazaka (home of the ASO brand) and I found this lovely multi-colored fence as a backdrop.

As I said, I'm heading to beautiful Sydney and can't wait to try out some of the great restaurants and do all the touristy things and see it through the eyes of my visitors.  I don't know about you, but when I have overseas guests, I do tend to want to show off my country to its best and sometimes feel nervous that the people and places I take them to don't let me down.  So far, so good.  I'm currently powering up my trusty GPS and hope it doesn't lie to me and get me lost.

Catch up with you soon :-) 


HAIR: Dulcina from LeLutka
SKIN: Petal Edition Skin (Clean) by Glam Affair
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Ice by IKON
DRESS: Alice (Blue) from Kanou
BAG: Delirium Clutch in Peach by Molichino
SHOES: Glitter Peeptoe's in Blue by Slink
BRACELETS (LEFT): Leather Coin bracelets in Blue by ASO
HAIR BOW ON HAND (RIGHT): Hair Elastic Dots by ASO
SCARF: Sculpty Scarf in Blue by Maitreya
LOCATION: Kagurazaka

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp - #2

Lordy wordy yes's time to play Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp.  Its fun to go a hunting for lovely residents to snap.  Remember my candid camera can spot you anywhere, anytime.

Just be the first person to type your SL name in the comments section of this post to win $1000L.  You can have yourself a fun little shopping spree on meh.

The competition closes when the next Cash Comp is posted and starts all over again so don't be tardy my little fashionista's.

Can you see you?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Avant-garde Meets Jacket.

When I first laid eyes on this jacket from the House of Fox I knew it had to be mine.  It wasn't only the fact that it was candy pink, my favorite, but that it was fused with color and 'tailored' with a geometric lean.  I found these color change earrings called 'Maysoon' from Lazuri.  I love it when designs provide a color change script for jewelery, especially earrings.  You get so much more wear from them when you can co-ordinate them with your outfits. 

In direct opposition to the formality of the highly tailored jacket, I chose a more casual pairing with the pink denim mesh shorts from ShuShu Trend, an off shoot from the fabulous ALB Dream Fashion label.  They really look fantastic on.

I found me this luscious lipped clutch from Alexandra Sautereau who makes the most fashion forward bags and clutches around.

The bow hair attachment is made by blackliquid purchased from the Love Donna Flora Event and I matched it with a hair base from Analog Dog in the color 'Jet'.  The watch and rings are also from Donna Flora.  The blue bracelet is from another favorite jeweler, FuLu, called Eugenie.

Out come my most favorite Tri-Colored Wedges from SLINK which I colored in an array of pinks.

I had so much fun styling this outfit around the House of Fox jacket.  I'm a fan girl of that label and have been for years.  It's always an interesting fashion journey when you find that one piece and begin to style because you never know where you'll end up.

I'm preparing for another Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp so keep a watchful eye to see if you are featured and you could win $1000L if you are the first to comment with your SL name.  There were no winner's in my first attempt but being the eternal optimist, will keep plugging away.

PS: Belleza has now released SLINK Feet Appliers.  YAY Tricky rock.


HAIR BASE: From Analog Dog in Jet color
HAIR BOW ATTACHMENT: Purchased at Love Donna Flora by blackliquid
SKIN: Mya in Pale tone (make up 6) from Belleza
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Ice by IKON
POLISH: By Flair
JACKET: My Fun Sweater by House of Fox
SHORTS: Step Up Hot Pants by ShuShu Trend
SHOES: Tri-Colored Wedges by SLINK
BAG: Kiss Clutch in Blush Kiss by Alexandra Sautereau Collection
BRACELET: Eugenie bracelet by FuLo
WATCH: Gloria Watch by Donna Flora
RING: Vito by Donna Flora
Earrings: Maysoon Earrings by Lazuri

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quirky Casual.

During my recent shopping trip to NuDoLu, I found this unusual top in the most lovely muted tones and Aztec design pattern.  I'm always looking for something different and a bit quirky when styling for my posts because my fashion tastes lean that way in RL.  While I adore black, my RL wardrobe is an eclectic mix of colors with loads of accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves and heaps of costume jewelery.  I find when I'm feeling insecure, I turn to black but when I'm on top of my game, my colors come out. 

I found the striking head piece while trawling through Marketplace from Lode called 'Bittersweet'.  I re-colored it to match the minty tones of the top and so appreciate when hats or hair adornments are modifiable so I can coordinate it with my clothing.  The hair is a new release from Truth called 'Qopi' and the falling curls at the side are very flattering and soft around the face.

The mesh tunic top comes with an array of colored tops to wear underneath and I chose the mint.  I remembered my lace cycling pants from Fishy Strawberry and felt they would work well color wise.

I found this great bag at NuDoLu and love the hint of mint.  My bracelet and watch set in rose gold is from Glow Studio.

I found these gorgeous shoes at Redgrave called 'Deborah'.  They come with 12 color options using the hud and are just perfection in my opinion.  I so want these in RL.

Here's the look from a distance.  I am so pleased to have found NuDoLu and designer Neuilles Neuman.  I will certainly be keeping a close eye on that label and future releases.

I'm on location at Watchtower, specifically in an area called 'Nykio's Home' which is open to the public.  Pretty sim...go check it out.


HAIR: Qopi in Light Blond tones by Truth
SKIN: Mya in Pale tone (make up #5) by Belleza
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Grey/Green by IKON
NAILS: By Flair
TOP INCLUDING UNDER SHIRT: Robe de cache-coeur lkat peche by NuDoLu
LEGGINGS: Lace Cycling Pants in Turquoise by Fishy Strawberry
SHOES: Deborah heels by Redgrave
BAG: Gamaguchi a la main in Beige Rose by NuDoLu
WATCH: Boyfriends Watch in Rose Gold by Glow Studio
BRACELET: Takara Bangle in Rich Cream by Mandala
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Please Me by Glow Studio

Thursday, August 8, 2013

There Should Have Been A Spotty Spice Girl...Me!

I do love a floaty summer dress and this one caught my eye from Wirefly.  I adore the mono shouldered tiered dress with lovely blue spots that is the epitome of soft summer chic.

I found the 'Let's Swing' feathered hair piece in my inventory from a past purchase at Glow Studio.  If you know me, you know I simply can't go past a feather and not put it somewhere on my person.  The bangles are called 'Clair de lune' from U&R Dogs.

The hair is long and voluminous from LeLutka called 'Lorella'.  I really love this hair especially from the back.  LeLutka never leave me.  I would simply die without you in SL.

As for my spotty shoes, I found these for, sit down, $10L on Marketplace from Masha called 'Kristin Pumps'.  I'll link to Marketplace directly below.  My amazing pure white crocodile skin bag called 'Totem' is from Leverocci and is quality all the way.

As for RL me, I was lucky enough to go to 'Cavalia' last night, a mix of equestrian and performing art.  Being an equestrienne from when I was barely able to walk, truly appreciated the amazing horses and their trainers/riders performing the most amazing moves that I took years to barely learn and badly at that.  Pass-age, piaffe, half passes, pirouettes, travers, seemless transitions, flying changes...they did it all and made it look so easy while I sat there with my mouth on the floor wondering why I can only manage to execute these maneuvers maybe once in every ten attempts.  It was a magical show so if you ever get the chance to see it and you love horses, make sure you go.

Just before publishing this post I went for a shop at the Love Donna Flora Event and didn't run into a soul.  Hurry up before it closes guys.


HAIR: Lorella in Powder color from LeLutka
SKIN:  Mya in Pale tone (make up #2) by Belleza
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Ice by IKON
DRESS: Blue Polka Ruffles Dress by Wirefly (on Marketplace)
HAIR FEATHER: Let's Swing by Glow Studio
SHOES: Kristin Pumps by Masha (on Marketplace)
BAG: Totem by Leverocci (on Marketplace)
BRACELETS:  Clair de lune by U&R Dogs    

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do You NuDoLu? You Really Should.

"I love my outfit...I love my outfit" she sings joyfully as she finds yet another new favorite store.  NuDoLu, remember that name and go shop sweeties.  I found this ever so cute mesh jumper and lace skirt outfit called 'Grande Tunique' in apricot.  You can wear it with the rose pattern as I have or just plain as both options are provided in the purchase.

I think the pattern is so lovely and the juxtaposition of woolen jumper with delicate lace skirt is quite unique.

I went to my favorite scarf shop, Zeerys, and found this lovely silk textile scarf in the tone Golden Leopard. My sweet clutch is a great find from Just Design Fashion Store called 'Hearty' in Sand.  My hair is from Ison called 'Leighton', a swept up messy up do that frames the face and shows off my 'Berlioz' orange earrings from DeLa.

I found another great location called 'Aear' for picture taking.

The cool boots are also from NuDoLu and I had to have them for this outfit.


HAIR: Leighton in blond tones by Ison
SKIN: Mya in pale tone (make up #0) by Belleza
EYES: Vanity Eyes in platinum by IKON
NAILS: By Flair
DRESS: Grande Tunique in apricot by NuDoLu
SCARF: By Zeerys
BOOTS: Bottes de boutons in Fleur by NuDoLu
BAG: Hearty Clutch in Sand by Just Design Fashion Store
EARRINGS: Berlioz in Orange by DeLa
RINGS: Anuttra by Mandala

Monday, August 5, 2013

Now Listen To Me Skin Makers.

Here in dear old Melbourne it's cold, raining and windy so its just as well I can virtually enjoy a summers day wearing a gorgeous floral summer dress to cheer me up.  This is another outfit from the label ASO aptly called 'Summer Dress' in flower pink.  There are a plethora of options available for every taste but girly me chose pink.  Bravo to designer Menieelee Gelles for this fabulous dress.

Its ever so pretty and I'm truly appreciating the ability of mesh to provide such realistic folds and drape.  The hair I chose is another from 'Hair Fair', this time from LeLutka called 'Alvina' shown with the pony tail option.  The necklace is a beauty from Malt and has color change options for the beads so I chose pink, green and white.  The bracelet on the left was a gift sent out to members of Pixel Box and on the right from C'est la vie.

The cute clutch I purchased on Marketplace from a store called Avale.  Beautifully made - just look at the leather folds which make it ever so realistic.

Here's another view of the bag.  I donned some cool white sunnies from Ison when the sun came out.

I purchased the fat pack of these shoes when Maitreya had their sale recently.  Just look at the work in them...those heels are so lovely and resemble snake skin which is an option with the shoes.  Called 'Shiki', I am so grateful that I could fat pack not feeling so guilty when the 50% sale was on.

Here's another really lovely sim I just discovered called 'Black Forest'.  I get such a buzz finding new places where clever people have created some kind of wonderful with amazing attention to detail.


Now I'm not a whinging whiny person by nature but I feel I must speak up on behalf of all lovers of SLINK hands and feet.  Why aren't more skin makers creating hand and feet skin appliers so we can all enjoy delightful digits rather than the crumby ugly ones on the stock standard avatar?  Please, PLEASE provide these in your store. I personally cannot imagine why you don't because I've reched the stage where I won't buy skins unless these are available.  I'm rubbish at manual matching and won't even try.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this so do us all a favor and get on board.


HAIR: Alvina in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
SKIN: Opera Chic in Light Rose tone by Essences
EYES: Utopia Eyes in Pale Grey by IKON
GLASSES:  Quinton Crystal Glasses in White by Ison
NAILS: By Flair
DRESS: Summer Dress in Flower Pink by ASO
BAG: Kirke by Avale Fashion
SHOES: Shiki by Maitreya Gold
NECKLACE: Gilli Bead necklace by Malt
EARRINGS: Douce by Je Suis
BANGLE LEFT: Friendship Bracelet by Pixel Box (group gift)
BANGLE RIGHT: By C'est la vie
RINGS: Vito Pink rings by Donna Flora
LOCATION: Black Forest