Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black, Crack and Hat

Hello SLudes. Ok, Ok, I admit I missed the place. There are certain elements of SL that I missed very much so after some thought in the aftermath of an amazing world trip, I’m dipping my toe in the SLwim water and have returned for a while. There’s defo room for us all in Linden Land and having had a lovely long break that allowed some clarity to seep in, I felt a yearning to return as an ‘appreciator’ of the talented people who create content.

SL is definitely looking prettier to me than ever before. Sneak peeking at my favorite blogs and mags; I can see vast improvements in a range of products.

I don’t have any desire to model in SL anymore nor involve myself in any controversy but I love to shop, explore, write and take pictures so why not indulge myself in these pursuits and bring the old blog back to life. I at last found what it was about SL that made it fun and for me it wasn’t necessarily about forming connections or networks but was entirely centered on visual stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, I love the friends I made but my RL is so bloody full-on that SL afforded me some sanctuary and a place to let my imagination run wild.

I’ve snuck back into SL without anyone really knowing, purchased some land, which I had never done before, created a beautiful place of my own to enjoy and now feel like I have a base in SL that I control.

Starting with a bare piece of sandy land and no experience or talent in terraforming, I spent days flying here and there trying to find a house with the right amount of prims, furniture, water, effects, tree’s etc that I could fit on within my prim allowance. I swear I’ve had as much fun as when decorating my RL houses. I do need the help of a pro in smoothing out some of the rough edges so to speak but that will come. Overall I’m totally rapt with my new place and inspired to get out there and seek out new and exciting things people are making. Thanks to Scarlet Creative designer, Charlotte Bartlett, for putting together such a wonderful house as the ‘Let Me Hang Art’ series. Yes I’ve lost 4 doors into my lost and found folder and I’m too scared to re-rezz it again but give me time and I’ll work it out. Great house, great designer.

So here I am in my debut dress in basic black. The trademark hat is there too. Pairing LeeZu and AnaLee Balut, two institutions in SL, have created a sleek, dramatic and sexy look that showcases the derriere, my favorite part of the body.

Hair: Zoe by Maitreya in Natural Blond.
Eyes: Expressive Eyes by Nany Merlin in green.
Skin: Ganesha in Quartz by The Obscene (Genie makeup)
Shape: Nadia by Alady
Dress: Loren by LeeZu
Hat: Cancan by AnaLee Balut
Earrings/necklace: Modern Anch from GBL created by Babyhoney Bailey.
Back tattoo: Designed by Carmilla Mirabeau from Isle's Ink at Miles Island

Life is for SLiving.