Monday, May 31, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch!

Hello again. I'm pumped, I'm excited and I'm inspired after finding some great things to blog in the coming weeks. Now in RL I love to do lunch. I love to do breakfast and dinner too. In fact, I love going out and celebrating the joy of sharing food with friends and family more than anything. So today I have found an outfit befitting of social Chalice and her love of dressing up for lunch.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

I found this gorgeous lace dress from the Niven Collection, a favorite designer of mine since forever. I love the quality of her work and also the fun she incorporates into some very sophisticated couture pieces. I love this dress and the hint of nip is a naughty touch on what is a seemingly conservative little dress. Note the oversize brooch that comes with the dress...adds some quirk doesn't it? Now I want you to sit down...this dress is (drum roll) 50L. Another must have from the Niven Collection is the tattoo layer MonoChrome Wing Lashes. There's lots of options and with no effort, you look like Napolean Perdis has had his way with you.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Now if you take a trip to Niven's at Liberty you will also find my new favorite shop, Posh, a few doors away. I somehow hadn't managed to visit Posh and that was entirely my mistake. Their up-do's are something else and this hair called Envious is so stunning I can't take it off.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

The lovely Drupal Kirax from MOJOTI Luxury Eyewear sent over a gift card to purchase his amazing line of sun glasses and I was entirely bowled over by the designs. I threw on these pair called Speed...just the thing to wear so that I can eye the beautiful people (you) without looking too obvious.

I hope you enjoyed the fruits of these designer's labor and I'll be certainly bringing you more Niven magic.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

The Look
Skin: Elle Pale Make Up 16 by Belleza
Tattoo Layer: MonoChrome Wing Lashes by the Niven Collection
Hair: Envious in Sunflower by Posh
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Nails: Natural Real Nails in Silver by J's
Dress and Brooch: White Lace by the Niven Collection Only 50L
Glasses: Speed by MOJOTI
Shoes: Shanti in Nude by Maitreya
Earrings: Pearl Flower and Heart Earrings by Centropallini

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Kissed The Boys And Made Them Cry

WOW I've had a blast this SL weekend. I've danced, laughed, explored new places and purchased new things. It was cold at home...a real Autumn day giving us a taste of what we're in for so I wasn't up for much in terms of being outdoorsy. I snuggled up, made coconut 'n' chocolate bread, cooked a yummy chicken dish and generally the family just chill-axed.

I downloaded the Rainbow Cool Viewer that I'm assured is compatible with LL TOS. I seriously cannot get on with V2. I don't like the side bar information and I think the movement/camera controls are cumbersome. I seemed to be involuntarily logged off from the Emerald Viewer on a regular basis so thought I would give Rainbow a try. I love it. It has all the things I personally want in one viewer so will stick with this until LL fix the movement/camera controls, remove that annoyingly huge side bar and deliver my notices to the top right of my screen. To me it is like I have all the new features in the old format that I am so familiar with.

Here is an outfit I styled from various sources. I do love the clever shading on the pants I purchased from Relentless Couture. How arty to combine a classic rock theme (the skulls) with a pattern noted for its traditional refinement (damask).

I also loved this double layered T from Faire with a message from Katy Perry...albeit with a twist. I did actually get the one that says I kissed a girl too. I mean who wouldn't want to kiss girls....we're FABULOUS.

I am loving tattoo layers. You know what? They negate the need to pose for hours on stands trying to get your prim lashes lined up plus no more caterpillars on yer face when you first land. I was thrilled to receive a tattoo layer from Tattanooga in the form of lashes. I tried it on and couldn't get to the shop quick enough. The make ups and lashes look great and are so easy it's insane.

Coming from a models perspective, I remember the limitations of SL when we had to quick change without a handy tab, fit lashes, struggle with body/face lights, try to reduce ugly foot bumps with particular shoes and skins that worked against the lighting before the vast improvements of recent times were afforded us.  These days I do believe it is easier to style and create unique looks because it's all out there for the taking.  In many ways I'm glad I learned in the quaint old days because I really do appreciate what we have now.

I also visited Posh for the first time and have fallen in love with their hair. There's something about it that floats my boat. I love how the pulled back hair sits low at the forehead. Anyhow, do take a trip to Posh and try on the demo's. I'm also wearing my favorite of all favorite shoes, Salience from Maitreya.

Click the pics for a more detailed look at mah threads.

"They're still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine"

The Look
Skin: Elle in Pale Make Up 4 by Belleza
Tattoo Layer: Giftie from Tattanooga at Jador (lashes)
Eyes: Big Grey designed by Nany Merlin - Expressive Eyes
Hair: Diamond (Bangless) in Sunflower by Posh
Top: Kissed in Purple by Faire
Pants: Skull Damask Leggings by Relentless Couture
Hairpiece: Skellyflies by Canimal
Earrings: Glass Chunk Earrings by Shiny Things
Shoes: Salience in Black/Gold by Maitreya

Love you Vixie.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tik Tok Shapes

Miah McAuley, owner and designer of Tik Tok is making shapes. She sent along Lil, an incredibly sweet Asian inspired shape and as you can see from her vendor poster below, Miah provides a style card if you want to recreate the exact look. I love her picture of Lil and think she has nailed this gorgeous Asian creation.

Gorgeous isn't she?  Lovely work Miah.

Lil is selling for 500L modifiable and 300L non-mod. I will be bringing you the other shape called Selena also. Lil is so petite yet curvaceous compared to towering Chalice who in model mode, stands as tall as an avatar can get and is bean pole skinny.

I also wanted to show you this retro styled swimsuit from Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality. I had never visited Meghindo Romano's store before but I was very impressed and had lots of fun browsing the seemingly endless floors of clothes. I really love this little number...the flower and crystal on the shoulder is as cute as can be and the texture is stunning.

The last two shots were also taken in world. Who knew that you could play around with the water settings so much that you could get a stunning effect like this? I've done it before but I was thrilled with the gorgeous colors produced on this occasion.

Style card:
Hair: Codie Bob by Eshi Otawara (possibly not available)
Skin: Rene in Winter tone (Vine make up) by Tik Tok
Shape: Lil by Tik Tok
Eyes: Grey Big Expressive Eyes
Nails: Natural Real Color Pack (Pink) by J's
Swimsuit and flower: Abaete by Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality
Socks: Pastel socks by BiancaF
Shoes: Pumps in Maroon (Gift) by Maitreya

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miamai Mamma

I'm turned on by rich texture and vibrant, luminous colors so a trip to Miamai had me in a state of rapture. You simply must visit this amazing store if you haven't had the pleasure already.

I just can't recommend Miamai highly enough.

Hair: Daisy in Swedish by Truth
Skin: Eclat in Pale Make Up 6 by LeLutka
Eyes: Grey Big Expressive Eyes
Jacket/belt: Green Feather Jacket by Miamai
Pants: Lunch Pants in Black by Miamai
Glasses: Celeste by PrimOptic
Shoes: Salience in Black/Gold by Maitreya Gold

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't Judge Until You've Walked In My Shoes

Serious title eh? /me cackles wickedly.

This is the last of my lovely bundle of goodies from my new favorite clothes shop, Lurani. These shoes called Rediaie are a fun little laced bootie with geometric design incorporating black, pastel pink, mint and blue hues. I really love the sculpted shape and break-a-leg high heels. Of course I couldn't resist giving it the Chalice treatment with some OTT pink socks with lace trim and to bring out my Donna Flora Secret dress for a second airing.

I found this lovely place called Cap Estel and posed by the sea on a picnic rug thoughtfully placed there by the creator. I'm really enjoying finding new places to incorporate in my blog. I like the idea of photographing fashion within SL rather than green screening and then imposing my pic on a background. This way I get to show off all the beauty...both in the clothes, accessories and the talents of sim designers.

When I don't think anyone reads this blog, sometimes I get lovely messages in-world that make me inspired all over again. TY you.

Anyway I'm giving Plurk another go so would love you to friend me. I'm a shocking friend really but I will try to extend myself beyond this blog.

What I'm Wearing -
Skin: Elle Fair in Make Up 4 by Belleza
Hair: Veruca 2 in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Grey by Nany Merlin
Dress: Secret by Donna Flora
Shoes: Rediaie by Lurani
Necklace: Hannya in Black by Mandala
Hair piece: Maude The Mod from Split Pea
Earrings: Chloe Dimension earrings created by Kieran Debevec
Socks: Pink Eyelet Lace socks by House of Nyla

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Life In Lurani

Ok I promised another Lurani number and here 'tis. It screamed Diva with impossibly tall hair and lips as red as blood.

This doesn't need many words...the dress speaks volumes.

It is the simple lines of this dress that allows the double feather ruffles to do their thing. The skirt is system so wear your skirt/narrow hip shape and you should be fine. The dress is called Rosette and just begs to be worn in the most dramatic way possible. I'll be doing another post with the Lurani shoes.

Hair: It's Me by SyDS (lucky chair hair)
Skin: Eclat in Pale Make Up #6 by LeLutka
Glasses: Veneno Wang sunglasses by Lurani
Dress: Rosette from Lurani
Shoes: Fairy Rose Red by L+R+W
Rings: Bloom by Flirt
Earrings: Ruby Cascading Earrings by Alyssa Bijoux

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have You Seen Lurani? You Really Must.

I'm really excited by this label. Lurani is the sista brand to House Of Fox and is founded by Gisele Mubble. She sent me some pieces and I was inspired. When I tp'd to the store, I found some fantastic designs that were colorful, rich in texture and well put together. I spied some gold pants that I don't think you will have seen before...very fancy smancy.

I am wearing Dare, a three piece set of pants, top and ruffled skirt. Gisele sent me some circus leggings that compliment perfectly. I wanted some color so chose the Knitted Hat and Tory Belt from LeLutka in the color Thistle. I popped on my favorite fur trimmed gloves and Maitreya boots to finish off and we now have something a little quirky and definitely unique. With all this going on I chose a simple Elfin style do from Vanity Hair. Click the pics for a more detailed view.

I took these pics at LeLutka. I spotted an empty display window and clicked inside. I was thinking of standing there to trick everyone into thinking I was a dummy but really, people already know this.

Lurani is my kind of shop and I will definitely be a repeat customer. I will blog the rest of the other pieces soon. I love your designs Gisele.  Congrats on a wonderful product.

Hair: Scientist in Pale from Vanity Hair
Skin: Eclat in Pale Make Up # 5 by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes by Nany Merlin
Dress (top/pants/skirt): Dare from Lurani
Tights: Circus Tights by Lurani
Belt: Tory in Thistle by LeLutka
Hat: Knitted Hat in Thistle by LeLutka
Shoes: Soho Boots in Black by Maitreya
Gloves: Aya V Fur Gloves designed by aya Huldschinsky
Earrings: Dianni by DeLa

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zip It In Truth's Pants

Truth Hawks has created a stylish and classy shopping district that now incorporates Truth Fashion. I took a look today and was mightily impressed with the build which I noticed was done by NotSoBad designer/builder, Emilie Freund who just happens to be my favorite creator in SL. I own her Dubai house and living in that building, the attention to details both big and small never ceases to amaze me.

When I shop, I'm always on the lookout for good pants. I tend not to like the kind that accentuates the lack of space from an avatar's waist to the Tra La La. Anatomically we are deficient in this area and if they don't sit high enough, I personally think we look weird.  I know other people love the low rise look if the feeds are anything to go by but I don't think we have enough space there to go too low.

I found these LA Suedes pants in Dusk with leg zips at Truth and am impressed by the texture and shading. The creases are in all the right places and the zips work so well making these an unusual addition to your pants collection.

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Hair: Soma in Pale by !Lamb
Skin: Eclat Pale in Make UP # 5 by LeLutka
Lashes: Photoshoot by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes by Nany Merlin
Top: Top taken from the Divina gown in Nude by LeLutka
Pants: LA Suedes in Dusk by Truth
Shoes: Salience in Black/Golds by Maitreya Gold
Necklace: Jupiter necklace in Black by Swallowtail
Belt: Wide Belt in Black by Coco
Bracelet: Pewter Nigh Bangle by Baubles Boho Jewelery (gift)
Ring: Broadway Star Cocktail ring by Magpie
Earrings: Black by Untone (no longer available)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day Of The Jacket

I nominate this to be Day Of The Jacket because Sascha Frangilli's Romana jackets in black or silver are so delightfully wonderful, they deserve 24 hours of glory. First of all, they are skillfully constructed with all pieces strategically placed to allow movement without gaps. Secondly, they are REALLY smart and so chock full of exquisite detail they require very little accessorizing to achieve a slick look. One thing that Sascha's Designs is never short of is options in each folder. These jackets come with pants, shirts, jacket alternatives so you can mix n match to extend the life span of each purchase.

You can't help but notice that Sascha possesses a definite mastery with her textures and shading...I mean just look as the luster of the silver jacket.

I am in total love with Romana black and silver...beautiful work Sascha.

Hair: Paige in Swedish color by Truth
Skin: Elle in Fair Make Up 5 by Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Grey by Nany Merlin
Nails: Red from J's
Jacket/Top/Pants: Romana in black and silver by Sascha's Designs
Hat: Poppy from Elegance Hats
Earrings: Black from UnTone
Shoes: Allure by Maitreya

Thursday, May 13, 2010

50% Off Sale - Elite Couture Designs.

ELITE COUTURE DESIGNS is having a WOW Summer Sale Store Wide!!! All items are 50% off or less of original pricing. All bedrooms are priced down to 999L, each bedroom comes with 1000+ animations and highest quality menus! Living Rooms Sets Discounted to 499L Only!!. All items in Store Discounted Must See.

Here's your TP to Elite Couture Designs. You can have twice the fun at half the price. Yay for sales.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Favorite Bestest Jeans

Despite how this may look, I'm not auditioning for "So You Think You Can Cook?" I just happen to love Romi's Black Hat from Donna Flora and wearing it last night at Element the 7th, my new friend Cam thought I looked like a baker. Well if the cap fits.....blah, blah, blah.

Anyway this post is about my new favorite bestest jeans. I went on a jeans crawl to see if I could find a pair that ticked my boxes and knowing how well Primitive Designs do pants, I wasn't disappointed when I found these Pistolaros in washed blue. I adore the turned cuff and I'm packing pistol as you can see by the embroidered leg.

These are seriously good jeans and dare I say it, my favorite pair. I also found these cool gloves at LeLutka's accessory shop. Designed by Marni Grut, one of the LeLutka design team, the Jill's Fighting Talk gloves in Charcol are fab.  They come in a host of colors and are really unique.

Also shown is Truth's Tila plaits in Swedish Blond. These beauties are so thick I've got a headache. I added a little of my favorite orange with the LeLutka Saffron Pumps and the Rachel Bronze top from an outfit I picked up at Convoitise. Last but never least, I'm wearing Belleza's Elle skin in Fair.

Go check out Primitive Designs...they do brilliant pants.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

LeLutka Lunacy - I Want To Beat You All Off With A Stick

Chalice is getting antsy. Ms Minnu's new Lola skin is due for release on Wednesday and Chalice is dreaming up ways to keep you all away so she can have it all to herself. What a minx that Chalice is. I've seen it on the feeds and in particular, on Ms SerinaJane Loon from the SL A Porter blog who looks simply divine. This skin would have Chalice written all over it if it wasn't called 'Lola'. I'm in love already and just know that Lola and Chalice will become firm friends. Congrats Minnu on what looks to be your crème de la crème of skins to date.

To be honest, I didn't read that bit about the Wednesday release on SL A Porter and TP'd to LeLutka like a rocket to snap them up. I tore the skin department apart with my eyes but couldn't find any sign of it. I re-read Serina's piece and there it was...WEDNESDAY RELEASE. I was so upset I had to turn on my crying animation. Feeling in a LeLutka state of mind, I went for a walk and spied the Ultra range where I found this dress. Called Dvina in Nude, I was struck by it's simplicity, timeless appeal and utter elegance of the cut.

So my darlings, in honor of Ms Palin's contribution to SL fashion and my admiration of her label, I put together this outfit which is my interpretation of the LeLutka Woman.

I do ask between now and Wednesday, if you see me camping outside the store, that you make an orderly line behind me and don't try to queue jump. I have a cattle prod and I WILL USE IT.

I've never been so excited by a release of anything like I am with these skins.  

The Look:

Skin: Eclat in Pale Make Up #5 by LeLutka
Hair: Eclat blond hair base with hair attachment #1 by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Photolashes by LeLutka
Nails: Gold from Natural Real Color pack by J's
Dress: Dvina gown in Nude by LeLukta (Ultra line)
Shoes: Saffron Pumps in Soft Tan by LeLutka
Hat: Cecily Art Deco Hat by Elegance Hats
Earrings/Necklace: Grey Heart from Crystal Line

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Models Beware - She's Back

I think you can tell from previous content on my blog that in the main, I'm not out to discredit people or unearth drama; however, this blog post is different because:

a) I believe and standby what I am saying
b) I'm saying it not for my own gain but to hopefully avert anyone else losing money on false promises
c) Some people need to just STOP long-standing bad behavior

Ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another model agency in town but this one is run by someone I know to be unscrupulous and disreputable. Evely Lane, previously of Vogue and then Evane Models, now owned and operated by Mimmi Boa, is back in business. It was while Evely was running Evane, before Mimmi turned this agency into such a success, that I came into contact with Evely and at one point worked for her. Suffice to say, I witnessed her brand of business and was not impressed.

She promised models training for $5000L and there were many models who either didn't receive it or received sub-standard tuition from someone who really, had no credentials in SL modeling. She made people Top Models and never followed through with work. Even models who won her dodgy competitions never received the stated prizes. She promised work in her non-existent magazine. I watched her bully new models into paying her for training where they were no better off than when they started. There was no schedule, no organization, no structure. Yes this is years ago but like many people who return to what they know, Evely is a recidivist model agency owner.

She has now started Eves Model Agency, Eves Photography and Eves Top Models. Here is an excerpt of her blurb in her group profile.

EVES Model Agency

For models that wanna become..
Real top models
Ex-Owner & Founder
EVANE Models

REAL top models?  What as opposed to pretend ones?   Models who wanna become?  Really Evely, promises, promises. 

Now Evely also promotes skins. I am somewhat confused though. The label is called Evana as you can see from the poster I photographed at her store but in her profile it's called Evane. One wonders if she is trying to relive old times by using the brand name of someone else?  Someone who really DOES have a name.

I don't know how long Eves has been in existence or even if the agency is up and running. Regardless, if you have these three groups in your profile and promote yourself as the founder, there's a possibility you're going to work these businesses if not now, at some point. My desire here is to WARN anyone who may read the feeds and are thinking of aligning themselves with Ms Lane.  I encourage you to go ask questions within the fashion world as a form of reference check. There will still be models around today that have been burned and I do believe that unless she's seen the light, she'll do it again.

I learned the hard way and while this is sometimes a good thing that allows you to wise up, I would hate to see aspiring models, or anyone else, lose good money for something that I've never seen come to fruition.

Evely Lane was a specter in the model world.  You knew she was there but there was never any substance.  I'm not enjoying writing this post because I know I am disclosing information about someone who in RL may be vulnerable etc.  I chose to do it because it is RL money that changes hands and if people don't exchange it, there will be no future victims.

I would like to clarify that my references to Evane in the negative only applies to the time that Evely Lane was owner of this business not Evane under the ownership of Mimmi Boa.