Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wanna Be In My Harum?

Take a look at these gorgeous pants from Celoe called 'Yasmine' in the Regal tone.  Harum cut to the ankles, I love the drape that Celoe is renowned for.  I paired them with Azoury Les Boots Miliana which Lady GaGa would heartily approve of.

I also adore this Celoe Clara Corset top in Gloom.   Fits like a doctor's glove and shows the girls off for all they're worth.  I particularly love the fact that it is pinched at the waist and slightly flares are the hips.  STUNNING.

I also adore this simple do from Bliss Couture called 'Sinning' in Champagne tone.  Simple but very effective and perfectly flatters the face.

I donned the Straw Tote bag in Black from mon tissu.  A great GREAT bag let me tell you.

The jewellery is from Eclectica called 'Nouveau Leaves' with a color/size change hud providing a plethora of combinations.  Gorgeous pieces from the incomparable Tiffy Vella, who's imagination knows no bounds.

Pics were taken at Water Reserve where you will find emm shop and scribbled hearts.

Here 'tis:
Skin: Linn in Light from Glam Affair
Eyes: Mint from Ikon
Tattoo Eyeshadow: Green Strong Kajal by LPD
Hair: Sinning in Champagne by Bliss Couture
Shoes: Les Boots Miliana by Azoury
Pants: Yasmine in Regal by Celoe
Corset Top: Clara Corset in Gloom by Celoe
Bag: Straw Tote Bag in Black from mon tissu
Jewelery: Nouveau Leaves by Eclectica

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Power Is In The Flowers.

My blogging has been very infrequent of late because in RL, my mum has terminal cancer and in a phase the palliative care workers call 'end of life'.  We have made a decision her and I, that she will stay at home with me and I will be her carer until she passes.  It is totally my privilege and honor to do this but it's soooooooooooo tough.  SL hasn't offered me any enjoyment or escapism at the moment so I will blog when the mood takes me.  Tonight it did.

I put together a casual little number full of color with varying textures and patterns.  Worn with a simple pair of thongs (ok you people up above...flip flops), it's a comfy, casual look you can wear if you don't mind being noticed.

I chose this bag because at the moment our house is full of beautiful flowers that have been sent to mum and are in nearly every room.  It called the 'Summer Bag' by Boudoir.  Very apt given we are heading into spring/summer down here.

The jeans are also from Boudoir called 'Printed Denim Jeans' and as I've always been partial to a bit of shabby chic, sit well with me.

I've had this Katy Perry inspired top in my inventory for a while and unfortunately cannot find the shop where I purchased it.  I can tell you however, it was designed by Vylorna Demar.  This is a fairly new do from Truth called 'Soleil' in Swedish...very voluminous and sexy.

The pics were taken at Dreams - Space Illusion 11.

Where did Chalice get it..........
Hair - Soliel in Swedish from Truth
Skin - Linn in Light by Glam Affair
Eye Tattoo -  Liquid Glaze in Black by Boom
Eyes -  Utopia in Pale Grey Blue by IKON
Shoes - J's Flip Flops by J's MainShop
Jeans - Printed Denim Jeans (Sculpted) by Boudoir
Top - I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It designed by Vylorna Demar (sorry no LM)
Bag - Summer Bag by Boudoir
Earrings - Monica Earrings in Purple and Silver by Mandala
Rings - Paua Raga Oyster Rings in Gold and Silver by Zaara