Friday, December 31, 2010

Tik Tok Becomes "Natural Beauty" And Celebrates With New Release Olga Skin

Miah McAuley has changed the name of Tik Tok to Natural Beauty and to celebrate the occasion, she has released a new skin called Olga. Available in Fair, Tan, Deep Tan and Dark, a fat pack of five skins will only set you back a meager $1,370 L's. Now that's an excellent price for five glorious faces.

Miah has created a new group for her new label and wants you all to join to show off how fabulous you look in Natural Beauty Skins. Click HERE to join.

Olga is a classic, refined skin and comes with or without cleavage. I have shown the skin in the fair tone with cleavage. Great skin Miah and congratulations on the name change. Olga is the perfect skin for your launch because it definitely screams Natural Beauty.

Olga - Fair - Base Make Up

Olga - Fair - Dessert Make Up

Olga - Fair - Juicy Make Up

Olga - Fair - Lady Make Up

Olga - Fair - Merry Christmas Make Up

Olga - Fair - Winter Make Up

Poses from {.:exposeur:.}

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diabla by Lynx...The Shoe That Keeps On Giving

I'M BACK. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy SLife. It's been ages since we chatted and I've had the most wonderful Christmas ever. Santa's sack was full, we ate and drank like there was no tomorrow and we got a new puppy. He's just to die for and I'm so happy and grateful I get to spend my life with him. Isn't he just adorable?

Now on to my post....

The amazing Anya Bombastic from Linx shoe fame dropped these amazing pair on me called Diabla. I'm sure she thought I would never get around to blogging them; however, I have been trying to get them up on the site for ages. I love Linx shoes and the HUD Anya uses is oh so easy to operate. You can buy her shoes on the SL Market Place and I've included the link to make it easy to get your hands, no your feet, in Linx shoes.

These Diabla shoes come in seven color changes in the HUD in addition to other options to play with such as heel colors and metal hardware changes. Stunning foot and toes with some gorgeous nail colors to choose from. LOVE THEM Anya.

Such is their superb quality and design, they deserved the full blogging treatment so I styled a range of outfits to show them off, hopefully to their best. In case you like anything in the shots, I've provided style notes for each outfit.  Click pic for more detail.

Hair base, skin, cleavage: Milky Glow Claudia 2 (Make Up 3) by LAQ
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Design
Eyeliner/Eyelash Tattoo's: Miaimai
Jacket: Jacklyn Tweed Suit Jacket by Casa Del Shai
Skirt: Tiered Black Skirt by Ce Cubic Effect
Briefcase: Ostrich Brown Briefcase designed by Elisabeth Beurling (no LM)
Earrings: Antonia in Beige by DeLa
Shoes: Diabla by Linx

Hair: Lustful Nights in Cornflakes tone by Vanity Hair
Skin and Cleavage: Milky Glow Claudia 2 (Make Up 4) by LAQ.
Dress: Dream In White by Purple Moon Creations
Earrings and Necklace: Golden Sun by Modern Gypsy
Shoes: Diabla by Linx

Skin, Cleavage and Hair Base: Milky Glow Claudia 2 (Make Up 6) by LAQ.
Jacket: Leopard Trench by Casa Del Shai.
Pants: Leather Palazzo Pants by Casa Del Shai.
Hat: Succubus by 69
Earrings: Antonia in Beige by DeLa.
Shoes: Diabla by Linx.

Skin: Lola in Pale (Make Up 5) by LeLutka
Hair: Base and attachment (HB style 8) by LAQ.
Eyeliner: Tattoo by Miamai.
Dress: Secret by Donna Flora.
Hat: Dior Impression Lotta Hat by AnaLee Balut-ALB Dream Fashion.
Ring: Trinity by Modern Gypsy.
Necklace: Black Bead Necklace by Takuya Jinn.
Shoes: Diabla by Linx.

Skin: Milky Glow Claudia 2 (Make Up 2) by LAQ.
Hair: Lasnob in Gold by Tukinowaguma.
Eyeliner: Miamai.
Dress: Real Dress by BiancaF.
Tights: Ajour Leggings in Black by Mimikri.
Earrings: Stoned Love by Shag.
Shoes: Diabla by Linx.

Skin: Milky Glow Claudia 2 (Make Up 5) by LAQ.
Hair: Cybon in White by Tukinowaguma.
Eyeliner: Miaimai.
Collar: Happy New Year Collar by Orange Creations.
Jacket: Snake Jacket by LP.
Pants: Milky White Capri Pants by MNK Shop.
Earrings: Zoee in Silver from LeeZu.
Bag: Sway in Silver by Septem Essentials.
Shoes: Diabla by Linx.

See how versatile these shoes are.  They look great with everything.  Thank you Anya.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Very Berry Christmas by Sascha's Designs

Finally I've had a moment to present this gorgeous number from Sascha's Designs appropriately titled Very Berry Christmas. Wear this and Santa's gonna empty his sack in your bed on Christmas night make no mistake. He won't worry about whether you've been naughty or nice, he'll just deliver.

A glorious mix of sequins and rich red material, Very Berry Christmas comes with an array of skirt styles from figure hugging to one where you can fit Santa and his reindeer underneath and still have room to hide the pressies.

Click pics for a better view.

I personally think this is one of Sascha's best ever gowns and the color, well it's stunning.

It needs nothing more than great hair, a pair of elegant earrings and of course, you. Brilliant Sascha.

Hair: Volcano in blond from LAQ.
Hair Base: Blond (Milky Glow) from LAQ (made for Glow skins)
Skin: Claudia 2 Milky Glow from LAQ.
Eyeliner: Tattoo layer from Miamai.
Lashes: Tattoo layer from Miamai.
Dress: Very Berry Christmas from Sascha's Designs.
Shoes: Cherie Xtreme Heels from NCore in Red.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Lionskin Fabulosity. A Face For Every Occasion.

The news on the grape vine is that Lion Jonesford has gone completely mad and can't stop creating new make up layers and out of this world lashes. Allegedly she is sitting in her skin studio furiously creating saying 'I have to give them more. More. MORE'. Seriously folks...she needs an intervention. When you stop by to check out these fabulous, vibrant make ups and eye lashes, slap some sense into her and make her go to bed.

Click the pics for a more detailed look at these wonderful face make ups and decadent eye lashes. These are only a teaser of what is available. With a banquet of colors and choice of cute teeth peeping out or wet look lipstick, these tattoo add ons work perfectly with Lion's Lea skin or in fact, any skin you have in your inventory. The huge range of prim lashes are stunners and will give you a unique edge to your look.

This girl never stops giving us gorgeous. My hair is from LoQ called Hot Chocolate and designed by Gia Pawpad. Love it Gia.

I have neglected my darling blog for a couple of weeks due to a busy work schedule but hopefully can get in some more posts in the next few weeks.

Friday, December 3, 2010

moolto More Magazine Features Chalice In Wonderland.

What an absolute thrill it was for me when Maxes Loon and Persia Bravin from moolto More Magazine contacted me to inquire about featuring my humble little blog in the December edition of the magazine. WHAT? ME? How lovely that someone noticed Chalice In Wonderland and thought it worthy enough to be included in such a slick, quality publication.

Like the majority of amazing bloggers from SL, I do it because I get a kick from featuring designers/creators and presenting their products my way. Any recognition is just icing on the cake so this to me was validation that someone found some worth in my blog. Thank you so much Persia and Maxes for taking the time to prepare the story. I'm so very grateful.

Page 23/24 if you're interested.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fume Leggings - Let Off Some Steam

I found these fabulous leggings at Fume (designer Inex Hax) the other day. They are a bold feather pattern with feather cuffs and totally satisfy my feather fetish. I can't be sure, but I think Inex is fond of a feather too given she has a wonderful peacock outfit in the store. You can tell she loves working with interesting color and textures which pulls me in every time. Do keep an eye on the alligator in the shop...he tried to eat me.

Great hair called Irena from Vita's Boudoir. A cross between fairy floss and cotton wool, it just bounces as you move.

Hair: Irena by Vita's Boudoir
Skin: Lea in Pale (Light Brows) from LionSkins
Lip Tattoo: Lea range from LionSkins
Eye Make Up Tattoo: Glam Affair
Eyes: Icy Eyes from WAP
Pants: Feathered Leggings from Fume
Top: Maillin Blouse in Champagne by LeeZu
Shoes: Marquise in Silver by Courtisane
Ring: Excessive Love by SyDS
Earrings: Clare by Sigma
Necklace: Mauve Inlay Pendant by Sigma
Bangle: Carnival Bangle in Blue by Sigma


A dark shadow has been cast across Second Life with the untimely passing of well known resident, Delinda Dyrssen. It's an unbelievably sad situation for her family and friends and while I didn't know Delinda, I knew of her. Best to read about the amazing Delinda here at New World Notes and particularly her involvement with KDIGO. From the beautiful words of her friends here in SL, it looks like Heaven received a very, very bright star. Rest now precious.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why So Blue? 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge

What a great idea for us bloggers. I'm in. Luna Jubilee has given us a fun challenge to spread some color on the feeds. Today I'm BLUE...

Thrilled to have found another designer I wasn't aware of, my blue cubed jeans dress and bag comes from Nevery Lorakeet and her shop Les Petites Details. I love it Nevery. It's unusual for designers to make matching bags and this outfit lends itself to just that.

I do love bags and have found that some of them don't have a pose that allows the hand to wrap around the handle. Is that possible? Maybe food for thought because it does look much better if you are actually holding the bag. Much love to Courtisane for these Marquise shoes in silver. While I adore prim toed shoes, its great to find a shoe that you just whack on and it looks great without the work of having to match skins etc.

Skin: Claudia 2 in Milky by LAQ
Hair and hair base: Blonde in Milky by LAQ
Cleavage Tattoo: LAQ
Dress and bag: Cube jeans dress (bag sold seperately) by Les Petites Details
Shoes: Marquise in Silver by Courtisane
Necklace: Perio by Sigma Jewels
Bangles: Octagonal in Chalk by Sigma Jewels
Earrings: India Dangle from Junk
Poses: exposeur

Monday, November 15, 2010

I LAQ Nothing Today

I had a lovely little spend up at Laqroki last night. I thought I would try out the new Glow skins and I must say, I really liked them and purchased Claudia 2. I couldn't go past the hair bases designed specifically for the Glow range and of course, I had to have the LAQ hair attachments too. Then I meandered around the clothes shop and was compelled to buy the gorgeous white trench coat and boots. I must advise though that the boots do not have a resizing script so you will have to do this manually through edit. I did it and if I can, you can. The Laqroki hair attachments are stunning let me tell you. Only a small range in blond but their darker hairs are amazing and all are of excellent quality. I have sent a message to LAQ's designer, Miss Mallory Cowen, to see if she could make more hairs in blond...I ADORE THEM MALLORY.

The bag and scarf are gifts from Septem Essentials and are well worth the trip to pick them up. Septem have a fabulous range of bags and clutches so you might walk out with less money than when you walked in.

Now for these pics I used the shadow option in Viewer 2.2. I want to direct you to Dancien Graves' post in Shopping Cart Disco on tinkering with your video card graphic settings to improve SL's stability and performance. I swear since doing this, SL has never run better for me and I'm using 2.2. Thanks Dancien for sharing. I'm enjoying SL like I used to. The best thing I did was let go of Viewer 1.23. It was an anchor that was dragging me down and now that I've done a little research, it appears that it's no wonder...its becoming incompatible. I tend to stay with SL viewers rather than TPV's so it was important for me to find solutions and I have. Viewer 2.2 is the bomb for me and I couldn't be happier.

Here's the links to the designers:
Skin: Claudia 2 in Milky tone from LAQ
Hair Base and Eyebrows: Blond in Milky tone from LAQ
Hair Attachment: HB Updo #1 tone in Blond from LAQ (more more)
Eyes: Dazzling Ice Blue from LAQ
Lashes: LesMakeup Lashes from Miamai
Jacket: White Trench from LAQ
Boots: White Knee High Boots from LAQ
Leggings: Python designed by sayaaKa Boa
Bag and Scarf: Mono Dot by Septem Essentials (free gift)
Poses: exposeur (great poses)

Yes...this definitely is a LAQ look.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Many Faces Of LionSkins LEA.

LionSkins LEA with add on's to burn.

Lion Jonesford has a new release about to hit the scene called Lea and I tell you SLifer's, it's all about the ADD-ON. Having to buy a fat pack of the same skin tones with different make ups is history. Purchasing one skin tone with add-on's is the future and Lion is taking us there in her colorful space ship at warp speed. The ability to interchange make up, eyeliner, hair etc not only with a LionSkin base, but other skins allows us even more individuality.

You select your skin by purchasing either light, red or dark brows in either Pale, Sun or Sunkiss tones of skin. Lea is available in two different looks, Teen or Adult. Then the real fun begins by selecting your favorite make up's, eyeliners, hairs, hair bases.  Knowing Lion, the selection will be mega huge and she'll be adding to her add-on's as time goes by.  Here's a little sneak peak at some of the different looks Lion gives us wearing the Lea base with her tattoo layer add-on's. This skin is all about having fun.

Above - Here I'm wearing the Lea Adult base skin in Pale with an add-on make up and her amazing add-on Head Undies. (Please note that Lion assures me she has thoroughly washed her undies before turning them into head wear).

Above - Another make up and hair base add-on.

Above - Wearing the red hair base add-on and a different make up.

Above - Are you getting the idea. The possibilities are endless.

Above - Another make up choice worn with Lion's eye liner add-on. Beautiful.

Above - This is the natural Lea base. What I adore about this range is the variety of looks one can achieve from young and funky to avant-garde and edgy.

Above - Wearing the dark hair base with dark brows. The hair bases are sensational and I love the definition of the hair line.  Lion also made the top in this picture.  It's just the most fabulous thing ever.  The left boob is actually a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it.

Here's the limo to LionSkins.  Remember, don't drink n drive.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Urban Glam GizzA Style

Sometimes you just need to get in touch with your RAWWWW and Spicy Leo from GizzA was just the ticket. This outfit was sent to me last night and I was immediately struck by the brilliant textures of the pants and fur lined top in addition to the very well made accessories that came with the outfit. The designer is Giz Seorn and he's got talent to burn.

I'm Regal Rock Chick with Beehive and I'm using the excellent acoustics in this enclosed bridge to practice my scales ready for my gig tonight.

Spicy Leo comes with CFM boots and the cute pink ipod in the jacket pocket.

Take a good look baby. You're gonna remember my name. Well I hope you do. I've had so much to drink, I've forgotten it.


Hair base, Donna hair attachment, lashes and eyeliner from Miamai Fashion Creations
Skin: Zora from LionSkins
Runny Mascara: From TikTok
Pants, Jacket, Tattoo, Top and Boots: Spicy Leo from GizzA
Glasses: Heart Glasses from MiaSnow
Bracelets: Spiked Bracelets from Blitzed
Poses from exposeur


I'd really like to thank everyone who reads my blog and to the wonderful designers who take the time to send me things to profile. I do appreciate you all and while I try to get things on the blog as quickly as possible, I'm always on a tight time frame due to RL commitments. I hope you understand if I just can't get around to it in a reasonable time but please do IM me in world and give me a prod. Love you all.

Don't forget too, if you want to be on my couch as a guest, you can follow the guidelines here. Come show off with me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Without You Cashmere Pye

SL is naughty today because I can't take pictures having constrain proportions enabled. All I get is a black mess when I download. Off to the SL forums to see if I can search for a cure. If you don't avail yourself of the forums you really should. They offer so much valuable information on the mechanics of SL that just a little bit of research has culminated in Viewer 2.2 working like a charm for me.

I always get a buzz when I unearth a new designer, new to me that is, and I found this label recently on one of my expeditions. Not Without You has produced my new favorite top that I'm featuring today. Actually it is a dress with a very well fitting prim skirt attachment but I chose to create the outfit with pants. Cashmere Pye is the designer behind Not Without You and I think she shares my love of bright, sassy pants. I wore her Beauty Box pants a couple of posts back and I just couldn't help heading back for more of her collection.

The top/dress is called Cha Cha Fanny Fae. Seriously, it was meant for me given my SL nickname is Cha Cha. It comes in an array of stunning colors and textures and is so beautiful worn that I'll be bringing this out often. The sleeves are just adorable.

LeLutka have released some new hair and this is Aradia in Blonde Fun. I love the dead straight fringe and silky tresses that have just the right amount of flexi at the ends for realism. The tone Blonde Fun has very natural streaks and highlights.

I'll be showing some more of Cashmere's items in future posts. Check the style card below to see who created this look.

Skin: Lola in Pale by LeLutka
Lips: Lola tattoo lips in Natural Matte by LeLutka
Lashes and eyeliner: Les Make Up by Miamai Fashion Creations
Hair: Aradia in Blonde Fun by LeLutka
Top: Cha Cha Fanny Fae by Not Without You
Pants: July Black by Glam Affair
Shoes: Mishima Dawn Suede by Maitreya
Bag: Tesage by Yorim's Factory (Gatcha Machine)
Necklace: Pearls Cross necklace by Noir Lily Jewellery
Bracelets: Adele Bangles by Indyra Originals


My thought for the day. Yes I did find a thought swimming around in there.

I've always wondered why people follow nearly every conversation involving items with 'Got a landmark?' From the day I worked out how to search, I've used it for everything. Now I'm not having a go mind you but it seems people would rather ask someone for it than search themselves. Just think about this lovelies. When you ask for a LM, some poor person has to open inventory, search n rifle through their folders, find it then somehow pass it to you. It happens so much in group chat I find. You mention something then 100 people chime in with 'got the LM?' My opinion: I've found so many amazing things when I search. Not just the place I'm looking for but places and people I didn't know about.

Here endeth the SLesson.


Be beautiful...inside and out.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mimikri Me

When I want special, I go to Mimikri. Ms Mimikri Kit has been creating wonderful for what seems like forever and if I had the dosh, I'd buy everything in her shop. Unfortunately Chalice's boss wants to go on another world holiday so has to be frugal with her Linden's. On this occasion, Chalice held her breath until she got this wonderful little dress called 'Gigi' in mauve. It's fru fru fabulous with bows, lace and flounce. Carrying on the Mimikri-ness, the Ajour tights in plum came out to play.

I do love this look and the ability to add tattoo layers using Viewer 2.2 allows for some interesting combination's with make up and hair. How lucky are we to be able to add, add, add and create an entire look that is unique.

Check the style card below for a list of the designers who made this look possible:

Skin: Lola by LeLutka in Pale tone.
Lipstick: Lola in Plum by LeLutka
Eyeliner: Le Makeup - Eyeliner 5 by Maiamai
Eyelashes: Le Makeup Lashes 13 by Maiamai
Hair Base: Platinum by Maiamai
Hair Attachment: Updo in Platinum by Maiamai
Eyes: Static Silver Emotional Eyes by CStar
Dress: Gigi in Mauve by Mimikri
Tights: Ajour in Plum by Mimikri
Bag: Asian Brocade by TempT
Shoes: Le Sauvage in Mauve by Coutisane
Earrings and Necklace: Nouveau Rose by Eclectica
Poses: Olivejuice

Have you checked out Moolto lately. What a fabulous resource for us SL'ers.