Sunday, August 28, 2011

SL - 10 Things I Love About You. Blogger Challenge!!

I had this idea for a post to pictorialize 10 things I really love in Second Life that makes my experience so much richer. I had lots of fun putting it together and would love to see my blogging colleagues share pictures of what floats their boat about SL.

To ensure due credit, I have listed the creators of items used in each picture.

In no particular order, here are 10 things I love about you SL:

Number 1 Chantkare
If I could choose one SL designer to dress me in RL, it would be Applonia Criss from Chantkare. This is her Jada dress from the recent Platinum Hunt and encapsulates all that is brilliant about her designs. Bold, vivid and always stylish, SL just wouldn't be as beautiful if there were no Applonia.

hair: elikatira; skin: glam affair; eyes:  izzies; dress: chantkare; shoes: maitraya gold; nails: pixel mode; bracelet: paris metro; earring: junk; bag: teefy (teefy gone).

Number 2 Maitreya
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Well right there I've shown 8 ways before I even clicked my heels. From the moment I landed on Maitreya Isle nearly 4 years ago, I've been a serious fan girl of Onyx Leshelle. When I popped on my first Aimee hair, I was mightily impressed by the realism and understated sleek model look that I hadn't yet found in SL back then. Maitreya Gold heels are the Jimmy Choo's of SL imo.

Number 3 Juicy Bomb
I know nearly everyone will agree with me on this. Gogo from Juicy Bomb, This Is Juicy, iheartsl and the divine Juicy sim has made and continues to make a massive contribution to SL fashion and lifestyle. Her Juicy Bomb blog is a must read for thousands of SL residents who take their SL style seriously. What I particularly love and appreciate is her desire to share what she knows through tutorials and an honest, transparent critique of items she blogs about. Not wanting to use any copyrighted material to pay tribute to Gogo, I created my own interpretation of what the juicylicious Gogo means to me.  Everything pretty, feminine and sweet which quite frankly, we need a lot more of.

Number 4 Glam Affair's Jadis V2 Skin
I have so enjoyed watching Aida Ewing's wonderful label Glam Affair go from strength to strength. She has provided us with a stunning build and ambiance to enjoy our shopping experience which adds to the pleasure of our life style in-world. I've always loved Glam Affair skins but the new release Jadis V2 skin is as pure and perfect as they come. Skins are one of our biggest investments both financially and in terms of our identity so unless you have Lindens to burn, the choice is usually well considered. If you can only purchase one fat pack, the Jadis V2 in your favorite skin tone would be my recommendation for quality and versatility. From morning to night, from club to catwalk, this is my pick.

skin: glam affair; shoes: lelutka; rings: glow studio, hair: elikatira; earrings: je suis; padded room backdrop: adorkable poses; nails: pixel mode.

Number 5 New Boutiques...New Labels.
Like I've said before, nothing is more fun in SL than discovering a relatively new designer or someone not yet on the tips of everyone's lips. Like when I found Equus not so long back, I loved the joie de vive of this dress called 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls'. Whilst I've chosen Equus to represent my joy of burgeoning new designers, there are so many of you out there just waiting for discovery and I wish you well.

hair: elikatira; skin: glam affair; eyes: issie's; dress: Equus; nails: pixel mode; shoes: pixel mode; lashes; the niven collection; eye shadow: chelle; bracelet: paris metro; earrings: glow studio; runway: bent.

Number 6 Strawberry Singh
Another blogger, stylist, writer, photographer, and the list goes on, who raises the bar so high that most of us are swinging off it by our finger nails, is Strawberry Singh. How amazing is this girl who shares so much with us through her tutorials and tips? She illuminates the feeds and in-world publications so brightly I have retina damage. She needs no introduction but to me as a reader and an appreciator of her art, she makes me want to do better. See I even learned how to do reflections in PS in a bid to improve my skills. If you stand still too long, I'll reflect you. Like with Gogo, I didn't want to use any of Strawberry's pics without due permission so created my own fruity tribute.

hair: plume; skin: glam affair; eye shadow: synt; dress: magoa; shoes: lelutka; nails: pixel mode; earrings: je suis.

Number 7 My Pre Fabulous Home
I am an unabashed house whore in SL. Not any house though. Oh no, they have to have impeccable style and second to none texturing and lighting. They don't have to be big, in fact, my preference these days is for compact. When I came across the Lani Beach House straight from the architectural drawing board of Fornicola Butuzova at Pre Fabulous Homes, I signed up on the spot. Pre Fabulous? Post Fabulous? It's just bloody Fabulous. This is how Fornicola markets the Lanai: "Ever watch a movie where there this gorgeous cocktail party, where people are enjoying a martini back-lit by a the glow of an elegant pool. Well now you can host that party!" It doesn't have a kitchen but that's ok, I only ever use caterers.

Number 8 Fashion Feeds
I know many of you will join me here to say that the multitude of fashion feeds in existence for SL are an integral part of our daily SLives. God I know I've left some off...sorry if I have. When I don't feel the inclination to drop in-world, I feel connected and informed by browsing the feeds much like I do with my RL fash mags. I seriously appreciate the work my fellow bloggers devote to presenting SL so fashionably. AND if I'm not on your feed....add me...add me. /me chortles.

hair: ploom; skin: glam affair; eyes: izzie's; top/pants: ison; shoes: redpoly shop; chaise: the loft.

Number 9 Flickr
Ok I know, it's not specifically a SL application but so many of us use it. I love to see everyone's artistic interpretation of their Second Life with a few residents out there having a lot of sex...lucky buggers. How do I know? Cause they keep showing their pics. Good for them. Anyway I love to flick through flickr and thought it only fitting that it made my top 10.

hair: ploom; skin: plastik; eyes: izzie's; eyeliner: boom; top: acid & mala; pants: plastik; shoes: dela; earrings: chantkare; hat: indyra originals; arm bands: dela; neck tie: mailing couture; belt: maitreya; bracelet: paris metro; nails: pixel mode; reflections: Chalice don't ya know.

Number 10 Shopping
Last but absolutely never least is shopping. In both lives, its what I do very well. It's almost orgasmic to walk down the street with bags upon bags of glorious buys then get home to unpack. I personally would rather wait and save up for quality items than to have a wardrobe full of cheap stuff. My dad taught me that and its how I've always been PLUS when I go to my favorite boutiques, they wrap and bag it really, really well. No nasty plastic bags in sight.

hair: elikatira; skin: glam affair; eyes: izzie's; dress: ibizarre; lashes: miamai; hat: bliss couture; earrings/necklace: loulou&co; shoes: maitraya gold; nails: pixel mode; bags and boxes: from every-bloody-where.

Anyway darlings...hope you enjoyed my top 10 SL people, places and things. Hope to see yours soon even if you do just one.

I was remiss not to add the Linden's on here because without them, we don't have a SL.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wrap Me Up In Dutchie.

When Froukje Hoorenbeek, the Diva of Dutchie, sent me these silk bath robe's ages ago, I was intent on blogging them as soon as time would allow. Well my darling Froukje, time is mine enemy and it's taken me this long to put it together...sorry sweetie. BUT it doesn't diminish the fabulousness of these sexy, silky wraps that Froukje has lovingly made for those of us who love the finer things in life. Her color selection is rich...bold black, virginal white, sexy salmon and fiery red accommodate all our before bed persona's.

Now Froukje thinks of everything and the robe is scripted and has options for that perfect fit. Lure your lover into the boudoir wearing Dutchie if you dare. This should come with a warning.

These photo's were taken in front of one of Froukje's amazing beds at Dutchie's skybox apartment called Pied-a-terre The Hague. Gorgeous space and is for sale either furnished or unfurnished.

Hairs from ploom and elikatira .
Skin from LAQ.
Shoes from Maitreya Gold.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BoHo HoBo Jean-ius.

I've had a blast doing the Platinum Hunt, reacquainting myself with all the glorious designers who blow me away with their talent. So much fun in fact that I've neglected my blog and delayed posting some of the great things that have been sent to me. Sorry lovies but sometimes I need to drop the business and just be a resident without a cause.

Trill Zapatero from BoHo HoBo sent me these Popsicle Jeans in Cherry and I was dying to post them. I love good jeans and have a soft spot for bell bottoms. They come with a brilliant belt and the texture and seams are quality all the way.

I'm not a big wing wearer but when I stumbled across this store called Equus a little while back, I was mesmerized by this set called Pegasi Embryo Wings. I'll be bringing some more Equus magic in the form of slick couture pieces that I fell in love with very soon. That's Chalice's very soon not the rest of the worlds very soon.

Another purchase I am excited about was these Polly Suede Shoes from Ducknipple. Me adores them and I'm even more thrilled that one pair affords you color change choices and I'm really impressed with the foot.

During my hunting, I found the haughty Deco Necklace in the form of a clothing layer at Grixdale for 50% hoo. Grixdale don't go:-( I didn't have the energy to rifle through my wardrobe for a top so wore this to cover the boobies. Likewise, I found these great Smexy Black and Bowie Lace Gloves from Epic and thought, what the hell. Throw them on too Chal.

Only 25 stores left to go but really I don't want the hunt to end. The Platinum Hunt is a gooden. Now I must spend copious hours unpacking and trying it all on.

Meh Clothes:
Hair: Knotted Hair in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Elena Pale Glow Skin by LAQ.
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Two Days To Go Fuchsia Shadow by synt.
Necklace: Deco Layer necklace by Grixdale.
Jeans and Belt: Popsicle Jeans in Cherry by BoHo HoBo.
Wings: Pegasi Embryo Wings by Equus.
Shoes: Polly by Ducknipple.
Bangle: Gilded Goddess bracelet by Paris Metro.
Gloves: Smexy Black and Bowie Lace Gloves by Epic.
Poses: From Juxtapose.
Shot at Zaara.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Grey And Red Ain't Dead.

Out on one of my shopping expeditions a while back, I stopped by Gato and immediately noticed the pattern on this dress called 'Vogue'. Not only did the pattern speak to me in a seductive tone saying 'come on Chal, buy me you tight arsed cow', I loved the fire engine red shirt insert at the bodice. Because I'm 150 foot tall in SL, the dress was a tad short so I added grey leggings from Oyakin for decency's sake.

I purchased the Lap Top bag in fire brick red from LeLutka a while ago waiting to add it to something and brought it out of moth balls for this outfit. I am in TOTAL love with the Ladies Who Lunch label (LWL) of Faint Paulse. I grabbed the Alejandro headdress and Gaga glasses from LWL so quickly I broke a nail. Lucky for me, my Pixel Mode sculpted nails grow very quickly.

No lungs were damaged in the making of this outfit. These cigarette's from Di's Opera Fatale pose series are herbal.


Hair: From Angel Hair.
Skin: Claudia2 Milky Glow Skin from LAQ.
Eyes: Icy from WAP Designs.
Lashes: Les Make Up Lashes by Miamai.
Dress: Vogue by Gato.
Leggings: Summer Leggings by Oyakin.
Shoes: Espirit xtd by Maitreya Gold.
Bag: Lap Top Bag by LeLutka.
Headdress and glasses: From Ladies Who Lunch.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Necklace: Mad Clown by glow studio.
Rings: I'm Your Present Rings by glow studio.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spotlight On Paris Metro.

Sea Star Gown - Paris Metro.

Hello darlings. Well finally I finished my post focusing on the amazing label, Paris Metro. Designer rfb morpork has been very generous sending out her stunning gowns in one of the blogger groups I belong to and it is only right that I spent some time putting together snappies of three of her gowns. Please go visit her store if you haven't already. There is certainly something for everyone and her designs are very special.

Betty Tureaud Gown - Paris Metro.

Natasha Bracula Gown - Paris Metro.

Sea Star Gown:
Hair and Hair Base: HB Style #9 and Milky Red Hair Base from LAQ.
Skin: Claudia2 Milky Skin by LAQ.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by Fashism.
Hat: New Year Hat by Lode.
Dress: Sea Star Gown by Paris Metro.
Shoes: Fae Wedges by Pixel Mode.
Necklace/Earrings/Brooch: Flouish by Eclectica.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Ring: Rome by Finesmith Designs.
Location: Maamagili Island.

Betty Tureaud Gown:
Hair and Hair Base: Uthopia in Essence by Vanity Hair.
Skin: Jadis in Natural by Glam Affair.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Steel Blue by Fashism.
Eye Shadow: Metallic Shadow by Miamai.
Outfit: Betty Tureaud Gown by Paris Metro.
Shoes: Hana by Maitreya Gold.
Earrings: Flowers by Simay Fashion.
Tie: Cotton Candy Silk Tie by Zeerys.
Location: Dreamerz Paradise.

Natasha Bracula Gown:
Hair: Knotted Hair in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Leona in Pale tone by Glam Affair.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Steel Blue by Fashism.
Eye Shadow: Deco Shadow by Miamai.
Earrings and Hair Flower: Rosa by 3636.
Bracelets: Adele Bangles by Indy & Co.
Dress: Natasha Bracula Gown by Paris Metro.
Shoes: Ixkin by Maitreya Gold.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Location: Oligard.

Monday, August 8, 2011

SL Is Broken :-(

Oh woe is me! I've been itching to blog some of my favorite things but SL just won't play nice. I'm torn because I want to use shadows and the like to add ambiance to my pictures so I'm digging my heels in and persevering with it but its taking soooooooooo long.

So please bear with me as I bear with SL.