Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Suddenly Single With Red Lips.

There's something quite powerful about a strong color accent placed strategically about the body.  I love the vivid red that lifts the grey to dramatic effect.  I scoured the grid for the right tights and finally settled on 'A3' Grey from 'Sheer' Stockings.  A great shop find that was.

I had a fun shopping trip to Mon Tissu at the Mayfair Sim and couldn't resist the 'Softest Cinch Cardigan' in grey and the 'Westbury Mini' in light grey.  Great combo together and I wasn't at all disappointed in the fit of both pieces. What you don't quite see (stupid me) is the clipped in waist at the back of the back tied with a fabulous knitted blow. Take a look at the amazing pockets and sleeve edging...magnifique.

How beautiful are these 'MANA Era Gator Peep Toe' shoes in fiery red from Nardcotix?  Are these not class personified?  The delicate gold super fine spiked heel could do serious damage in the wrong hands - think 'Single White Female' and like all things Nardcotix, have a fool proof menu to make your tootsies look their best.

As far as accessorizing goes, my favorite part of creating a look, I couldn't wait to bring out my recently purchased Tres Blah 'Haute' bag that has the most amazing woven material resembling jute.  The 'Lellani' corsage is from LaGyo, the necklace is 'Prayer Pearl' from Beatnick and earrings from Je Suis. 

The Look:

Hair: 'Soft' Blonde 4 by elikitira 
Skin: 'Linn' Light by Glam Affair 
Freckles: Full Body Freckle Tattoo from Miamai X- Gen Makeup 
Eyes: 'Sunrise' eyes in pale grey by IKON
Tights: Grey from 'Sheer' Stockings
Bag: 'Haute' bag by Tres Blah
Necklace: 'Prayer Pearl by Beatnick 
Earrings: 'Asymetrique' in red from Je Juis
Jacket: 'Softest Cinch Cardigan' in grey by Mon Tissu
Skirt: 'Westbury' Mini in light grey from Mon Tissu
Flower: 'Lellaini' Corsage (color change) by LaGyo
Location: Little Britain  (great for a monochrome background)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She's Got The Celoe Factor!

Hi's been a while. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and this has been sorely tested in my own life during the last month. Within one day I found myself suddenly single, never saw it coming whatsoever and had a husband who has gone to hide two states away and as he ran out the door, claimed 'he couldn't handle anything anymore' leaving me to deal with all our financial matters. Today, only one month after he bolted, I can finally say 'what a bloody idiot to leave the best thing that has and will ever happen to you...ME'. They'll be many more tears, self blame and doubt but I am my parents daughter and I will never define myself by the whims and expectations of another. I don't wish ill of you but at the same time you have earned yourself a huge spiritual debt for your actions and weak mindedness which only you can repay.. I was the best wife I knew how to be and if that wasn't good enough for you, then best of British luck finding another who loved you warts and all as I did.

If you haven't had the pleasure of a trip to Celoe at Mayfair, take a look at what you're missing.  Some classy mesh tailoring complete with layers and folds in all the right places.  As with any fine boutique, custom fitting is available with the jacket and pants available in a range of sizes for the perfect fit.  Designer Shay Sibrian certainly has an eye for detail.

The items from Celoe shown are the Rossi Jacket complete with leather belt in the color 'Thatch", the Lolong Trousers in "Cement" and the amazing Sack Bag in "Roman".  The appeal for me is the earthiness of color and mixture of fabrics.  Mayfair is the first mesh sim in SL which is wonderful, but for my ailing computer I did struggle somewhat getting things to rezz quickly and I was often stuck in lag bubbles.  I do need a new computer however...this one is tired and needing to be retired so for those of you running good lappies and PC's, this shouldn't be a problem.

I believe Celoe has something for everyone and I can't wait to see what awaits us in the future.  Once picking the correct size for my shape, everything just worked.  I didn't realize that in order for my feet not to poke through the bottom of the pants, that I needed to wear shoes with an alpha layer and that fixed the problem entirely..  Maybe there are other solutions that I don't know about but this worked for me.

In SL I still find joy in discovering a new label that I fall in love with.  Then again, it's no different to my RL.  I shop well in both.

Other things:

Hair: Away in Blond (05) by [elikatira] 
Skin: Daphne (05) by Glance Skins 
Eyes: Utopia eyes in Trojan Blue from Ikon 
Freckles: From Daphne Skin by Glance Skins 
Scarf: Dolce Scarf in Nude from Cashmere 
Jacket: Rossi in 'Thatch' by Celoe 
Pants: Lolong Trousers in 'Cement' by Celoe 
Bag: Sack Bag in 'Roman' by Celoe 
Shoes: Grosseto in 'Tan Suede' by Similar Footwear 
Nails: Nail Palette by Mandala 
Earrings: Antonia in 'Brown' by DeLa 
Ring and Necklace: Minerva in'Bronze' by Label Mode 

Monday, April 2, 2012

T--art From Boho Hobo.

These T's incorporate real life art from Trill Zapatero from Boho Hobo.  They are fabulous mesh and come in 3 sizes for the perfect fit.  Priced at a mere $85L's and even better, one of the T's will be on sale for $55L's.  How can you possibly go wrong with these striking pieces of art created in real life?  That makes them even more special.  Folds, creases and drapes are wonderful.

Take it from Auntie Cha.  These are a wardrobe stable.