Monday, October 7, 2013

Chalice's Private SLife After I Log Off.

Oh Berry, you've done it again!  What a great idea Winter J. to imagine what our SL alter ego's do after we log off.  Well I might have known that Cha throws off her clothes and goes BARE back riding but is using a saddle.  The bare back refers to her lack of clothing.  Having a horse myself, I knew Cha and I had something in common other than fashion.

She's riding a beautiful Friesian stallion through the forest at dawn. She's a sneaky one is Cha because she never tells me what she does when left to her own devices but I'm glad she's not off pole dancing at a strip club which is what I suspected.

Please note for IHEART SL feed, she has nude colored undies on so is not nakie.  Certainly don't want to be removed from that feed lol.

HAIR: Plume by Ploom
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone by Al Vulo
UNDIES: Desiderio in Nude by Fishy Strawberry
HORSE: Friesian by AKK Horse Ranch
LOCATION: Voltai Range Casmu 


  1. LOL she's a carefree one I see! Beautiful horse btw.

  2. She most certainly is Berry. Thanks for your comment and for another wonderful, inspiring challenge from you (and Mr Winter)

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