Thursday, December 5, 2013

JOIN My New Flickr Group - "Blogging From Top To Toe"

Hello darlings.  I've formed a new Flickr group with Bloggers in mind but you don't have to have a blog to join.

Only rules are:

+One picture per day.
+Full body shots only showcasing your fabulous look.
+Link back to your Blog (if you have one).
+No nudies.

Because so many of you gifted stylists and photographers find amazing locations to shoot, I would love it if you popped a SLURL in the comments section.  That would be special.

Here's the link.  Looking forward to enjoying your pics.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Not Broken, Just Bent.

I'm sitting here along with my little poodle completing this post with the faint rumbling of thunder in the background and the soft sprinkling of rain.  Rather nice after quite a few days of hot weather.

I love my look today.  I was sifting through my inventory and because I've been missing in action a bit lately, feel a bit out of the loop.  But I did find this dress sent from Chocolat called 'Lilou', then I remembered the bag I purchased from Stefan Garcia that I've wanted to blog for ages.  I found a set of fabulous scarves from Redgrave and wore the 'Arabic' one for this look.

I did a bit of Vanity Hair shopping and this is one of my favorites called 'Bitter Sweet' in the color Essence.  Mz Jewell really does come up with some inspiring designs and is very generous with her discounts each week not to mention her group freebies.

The brand ASO sent out some flower broaches to bloggers a little while back and thought I would wear the beige color for some extra prettiness.  Me likie!

The dress has beautiful folds and drapes long at the back.  It's a mullet dress lol.

The bag is adorable girls and can be worn in the hand or on the arm.  I love it when bag designers give you various options.

These cute boots are from Envious called 'Domino Heels' and I've been waiting to find the right outfit to show case them. They look ever so comfy.

My blogging may be a bit spasmodic for a little while as I'm sick at the moment and will be having surgery possibly in the first week of January.  I thought it may have been next week but am relieved to at least have Christmas without the side effects of the surgery impinging on my partying which will include copious amounts of food and cocktails. The only thing good about surgery are those few short moments when you are aware of your body floating on air and you're all warm and happy.  Unfortunately it lasts but a second and then you wake up with the pain....urgh.  Do any of you who have had surgery try to stay awake as long as you can?  I do.


HAIR: Bitter Sweet in Essence by Vanity Hair
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone by Al Vulo
LASH TATTOO'S: Doll Lashes included in Lavinia skin by Al Vulo
LIP TATTOO: Natural Lip included in Virginia skin by Al Vulo
EYES: Vanity Eyes in Clarity tone by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
DRESS: Lilou in Beige by Chocolat
SCARF: Pali Scarf in Arabic by Redgrave
FLOWER BROACH: Lace Flower Broach by ASO
BAG: Moss in Ankh by Herve Faenzo and Steffen Garcia @ SL Marketplace
SHOES: Domino Heels by Envious
EARRINGS: Arron Earrings in Malachite by EarthStones (Group Gift)
RING CAMERA LEFT: Vintage Alphabet Ring by ASO
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Olen Ring by Kosh
LOCATION: The Arena - No Mans Land