Friday, June 28, 2013

Stunned Mullet.

Today I tip my free Summer Hat from Dollle hoping you are all well and safe.

I've put together an outfit that started when I purchased this 'Mullet Top' in Salmon from Auxiliary.  To be honest, while I loved the top and the minty Aztec lining, it took me ages to think how to style it.  I thought I would use the lining in the top as my inspiration for the pants so went a hunting looking for just the right cut and hue.  I knew that mesh pants would probably not work because they might poke through but found these non-mesh pants with prim bell bottoms at Mimikri called 'Felice' in the color camouflage.  I raced home to try them on and it was then I knew I had my outfit.  The pants are ever so smart and tailored.

I had a blast accessorizing this one which is probably my favorite thing to do once the basics are assembled.  I hung loose at Je Suis and purchased the Asymetrique bangles and earrings in the brown tones.  My necklace was a new purchase from Malt called 'Fashion Gilli Bead Necklace'.

I have to say my purchase of the fat pack of the Chic Chain Clutch from Croire has been one of my most used items.  You can purchase them at the Croire store on Marketplace.  The colors and designs in the fat pack are so varied and unusual, I just can't go past them in many of my SLooks.  The shoes from Kungler's have also had a few encores such is the unusual color that you don't see around everyday...they are a great accent with tangerine and salmon colored clothing.

This hair base and attachment pony tail are from LAQ.  They are oldies but most definitely goodies and to be absolutely honest, think the blond base is the most realistic I've ever seen by far as are the attachments.  So while I love to go shopping for new hair often, my LAQ hair that I purchased quite some time ago remains my favorite.

So here's the look from hat to heel.  Yes, I managed to dodge any bird poo during the shooting of this post.  Not sure if that's good or bad luck.


Hair base and pony tail attachment: Milky Blond hair base and HB #7 attachment from LAQ
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (make up #1) from Glam Affair which includes freckles and gloss lip.
Eyeshadow Tattoo: Eyeshadow gift from Little Petits Details
Eyeliner Tattoo: Strong Black Kajal by Little Petits Details
Eyes: Acute Mesh Eyes in Blue by Crash Republic
Hands: Slink
Nails: Rich Colors Avatar Enhancement Nails by Orc. Inc.
Top: Mullet Top in Salmon color by Auxiliary
Pants: Felice Leather Pants (non mesh with prim leg attachments) in Camouflage by Mimikri
Hat: Summer Sun Hat (Gift) from Dollle
Shoes: Morgana Pumps in Coral color by Kunglers
Bag: Chic Chain Clutch (#2) by Croire at Marketplace
Bangles and earrings: Asymetrique in Browns by Je Suis
Ring:  Eleween Ring 11 by Manna
Necklace: Fashion Gilli Bead Necklace by Malt
Location:  The Celestial Realm at The Trace

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Heard It On The Grape Vine.

I don't know about you, but there are times in SL when I see the work of a designer and give an audible gasp.  When I spotted this magnificent silken top at Malt, that was one of those times.  Whilst there were various colors available, it was the 'Grape Vine' combination that totally captured my attention.  Watching 'Say Yes To The Dress' on Foxtel the other day, one of the brides wanted the G.L.O. factor which she described as Glamorous, Luxurious and Opulent.  Obviously this isn't a wedding dress but to me, this top is GLO.  Khea Karas (Malt's owner/designer), you have excelled in creating a top that by my reckoning, is PERFECT.

I took another spoon of Malt when I found this lovely stitched suede skirt in 'Scarlet Gum'.

Accessorizing was not so easy because I wanted to stay as close to the two stunning colors of the top.  With some leg work, I found these shoes at GOS called 'Storm Sandals' and purchased a color updater in purple.

I purchased the color change asymmetrique bracelets from Je Suis which allowed me to create a sympathetic color combo with each bracelet using the color change hud.

My real scoop was finding this delightful Ostrich Leather Bag from Zenith Fashion in a color that matches the green quite well.  This look took me a while to gather but given I fell head over my GOS heels for the top, deserved the time and attention to satisfy me that I had achieved the look I was going for.  Of course our fashion choices are so subjective but at the end of the day, you have to style to your personal taste and if I love it, that's all that really matters.


Hair: Nostalgic in Bleached color by Auxiliary 
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (make up #12) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Acute Mesh Eyes in Violet color by Crash Republic
Hands: Skink
Nails: From Rich Colors pack avatar enhancement nails by Orc. Inc.
Top: Lorelei Vest in Grape Vine color by Malt
Skirt: Stitched Suede Skirt in Scarlet Gum by Malt
Shoes: Storm Sandals in Purple by GOS
Bag: Khaki Ostrich Leather Bag by Zenith Fashion
Bracelets: Asymmetrique bracelets (fat pack and color change) from Je Suis
Ring camera left: Voyante Gemstone ring by Je Suis
Ring camera right: Ketama Color Change ring by Maxi Gossamer
Earrings: Vintage Earrings by Bliensen and MaiTai
Location: Kusangi (home of FTL Mainstore)

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm A Swinger.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble finding non-mesh items to layer under mesh items.  I traveled far and wide merely looking for a nice under shirt or T for this outfit and gave up visiting Tram where I knew they had some nice non-mesh tops to go under the gorgeous mesh shirt from TokiD.  Please don't stop making non-mesh tops that hug the body so we can add layers.  I'm sure they're out there but I think I went to 15 shops before I returned to Tram remembering they had some lovely T's in different colors to match with the skirt.

Anyway, here is a sweet, bright look I've put together and I love the result.

I found this hair from Exile in my inventory called 'Crush' in the Vanilla color.  I purchased another hair from Exile called 'Wide Awake' which I loved but being mesh, no matter what I did in reducing my head size and wearing the alpha layers, the part in the hair was gaping and I had to send it to my trash folder.  Exile make such excellent hair however, that one little issue with hair not fitting my head is no big thing.  'Crush' came with a sweet headband and hud where you can change color combinations and I was thrilled to find a complimentary color for the floral shirt.

The skirt is called 'Horizon Mini' from Boom and fits so well.  I have to admit that mesh skirts have opened up a whole new world when compared with the old skirts with a prim part between the legs that often moved and didn't fit well.  The bag I picked up at Malt for an absolute steal and is really fabulous.

It's not often you find small clasped earrings and I purchased these at Je Suis.  Perfect for long hair as they don't get lost.  The necklace is part of a wider jewellery set called 'Isis Solar Magic' from Maxi Gossamer and comes in either gold or silver with color change stones.  Looks amazing on and one of my favorite purchases of late.  Bracelets are from Je Suis (color change) and the ring is called 'Ketema' also from Maxi Gossamer.

No I haven't forgotten you my darling Maitraya Gold's.  You will always have my heart and here are a pair from their collection called 'Allegre' in Red.  They never, ever disappoint.  How about a shoe called Maitreya Gold Chalice????  Sounds good?  Yes I know, I'm a name whore.  I want everything named after ME!


Hair including headband/flower: Crush in Vanilla by Exile
Skin: Betty in Pale Tone (#1) by Belleza
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Ice color by IKON
Shirt: Red Flowers Summer Cardigan by TokiD
Top: Pintuck T in Ivory color by Tram
Skirt: Horizon Mini Skirt by Boom
Shoes: Allegre in Red color by Maitreya Gold
Bag: Fashion Hand Bag in Red color by Malt
Hands: Slink
Nails: Rich Colors Avatar Enhancement Nails by Orc. Inc.
Necklace: Isis Solar Magic from Maxi Gossamer
Earrings: Voyante Plain Ear Clips (color change) by Je Suis
Bracelets: Sophistique in Dark Colors (color change) by Je Suis
Ring: Ketama (color change) ring by Maxi Gossamer

Yay For Bandana Day On 28th July - Hair Fair 2013

Sing it from the rooftops darlings.  Bandana Day is on the 28th of July as part of the upcoming Hair Fair 2013 event.  On this special day, everyone in SL is encouraged to take off their hair and don a bandana decorated by various designers and creators from all over the grid.  These bandana's will be for sale only by the Hair Fair 2013 committee and all proceeds will go to the wonderful charity Wigs For Kids

As I've said a million times before, I have no creative talent but wanted to have a go at texturing one with my blog name affixed so came up with this (rather pitiful) attempt.  I put my face(s) on the bandana without hair as a representation that one's own face carries its own beauty and story and that we should not be defined by our hair.

Please, please get behind this important day and purchase one, or as many as you can afford, knowing that you will be contributing to such a special cause.  I know most of the bandana's will be stunning works of art knowing the talented people that will be decorating them.  Just imagine a child who has lost their hair receiving a wig that will bring back some normalcy and a new found confidence into their childhood that you helped provide.  That has to make you feel good?


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can You Die From Drinking Tea?

I wasn't sure that I'd get this post out this morning (my time) because my eye lids were drooping and bed was looking pretty good....but dear readers, I persevered and finished it.

Today I'm in a casual look that came about from my recent purchase of the 'Loose Muscle Shirt' from Le Primitif.  Whilst the front is fairly plain, it was the back that captured my attention.  I mean not everything we wear has to hit you front's often the little details that one see's gradually in clothing that make it special.

My new spider tattoo from Tattoo Paradise was perfect to wear with this top. God knows why I'm wearing a spider because I have to call people to remove them if I see one inside at home.

I purchased these tartan boots from GOS called 'Slouch Boots' and re-textured the modifiable hat from LaGyo called 'Kirby' to match the boots.  The hat is usually white with black polka dots. The bag is from Zenith called 'Rattan Beach Bag'.  It comes with a hud which allows you to change the scarf, glasses and magazines.

I'm wearing one of the new hair releases from Truth called 'Colbie'.  See below for the remaining credits.

Now for some strange, quirky reason I've developed an overwhelming craving for tea.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  I was the quintessential coffee drinker owning a Nespresso Coffee Machine ® which I used until it screamed STOP, ENOUGH ALREADY.  I don't want coffee anymore.  I want Twinings English Breakfast tea ® sweetened with a tad of honey.  WTF?  How can one change so dramatically?  Very weird.

Cheerio from Chalice xx


Hair: Colbie in Light Blond set by Truth
Skin: Luria Skin (#1) by Glam Affair
Lip Tattoo: Cherry Lip Gloss from Little Petits Details
Eyeliner Tattoo: Liquid Glaze by Boom
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea from Mayfly
Tattoo: Sensation Of The Spider by Tattoo Paradise
Top: Loose Muscle Top by Le Primitif
Pants: Just Jeans in Grey by Candy Doll
Shoes: Slouch Boots in Tartan by GOS
Bag: Rattan Beach Bag by Zenith
Hat (modified): Kirby by LaGyo
Bracelets: Wanderer Bracelets by League
Ring camera right: Eleween 11 Ring by Manna
Ring camera left: Silver Cross Ring by SAKIDE
Earring: Camelia in Golden by Kunglers


Friday, June 21, 2013

Three First Dates.

All the beautiful dresses in this post are from Sascha's Designs.  There are just so many combinations you can utilize with each dress and here are my interpretations.  Thank you Sascha.  Simply said, you make us all creatures of beauty.  You are the designer of diva's.




I have credited the designers of my accessories below.

I've been feeling a bit ho hum again lately and this has been reflected in the reduced number of blog posts I usually do.  I've got so many things to blog but my blog-ivation has been low and I hate it when that happens.  If you find it, please send it to me...I'll gladly pay for postage.

In Rl I  purchased a new TV in white.  In the US, Europe and the UK they appear to be readily available but for some reason here in lil ol Oz, they're a bit like like hens teeth.  But I found myself one for my bedroom and had it mounted on the wall.  Bed time has become such fun...yeah I know, how pathetic that it takes a TV to fill my bedroom with color, movement and sound.

I'm very sad to hear that Bliss Couture is closing its doors after such an amazing contribution to SL fashion over so many years. I start worrying for us fashionista's when design houses of this caliber start saying good bye.  I do wish Amuety the best of luck and thank her for the beauty she inspired.

Oh and I had an impulse purchase yesterday in RL.   Walking down the street of my local town and found a tattoo parlor that had just opened that day.  Needless to say I was the first customer and found myself wearing a divine twig of pink cherry blossoms on my wrist.  Its perty.

Hair: Carter Bleach Blond from Unorthodox
Skin: Amberly Petal edition skin from Glam Affair
Hair piece: LaGyo
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Ice by IKON
Necklace and Earrings: Soul in Blue by Mandala
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair
Rings: Motsumame by Mandala

Hair: Black and Blond Waves by Unorthodox
Headband. By PaperCouture
Skin: Amberly Petal edition skin from Glam Affair
Eyeshadow: Femme Fatale Eyeshadow designed by Divinna Ansar
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea by Mayfly
Bracelets and Earrings: Omochi Bracelets in Silver by Mandala
Shoes: Grace Sandals by GOS
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair

Hair: Carter Hair in Ginger by Unorthodox
Hair Flowers: By LaGyo
Skin: Amberly Petal edition skin from Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Deepening Spring by Mayfly
Earrings: Eurydike Earrings by Bliensen and MaiTai
Necklace: Jewelled Love necklace by Maxi Gossamer
Bag: Red Clutch with Wrist Chain by Muism
Rings: I'm Your Present Red Ring Bows by Glow Studio
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Go On. Mesh With My Head.

Finding titles for all my posts always gives me a laugh.  I'm either listening to a song and use the name or a line from it, am thinking about my ex and want to purge any negative feelings to make some poignant statement only I understand or try to use something about the outfit, look or designer.  So YES I'm featuring something from MESH HEAD.

Recently I was sent this edgy little dress from Mesh Head's designer, Franceco Carrara, called 'Vintage Metal Mini Dress'.  What I love about Mesh Head is the fact that Fran provides huds for many of her items to change either the patterns and/or colors.  Great for those who don't like to change every two seconds (like me) but can still look different at the click of a button.

The earrings and necklace set are called 'Signs' from Bens Beauty.  I think they're very effective and are definitely a sign for me to shop at Bens more often.

As always, Mesh Head clothing always offers stunning details such as well placed material shine, realistic folds and shading.

I found these stunning tatt's from Garden of Ku Tattoo's called "Niu Kua".  In addition, I'm wearing a tattoo on each wrist called 'Iron Cross' from Little Pricks.  Is that not the most precious name for a tattoo parlor? 

I stumbled across this fabulous curly do with shaved pattern at the back of the head from Unorthodox called 'JoliDopa Ponytail'.   Won't be taking this hair off in a hurry such is my love for it.

I GOS'ed again.  I've had my eyes on these 'Angelina Peeptoe's' for weeks and needed little (read NO) encouragement to go get them to wear with this outfit.  With heels as sublime as these, I'll lick my own feet.  I wonder how many GOS shoe purchases before I have a shoe named after me????  I think it should be called "THE CHALICE SANS CALLUS".

Notice the leg tattoo that's a part of the 'Niu Kua' tattoo set.

I wore my Fishy Strawberry lace cycling pants again.  Designers of SL...make me more, MORE, MORE.  Different lengths, patterns, colors.  I just love them as I think they definitely tart up an outfit.  In my opinion, I think we could use a more creative use of leggings like Fishy has done.

Okidoki.  Off to style another outfit. Boi for now.


Hair: JoliDopa Ponytail in black from Unorthodox
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (Make Up #2) by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in London Fog Shadow by Mayfly
Body and Leg Tattoo's: Niu Kua from Garden of Ku Tatto's
Wrist Tattoo's: Iron Cross from Little Pricks
Dress: Vintage Metal Mini Dress by Mesh Head
Leggings: Lace Cycling Leggings from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: Angelina Peeptoe in Black from GOS
Bag: The Ireben Carryall by Indyra Originals
Earrings and Necklace: Signs by Bens Beauty
Bracelets:  Sophistique in Dark by Je Suis
Location:  Inspiration Point

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know.

WARNING: Sunglasses might be needed to view this post.

Fluoro is back baby.  Did it ever leave?  Not for the brave.  I picked me up some fluoro-tastic pieces starting with the 'Gradient Cutout Top' and 'Pyramids' earrings from guess where?  Fluoroescent of course.  The owner/designer, Grant Valeska-Cristy, did a fabulous job of these pieces.  His RL profile shows he's a young male designer and I'm really captivated that a young guy got this so right.  I'm not being condescending by any means because I'm just so impressed. It just goes to show that talent and ingenuity are not solely the domain of those with a few more years under their belt.

I found these white shredded leggings from SAKIDE in my wardrobe and thought the color really complimented the lower gradient of the top.  I found this fantastic beaded necklace set from Maxi Gossamer.  You get various necklace lengths that comes with a hud whereby you can play around with a whole combination of colors.  It's something that you can use over and over again changing the colors and lengths according to your outfits.  Very clever indeed Ms Gossamer.  She has some amazing jewellery that you don't see everyday so Chal's tip....go look.

I found the bangles at Pure Poison called Pety Bracelets.  Lots of different designs make up the set as you'll see below.

Look at my lovely avatar enhancement nails from Orc. Inc.  I love how Ms Orcsy gives us the most vivid colors and textures.  This one is from the Split Glitter fat pack and they just pop.  Thanks so much Nicole for sending them.  I can't wait to work my through the colors and patterns you've created.  Now I've been coveting these bags from Gos for a few weeks and knew it would be perfect for this outfit.  Actually I'm going back to work my through all the colors.  They sit on your arm so precisely even when you walk and that's something I appreciate in a bag.

Now I think I need to arrange a self exclusion policy from Slink darlings.  I'm in LOVE with Siddeon's add on shoes compatible with her mesh medium rigged and avatar enhancement feet.  These are called 'Glitter Peeptoes' in white but you can change the bow to contrast with the shoes.

Oh and this is my new hair from Analog Dog called 'Apple Moustache' in Platinum.  I love this style to bits. The hair flower is from ASO.


Hiar: apple Moustache in Platinum by Analog Dog
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (#9) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Deepening Spring Color by Mayfly
Hands and Feet: Slink
Nails: Split Glitter avatar enhancement nails from Orc. Inc.
Eye shadow tattoo: la vie make up in lemon from Label Mode (at Marketplace)
Eyeliner tattoo: Liquid Glaze by Boom
Top: Gradient Cut Out Top from Fluorescent
Leggings: Shredded Leggings in White from SAKIDE
Shoes: Glitter Peeptoes (add ons) in White from Slink
Bag: Shoe Bag in Black/Silver from GOS
Hair Flower: Elastic Dot Hair Flower in Green Apple from ASO
Earrings: Pyramids from Fluorescent
Necklaces: Pearl Necklace Combo from Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Pety Braclets in Black/Gold by Pure Poison
Ring (camera left):  Black Heart Ring by SAKIDE
Ring (camera right): Elenween Hexagon Ring by Manna

Monday, June 10, 2013

From A Distance Someone Is Watching All Of Us.

Well today just cemented for me that you're never too old to learn a life lesson.  I won't open Pandora's Box again, but on a certain blog that caters to and critiques modeling agencies, I went head to head with a certain person who I believed to be, well let's just say, wrong.  I was reminded, ever so respectfully by the moderator, to basically stop banging my head against the same old brick wall.  And you know what, they're absolutely right.  There are people who use SL for devious means and create havoc wherever they go.  Its their agenda and intent to do that and nothing I can say will change their mission to do damage.  Its funny how we sometimes get ourselves into situations that become unhealthy and fruitless but we march on regardless.  Today I learned to leave those type of people to stew in their own juices for in the end, they ain't worth the gas (or electricity if that's your mode of cooking).

Here I am pounding on my keyboard preparing another post highlighting what is GOOD about SL.  The fashion!

Click for a more detailed view.
This citrus toned dress is a killer.  It was an impulse buy from Pink Outfitters.  Actually if the truth be known, all my shopping is on impulse.   Designer, London Dailey, has done a superb job with this halter neck, backless dress with a black waist band.  it's stunning on and the colors are yummy enough to eat.  Lucky for me I stumbled across the most complimentary earrings called 'Lola Leaves' from Cherry.   I was finding it a tad difficult to find the right shoes to match so opted for a pair of 'Grace' heels in patent black leather from Gos and a giant carry all called 'Valentine Bow Tote' also from Cherry.  Really any excuse for another pair of Gos heels and I'm there.  They are sublime.

I just adore the back of this dress.  It's different from what I usually see around.  I admit that I swooned over a hair style shown on Bierno and Deeta's wonderful blog from Analog Dog so there was another excuse to go check out some new releases.  I thought this one called 'EQ' would be perfect as it would allow the dress to be the star.  I'm sorry for my bank balance because once there, I WENT FLIPPIN MAD.

I'm wearing my new Betty skin from Belleza (doh I brought the fat pack) and popped on the skin appliers for my Slink hands.  I have it on good authority that Belleza skin appliers for the feet are currently being worked on...YAY.  I am in love with this skin.  It has a sophisticated look to it and the eye shading, there's something so perfect about it.

I popped on these Je Suis Vintage Bangles (not sure if they're still available so if you want them, check with Julia Merosi from Je Suis.  The rings are called Pompeii in Circus color from Bliensen and MaiTai.  The earrings and rings from this set are so versatile because you get 5 different tones in the pack.

Peace and love precious ones.


Hair: EQ (hairbase and braid) in Shore tone by Analog Dog
Skin: Betty in Pale tone by Belleza
Hand appliers: From Belleza
Hands: Slink
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring by Mayfly
Nails: Glitter Set from Orc. Inc.
Dress: Elle Backless Dress in Lawn by Pink Outfitters
Bracelets: Vintage Bangles from Je Suis
Earrings: Lola Leaves earrings from Cherry
Bag: Valentine Bow Tote in Black from Cherry
Shoes: Grace Sandals in Patent Black from Gos
Rings: Pompeii in Circus color by Bliensen and MaiTai

I have to say it because I'll feel better.  But if anyone from LL was standing in front of Chalice right now she'd kick them square in the knackers.  It is taking FOREVER to bring up LM's and it happens all the time.  Be warned.....protect the knackers if you see me approaching. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Official Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest - Be In It To Win It.

Well it's coming up to that wonderful time of year when Hair Fair gets underway.  It will run from the 14th to the 29th of July and who can resist purchasing hair knowing 15% of all hair packs sold will be donated to the amazing cause, 'Wigs For Kids'.

To get into the swing of it, the Hair Fair organizers are running a photo contest from the 7th to the 28th of June.  The theme is 'Movies Inspire Me' and you are encouraged to be as creative as your juices allow.  Now to show off your amazing talents, simply join the 'Official Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest' Flickr group, read the rules carefully and get snapping.

Winners will be announced just prior to the start of Hair Fair with all winners receiving a special VIP invitation to Hair Fair before it opens its doors to the public. great would that be? In addition, winning photos will also be featured at the Hair Fair.  First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive prizes from all stores listed.  Can you imagine all that hair???  You'll be literally rolling in it.  Seven runners up will also be given early access to Hair Fair 2013, as well as having their photos on display at the event. While this is all wonderful, lets not lose sight of what really underpins this amazing event....donations for 'Wigs For Kids' which allows children the opportunity to feel better about themselves and less alienated from their peers due to various medical issues that see them lose their hair.

I just wanted to style a bright, uplifting outfit with little hair, similar to what you might see from say, a cancer patient who's hair is slowly growing back to show that you don't have to have flowing tresses to look beautiful.

I watched my late mother lose her hair during chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and due to the simple fact that she fought it all the way, I never saw her look more beautiful than during that time she had little or no hair. 

Visit the official Hair Fair 2013 web site for more information.  As an entire community, lets ALL get behind Hair Fair 2013 and make it the best event ever.

Hair: Shaved Head (Chess pattern) by DeeTaleZ
Skin: Betty in Pale Tone (Skin # 4) by Belleza
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eye in Dark Shadow by Mayfly
Dress: Ximena Dress by M and M
Leggings: Glow Leggings in Light Rose color by DeeTaleZ
Shoes: Waterlilly Collection (Roses Pack) by Eskimo Fashion
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair
Earrings: Pompeii Circus design by Bliensen and MaiTai
Rings: Pompeii Circus design by Bliensen and MaiTai
Location: Inspiration Point

You're So Cheeky.

Its not always in SL that tight shorts work well with the body but I found these mesh leather Ani Hotpants at Ducknipple and just loved the studs, ring and zipper.  I mean if your zip breaks in these, you're in trouble although Cha would be ok because she vajazzle's.

I didn't know quite where I was going with the look until I found this freebie group gift lace poncho at Boudoir.  It was originally a cream color but I changed the color to black.

Another freebie group gift were the Pony Girl Boots also from Boudoir.  See my horse shoe?  I felt the need for protection, so popped on the gun and holster from the 'Lost Ourselves' outfit by Envious.

The ripped socks are from DeeTaleZ.  Now remember I've already said they do great tights, stockings and socks.

The hair is a combination of a hair base called Malaysian Lace Cap from Eskimo Fashions and a hair from Diva called Miu.  I think they work well together, especially from the back.

I'm also wearing my favorite ever gloves from Celoe and the Snake Skin Clutch from Cherry.  The cross earrings are new in at Mandala called Ero Sensei.

So if you see me out and about in this outfit, please don't yank the chain on my shorts because god knows what you'll see.


Hair: Miu in Onyx by Diva
Hair Base: Malaysian Lace Front Cap by Eskimo Fashion
Skin: Zara in Europa tone #12 by Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring color by MayFly
Poncho: Poncho by Boudoir (group gift)
Shorts: Ani Hotpants by Ducknipple
Gun and holster: Taken from 'Lost Ourselves' outfit from Envious
Stockings: Black Nylon Socks (Damaged) by DeeTaleZ
Shoes: Pony Girl Boots by Boudoir (group gift)
Bag: Sage Snake Skin Clutch by Cherry
Earrings: Ero Sensei by Mandala
Gloves: Mery Gloves by Celoe