Monday, June 10, 2013

From A Distance Someone Is Watching All Of Us.

Well today just cemented for me that you're never too old to learn a life lesson.  I won't open Pandora's Box again, but on a certain blog that caters to and critiques modeling agencies, I went head to head with a certain person who I believed to be, well let's just say, wrong.  I was reminded, ever so respectfully by the moderator, to basically stop banging my head against the same old brick wall.  And you know what, they're absolutely right.  There are people who use SL for devious means and create havoc wherever they go.  Its their agenda and intent to do that and nothing I can say will change their mission to do damage.  Its funny how we sometimes get ourselves into situations that become unhealthy and fruitless but we march on regardless.  Today I learned to leave those type of people to stew in their own juices for in the end, they ain't worth the gas (or electricity if that's your mode of cooking).

Here I am pounding on my keyboard preparing another post highlighting what is GOOD about SL.  The fashion!

Click for a more detailed view.
This citrus toned dress is a killer.  It was an impulse buy from Pink Outfitters.  Actually if the truth be known, all my shopping is on impulse.   Designer, London Dailey, has done a superb job with this halter neck, backless dress with a black waist band.  it's stunning on and the colors are yummy enough to eat.  Lucky for me I stumbled across the most complimentary earrings called 'Lola Leaves' from Cherry.   I was finding it a tad difficult to find the right shoes to match so opted for a pair of 'Grace' heels in patent black leather from Gos and a giant carry all called 'Valentine Bow Tote' also from Cherry.  Really any excuse for another pair of Gos heels and I'm there.  They are sublime.

I just adore the back of this dress.  It's different from what I usually see around.  I admit that I swooned over a hair style shown on Bierno and Deeta's wonderful blog from Analog Dog so there was another excuse to go check out some new releases.  I thought this one called 'EQ' would be perfect as it would allow the dress to be the star.  I'm sorry for my bank balance because once there, I WENT FLIPPIN MAD.

I'm wearing my new Betty skin from Belleza (doh I brought the fat pack) and popped on the skin appliers for my Slink hands.  I have it on good authority that Belleza skin appliers for the feet are currently being worked on...YAY.  I am in love with this skin.  It has a sophisticated look to it and the eye shading, there's something so perfect about it.

I popped on these Je Suis Vintage Bangles (not sure if they're still available so if you want them, check with Julia Merosi from Je Suis.  The rings are called Pompeii in Circus color from Bliensen and MaiTai.  The earrings and rings from this set are so versatile because you get 5 different tones in the pack.

Peace and love precious ones.


Hair: EQ (hairbase and braid) in Shore tone by Analog Dog
Skin: Betty in Pale tone by Belleza
Hand appliers: From Belleza
Hands: Slink
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring by Mayfly
Nails: Glitter Set from Orc. Inc.
Dress: Elle Backless Dress in Lawn by Pink Outfitters
Bracelets: Vintage Bangles from Je Suis
Earrings: Lola Leaves earrings from Cherry
Bag: Valentine Bow Tote in Black from Cherry
Shoes: Grace Sandals in Patent Black from Gos
Rings: Pompeii in Circus color by Bliensen and MaiTai

I have to say it because I'll feel better.  But if anyone from LL was standing in front of Chalice right now she'd kick them square in the knackers.  It is taking FOREVER to bring up LM's and it happens all the time.  Be warned.....protect the knackers if you see me approaching. 


  1. Great look ! Sorry about the 1st part of the post but you are on the right track Something you do well.

  2. Thank you Colleen. I appreciate your comment so much.