Sunday, June 9, 2013

You're So Cheeky.

Its not always in SL that tight shorts work well with the body but I found these mesh leather Ani Hotpants at Ducknipple and just loved the studs, ring and zipper.  I mean if your zip breaks in these, you're in trouble although Cha would be ok because she vajazzle's.

I didn't know quite where I was going with the look until I found this freebie group gift lace poncho at Boudoir.  It was originally a cream color but I changed the color to black.

Another freebie group gift were the Pony Girl Boots also from Boudoir.  See my horse shoe?  I felt the need for protection, so popped on the gun and holster from the 'Lost Ourselves' outfit by Envious.

The ripped socks are from DeeTaleZ.  Now remember I've already said they do great tights, stockings and socks.

The hair is a combination of a hair base called Malaysian Lace Cap from Eskimo Fashions and a hair from Diva called Miu.  I think they work well together, especially from the back.

I'm also wearing my favorite ever gloves from Celoe and the Snake Skin Clutch from Cherry.  The cross earrings are new in at Mandala called Ero Sensei.

So if you see me out and about in this outfit, please don't yank the chain on my shorts because god knows what you'll see.


Hair: Miu in Onyx by Diva
Hair Base: Malaysian Lace Front Cap by Eskimo Fashion
Skin: Zara in Europa tone #12 by Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring color by MayFly
Poncho: Poncho by Boudoir (group gift)
Shorts: Ani Hotpants by Ducknipple
Gun and holster: Taken from 'Lost Ourselves' outfit from Envious
Stockings: Black Nylon Socks (Damaged) by DeeTaleZ
Shoes: Pony Girl Boots by Boudoir (group gift)
Bag: Sage Snake Skin Clutch by Cherry
Earrings: Ero Sensei by Mandala
Gloves: Mery Gloves by Celoe

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