Monday, June 24, 2013

Yay For Bandana Day On 28th July - Hair Fair 2013

Sing it from the rooftops darlings.  Bandana Day is on the 28th of July as part of the upcoming Hair Fair 2013 event.  On this special day, everyone in SL is encouraged to take off their hair and don a bandana decorated by various designers and creators from all over the grid.  These bandana's will be for sale only by the Hair Fair 2013 committee and all proceeds will go to the wonderful charity Wigs For Kids

As I've said a million times before, I have no creative talent but wanted to have a go at texturing one with my blog name affixed so came up with this (rather pitiful) attempt.  I put my face(s) on the bandana without hair as a representation that one's own face carries its own beauty and story and that we should not be defined by our hair.

Please, please get behind this important day and purchase one, or as many as you can afford, knowing that you will be contributing to such a special cause.  I know most of the bandana's will be stunning works of art knowing the talented people that will be decorating them.  Just imagine a child who has lost their hair receiving a wig that will bring back some normalcy and a new found confidence into their childhood that you helped provide.  That has to make you feel good?



  1. I also agree with Gidge <3

    I think you look simply ravishing! I am going to work on mine tomorrow.....thank you so much for the beautiful reminder and wonderful message to go along!

    .....oh and I adore your bandana <33

  2. Thank you Evion for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your lovely words.