Sunday, July 31, 2011

Invest in Boho Hobo.

Click the pics for more detail.

If you've ever read my blog before, you'll know that I am a huge fan of Trill Zapatero's label, BoHo HoBo. And you will also know that the proceeds from her shop goes to the Revolutionary Association Of The Women Of Afghanistan (RAWA) to fund education, healthcare and orphanages.

Well Trill sent me one of her new releases. A groove-a-licious suede fringey vest in passion purple. Its so fabulous and with an easy resizing script, it will fit all body shapes. The fringe swishes and sways with every step and makes me want to get down and dancey with Austin Powers.

Looks great just with Chal's flat chest and some bling. There was a wee nip slip but nothing too drastic.

I'm wearing Chantkare's khaki poofy shorts that I fell in love with and will be wearing lots. Couldn't go past the Chantkare hair flower either as it matched the vest so well.

I have a huge selection of shades and forgot I had these diva'ish looking specs called J-Logic from JE Republic. Note to self, wear more glasses.

Anyway lovelies. Just had to share this wonderful creation from BoHo HoBo and encourage you all to go look at Trill's store. Not only is she a huge creative talent, her heart is even bigger because she does this for a wonderful cause.

Me stuff:

Hair Attachment and Base: Milky Blond Hair Base and Updo #1 from LAQ.
Skin: Claudia 2 Glow Skin in Milky tone by LAQ.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by Fashism.
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Anime #23 Face Tattoo by Tattanooga.
Cleavage Tattoo: Milky Cleavage V4 by LAQ.
Vest: Purple Fringey Vest by BoHo HoBo.
Shorts: Khaki Poofy Shorts by Chantkare.
Shoes: Flower Wedge Sandals in Black by DeLa.
Hair Piece: Kusum Hair Accessory in Purple by Chantkare.
Necklaces: (Long) Mauve Inlay Pendant from Sigma Jewels. (Short) Trouble Charm Necklace by Aluinn.
Bangle: Nothing But Blue Skies by Jana Kurelek.
Rings: (Camera Right) - Golden Trinity Ring by Modern Gypsy. (Camera Left) - Excessive Love Ring by SyDS.
Earrings: No longer available. Created by Pearlie Pedro.
Glasses: J-Logic from JE Republic.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Face Mask: Geisha Mask from Chapeau tres Mignon - gift.
Leg Tattoo: Created by Gimmedaweed Robbiani.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Chalice Wears Jovan By Angel Dessous.

Click pictures for more detail.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who's the most angelic of them all?
Well Chalice is today wearing Angel Dessous' new Jovan gown.

Don't mean to boast or anything but it's the gown. The gown I tell you. It is without doubt, a heaven sent piece of couture. Sent to me from the design house of Jezzy McCallen's Angel Dessous Couture, the Jovan is an exquisite, perfectly formed gown with a the most amazing folds that make up the skirt. A stunning bow sits low at the waist with a matching drape of material that floats delicately to the floor. If that isn't enough, a fur and feather collar frames the face adding just the right amount of drama without being too tizzy.

Jovan is also available in a white skirt with black top and black skirt with a white top.

A special detail is the gossamer fine layer of tulle that is attached to the skirt bringing it to life even more. The gown is an artwork on it's own so I felt simple accessorizing was best.

Thank you to Angel Dessous for sharing this gorgeous gown with me. The black on black in particular is right down my avenue and this will be my special gown for special occasions. You have to wear it to believe how beautiful it is.

Style links:
Hair and base: Nu in Platinum by Miamai
Skin: Elena Glow Skin in Pale from LAQ
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint from Fashism
Gown: Jovan in Black from Angel Dessous
Bag: Studded Clutch from Lurani
Shoes: Aequus from Maitreya Gold
Earrings and Necklace: Limited Edition Black Diamond from 24 Shoo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty Casual In Oyakin.

One thing I always know I'm gonna get when I shop at Oyakin is quality. The textures are always top notch and the construction well executed. I spied these girly jeans complete with lace bows and trimming at the cuff and thought 'me gotta get some of those'. No sooner had I closed my purse when I noticed the 'Romantic' cami in the most stunning hues and the purse was opened once again. Its all kind of boho shabby chic.

"Officer, that is not a bong, its a vase...honestly".

Check out the bum bow. Guaranteed to cover up all manner of flaws.

I'm loving the Vanity Hair $60L weekend special #5 I picked up the other day called Jackie in Essence tone worn here. It's so big, getting out the door was a struggle.

Anyway gorgeous ones. I got some more outfits to blog so I better get to it. Have you noticed the amazing fashion blogs around at the moment? They're better than ever and I think all you people who peruse the fashion feeds are very lucky. You have no excuse to not look FABULOUS.

Oh and by the way. My Cha Cha Blogger Award of the week goes to Lila Quander's blog, Demented Divas. In my opinion, its one of the most stylish, slickest fashion blogs around and the effort that it must take to achieve such a high standard is huge. She just gets it SO right.

The business end:
Hair: Jackie in Essence from Vanity Hair
Skin: Lea in Pale tone by LionSkins
Lip and Eyeshadow Tattoo: From LionSkins
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Designs
Jeans: Vintage Cropped Jeans by Oyakin
Top: Romantic Cami by Oyakin
Shoes: Marquise Sandals in Silver by Coutisane
Necklace: V Day Necklace by Vero Modero
Bag: Dream Silver Clutch by Baiastice
Location: The Looking Glass - Horizon Dream

Monday, July 25, 2011

Glasnost - No It's Not A Space Station.

Click the pic to get a better view of the wonderful textures.

Ooops I did it again. I TP'd in to somewhere and found a designer and outfit I adore. I ended up at Meow and walked around looking at the cute little shops and I came across Glasnost, a store without even a sign. Tiny little shop with humble stock but what there is is quality. I mean look at this for crying out loud. It's freaking adorable. The designer is light claven and to be honest, I checked light's profile and there wasn't even a reference to Glasnost but I'm hoping this label is on the rise. In my opinion it deserves stupendous applause. Please light...make more...make more. No pressure or anything though.

The outfit consists of the skirt, belt, stockings, top and frill. Fits like a glove and comes in three other stunning color combo's. I hope light knows how brilliant these pieces are.

This is called the Posh Outfit and I chose 'Alive and Dried'. Too funny. I do love it when I find someone who rings Chal's bells.

Lemme share:

Hair: Knotted in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Skin: Elena Glow Skin in Pale by LAQ
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Designs
Nails: Nail Palette 1 by Mandala
Top/Skirt/Belt/Stockings: Post Outfit (Alive and Dried) from Glasnost
Bag: Birger Bag by LeLutka
Shoes: Mishima Dawn in Leather Green by Maitreya
Mouth decoration: Ooo Arr Chewing Straw by Chapeau tres Mignon
Necklace and Earrings: I <3 You My Friends from glow studio
Hair piece: Roses Headpiece by Solidea Folies
Bracelets: Toume Bracelets by Convoitise
Location: Luck - Cafe and Green Gables


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Put The Naughty In Nautical.

Who doesn't love a bit of sailor action??? I guarantee you won't be swabbing any decks in this get up. Head on over to the marina and catch some fun and sun wearing 'Sweet Sailor' leggings and 'Salty Wind' top from The Secret Store. The top is brilliant featuring prim red ribbons front and back that gently sway in the off-shore breeze.

I headed to je suis in search of some accessories and as usual, wasn't disappointed. I found this nautical inspired 'Preta' striped bag, 'Asymetrique' red earrings and Bax Coen bracelets that I purchased in Royal Blue and Suede Red. The bracelets have a terrific menu to be able to change size and color...easy peasy.

I just added my N-Core Cherie X-treme heels and some new hair called 'Kim' in Platinum from Purple Moon Creations.

Ok boys, line up...I'm here for clothing inspection.

Hair: 'Kim' in Platinum from Purple Moon Creations
Skin: 'Elena Glow Skin' in Pale from LAQ
Eyes: 'Icey' eyes from WAP
Top: 'Salty Wind' from The Secret Store
Pants: 'Sweet Sailor' leggings from The Secret Store
Earrings: 'Asymetrique' earrings in Reds by je suis
Bracelets: 'Bax Coen' bracelets in Royal Blue and Suede Red from je suis
Bag: 'Prete' Striped Blue and Red by je suis
Shoes: 'Cherie X-treme' Heels in Red by N-Core

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suck My Lime.

To me, limes evoke holidays, yummy cocktails and seafood. Three of my favorite things. When I saw this dress at Cashmere called 'Bora', I was taken with the lovely drape of the material and also, the dynamic citrus color option. While the official color is 'Sunshine', I take poetic license and refer to it as lime. Regardless of what it's called, me loves it crazily.

Its always fun to stumble upon a shop or label you never knew existed and that's what happened when I TP'd in to DrLife. Leena Ling is the creator of DrLife skins, hair and eyes. I had so much fun trying on demo hair and fell in love with the Platinum blond color. Very light but I adore it. What is cool about DrLife Healthy Hair is that for $350L, you get all the color options when you click on the hair...that's 11 colors. For those of you who love Asian beauty, you are going to love DrLife as Ms Ling has you well and truly covered. I took a look at DrLife prim eyes also. I just loved them and purchased Leena 12 in 1 eye types with easy to drive menu. I'm an eye freak and I do LOVE these. In these pics I'm wearing DrLife Monika hair in Platinum and Alicia blue eyes from the Leena collection.

Loving the thrill of the chase, I scoured the grid for some shoes to match and ended up at the wonderful Pixel Mode scooping up these fantastic Baby T's in Hot Yellow. Get a load of these cute ankle socks.

It's only recently that I discovered Lode Hats when I discovered one of my favorite designers, Rory Tremont from auTre Vintage Designs. Chirzaka Vlodovic is the designer of Lode Hats and her store is within auTre Vintage Designs. Possessing a hat collection of mammoth proportions, I couldn't help but to fill my hat box up a bit more with her fabulousness. Here I'm wearing the 'Frame Me' hat that is so richly colored I want to hug it.

I'm thrilled I've discovered some more SL living treasures and remind myself this is what is fun about being in-world. The chance to stumble upon new things...even if they're just new to me.

Hair: Monika in Platinum by DrLife
Eyes: Leena Collection Prim Eyes wearing Alicia by DrLife
Skin: Elena in Pale by LAQ
Tattoo Make Up Lash and Liner: XGen in Yellow by Miamai
Hat: 'Frame Me' by Lode Hats
Dress: 'Bora' dress in Sunshine by Cashmere
Shoes: Baby's T's in Hot Yellow by Pixel Mode
Bag: Claire Clutch in Dark Olive by LeLutka
Bracelet: 'Mysterious' by JeSuis
Nails: Naive Nails in Greens by JeSuis

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sight In Black 'n' White.

Hellooooo. I've missed You.

Well, well, well. By way of explanation, I've been editing my holiday video's into mini-movies and so far, I've got 5 hours in the can. I'm using Pinnacle Ultimate Studio Suite and I must say, it's doing a terrific job. Mind you, this was my super big OS holiday of 2009 so it's only taken me 1 year and 11 months to get to it. I've had so much fun reliving the unreal moments we experienced and in a way, feel quite regenerated even though I haven't left Australia. I did think though that I should put something on the blog because a) I've missed it and b) my tiny readership may leave me altogether.

I'm very excited at the moment as I've just ordered two Matta Dupatta and Tolani scarves on-line and am waiting for them to arrive. I'm a scarf fiend and love to add to my collection of Sir Alistair Rai, Missoni, Love Quotes and one very special Hermes.

Anyway I had it in my mind to style some black and white looks so here they are. Style credits down the bottom for those interested.

Together and individually, I love all these pieces and thank the amazing designers for their incredible work, particularly Maylee Oh's The Secret Store. You rock...NO, you boulder Ms Oh.

Look 1
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Eyeliner: From LionSkins
Hair: Jenifer in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Shirt: Maylee Oh's Cloudy Blouse by The Secret Store
Pants: July Black Pants from Glam Affair
Shoes: Fame Pumps in Black by LeLutka
Brooch: Eglantine Flower by The Secret Store
Bag: Vintage Clutch by [glow] studio
Earrings: BUTT-ERR Hoops by Diesel Magic
Necklace: Elle Orchid by Muse Fine Jewelery
Gloves: Fine Gloves in Black by The Secret Store

Look 2:
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Hair: Folie d'Ete in Essence tone by Vanity Hair
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Dress: Popsicle Dress by The Secret Store
Blazer: Eglantine by The Secret Store
Shoes: Fae Wedges by Pixel Mode
Rings: Broadway Cocktail Rings designed by Mag Tennan
Bag: Rete Shoulder Bag by Septem Essentia
Nails: Milky Way Nails in White by Mandala

Look 3:
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Hair: Coup de Coeur in Essence tone by Vanity Hair
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Dress: Popsicle Dress by The Secret Store
Earrings: Kabuki by Mandala
Hat: Black Party by Lode Hats
Gloves: Cheerno Diamond Gloves in Black by Kletva
Shoes: Saleina in Black by Kalnins