Sunday, July 31, 2011

Invest in Boho Hobo.

Click the pics for more detail.

If you've ever read my blog before, you'll know that I am a huge fan of Trill Zapatero's label, BoHo HoBo. And you will also know that the proceeds from her shop goes to the Revolutionary Association Of The Women Of Afghanistan (RAWA) to fund education, healthcare and orphanages.

Well Trill sent me one of her new releases. A groove-a-licious suede fringey vest in passion purple. Its so fabulous and with an easy resizing script, it will fit all body shapes. The fringe swishes and sways with every step and makes me want to get down and dancey with Austin Powers.

Looks great just with Chal's flat chest and some bling. There was a wee nip slip but nothing too drastic.

I'm wearing Chantkare's khaki poofy shorts that I fell in love with and will be wearing lots. Couldn't go past the Chantkare hair flower either as it matched the vest so well.

I have a huge selection of shades and forgot I had these diva'ish looking specs called J-Logic from JE Republic. Note to self, wear more glasses.

Anyway lovelies. Just had to share this wonderful creation from BoHo HoBo and encourage you all to go look at Trill's store. Not only is she a huge creative talent, her heart is even bigger because she does this for a wonderful cause.

Me stuff:

Hair Attachment and Base: Milky Blond Hair Base and Updo #1 from LAQ.
Skin: Claudia 2 Glow Skin in Milky tone by LAQ.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by Fashism.
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Anime #23 Face Tattoo by Tattanooga.
Cleavage Tattoo: Milky Cleavage V4 by LAQ.
Vest: Purple Fringey Vest by BoHo HoBo.
Shorts: Khaki Poofy Shorts by Chantkare.
Shoes: Flower Wedge Sandals in Black by DeLa.
Hair Piece: Kusum Hair Accessory in Purple by Chantkare.
Necklaces: (Long) Mauve Inlay Pendant from Sigma Jewels. (Short) Trouble Charm Necklace by Aluinn.
Bangle: Nothing But Blue Skies by Jana Kurelek.
Rings: (Camera Right) - Golden Trinity Ring by Modern Gypsy. (Camera Left) - Excessive Love Ring by SyDS.
Earrings: No longer available. Created by Pearlie Pedro.
Glasses: J-Logic from JE Republic.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Face Mask: Geisha Mask from Chapeau tres Mignon - gift.
Leg Tattoo: Created by Gimmedaweed Robbiani.


  1. Hey Cha Cha, LOVE the fringe detail and the Diva shades!
    Thank you for the lovely comment, and I to, have added your gorgeous blog to my links. My blog header comes from the very talented artist Jennifer Janesko. I have included her link, so that you may browse through her delicious art work. Take care beautiful

  2. Thank you darling. I'll have to go visit that link. She is so talented because the eye pic on your blog is stunning. Take care too xxxxx