Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: I'd Kill To Wear Stitch By Stitch

Walk through Stitch By Stitch and really take note of the whole package...the theme.  It's an amazingly brilliant concept and full of a Second Life of work.  Sevenstar Amat is an artist in of course!   Look into the materials and textures and that is blatantly obvious.  I bet my boobs that this creator hasn't yet received the kudos she deserves possibly because she is a humble person who let's her art speak for itself.  It is my job dear fashion lovers, along with my other blogging colleagues, to showcase items we love and in turn, raise the profile of the designers/creators.

This lady is one person I think deserves mind boggling recognition as she continues to provide us with arty, edgy and impeccably crafted fashion items.  This is my week to showcase the work of Sevenstar.  Today I'm wearing Cora - Dark Hour and Seven's Forest Love hat.  A dark frou frou creation of lace and roses, there is always an interesting twist of an accessory hiding somewhere on her pieces.

Please note:  no animal was hurt in the making of this pictorial set...only the chic with the Dark Hour dress met an untimely end as the blood splatter on the camera will atest.

The Players:
Skin: Leona Natural Make Up #3 from Glam Affair
Hair: Veruca 2 in Swedith by Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #7 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Photoshoot 11 lashes by LeLutka
Dress: Core - Dark Hour by Stitch by Stitch
Hat: Forest Love from Stitch by Stitch
Necklace:  Chain Of Love from Stitch by Stitch
Stocklings: Stockings and garter by barbee
Shoes:  Digna from Kalnins

Chalice In Wonderland: I Got The Whole World In My Pants.

I purchased some seriously stunning pants from Glam Affair the other day.  I really do love the classic lines reminiscent of film stars of the 40's and I particularly think of Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn strutting elegantly like they owned the world.  I also love the treatment at the waist and sassy bow which give the pants more symmetry.

Imagine the myriad of ways you can dress these pants to create your signature look. 

The Outfit:

Skin:  Ife light in Make Up #7 by Le Lutka 
Hair: Green 11 in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Lashes:  Photoshoot Lashes 11 by LeLutka
Pants: July Black by Glam Affair 
Top: Firenze Top in Beige by Pacadi Jasha 
Neck piece: Eden Choker in Black by PERTURB/ation 
Earrings: Black by Untone (no longer available)
Shoes: Esprit-Xtd Noir by Maitraya Gold

Coming up is my week long homage to Sevenstar Aamat the creative genius behind the Stitch by Stitch label.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Metropolis Fashion Park Grand Opening Celebration

 A wonderful new mall will open Feb. 1. with a grand opening celebration to include demonstrations, live music, a fashion show, and a hunt. The shops are almost filled to include MEB, Ala Folie, Lady Thera, Violator, G Sloane Couture,  Anubis, Prism, AlpeStyle, Ezura, Divine Couture, DD Style, Innuendo, MIDI'S, kakaue, Aurora Borealis, Vincenca Rosca, ginevra Lancaster, and Style Box.

Divina Brandi of Divine Couture will premiere an exclusive wedding dress and owner Alesandra Joubert, will be giving away some special gifts.  

Asian Love shown below will be a free gift from the mall hunt.
Photo taken by Alesandra Joubert and provided by Anette Bernard.

Here...your limo to Metropolis Fashion Park awaits.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: A Mad Cow Wearing a Mad Moo - From Sascha's Of Course

I am going to give you the drum on the best, BEST bargain in SL right now. You don't have to thank me because I do it for love although a foot rub, a fanning and a few grapes would be nice.  I strongly recommend that you get your cute butts down to Sascha's Designs for the amazing Mad Moo dress selling for a meager....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....$175L.

How can you not need a big black dress that is so simply elegant with it's display of silver beading reminiscent of a midnight sky full of stars.  The full lace skirt is gossamer light that it sashays as you walk and twirls as you turn.  Do not miss this one ladies (or gents) because you won't find something of this quality for such a low price.

Ms Sascha Frangilli has done it again guys.

Your Road Map:
Skin: Estelle Light in Make Up #8 by LeLutka
Hair: Light Hair Base from Estelle Skin and Blond Updo from LeLutka
Lashes: Dot Lashes by Minnu Palen (LeLutka)
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #2 by Nany Merlin
Dress:  Mad Moo black gown and gloves by Sascha's Designs
Headpiece: Diamonde Winter Hairpiece by Valena Glushenko

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Look At My Kinky Boots

Look what I got! Look what I got!  KINKY BOOTS.

Well let me tell you how I got them.  This morning (my time), I received an IM from new designer, katiecue Wood from KTQ Designs.  Katie told me that she designed this new pair of boots she named Kinky Boots (great name eh?) and wondered if I would be interested in blogging them.  I'm always interested in helping designers & creators gain exposure on my humble blog so jumped at the chance.

Like many designers in SL who started out, I TP'd to Katie's shop and noticed she has a small selection of  male and female fashions, furniture and of course, these boots.  I just love people in there having a go and I wish Katie the best of luck with her venture.  Now these boots are really good.  With a sizing script, I threw them on and went up a couple of sizes.  Voila...perfect fit.  The best part is they are on special at the moment for $99L, down from $250L.  These are an absolute steal at that price.  As usual, here's some pics of Chalice in her Kinky Boots.  Bravo KTQ Designs.

The Stuff:

Skin:  Estelle Light Make Up #7 by LeLutka
Hair: Light Hair Base & Bun from Eclat skin by LeLutka
Lashes: Catwalk Lashes by Minnu Palen
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #2 by Nany Merlin
Nails: Color 1a by The Nail Station
Top: Mara Green Jacket without prim coat attachment by Glam Affair
Pants: July Black by Glam Affair
Boots: Kinky Boots in Black by KTQ Designs
Earrings: Antonia in Deep Forest by DeLa
Necklace: Black Bead Necklace by Yummy (giftie)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: GLAM AFFAIR - Fresh And Fabulous

I admit I don't need much of an excuse to go check out new things in SL and this evening was no exception.  Having been sent the new Leona skins from Ms Aida Ewing of Glam Affair, I hopped on the hover-bike and headed over for a first hand look.  To say I was impressed is an understatement of mammoth proportions.  It is beautiful.  Soft sandstone, lots of glass, nooks for resting and admiring your purchases, Glam Affair is a class act.  It's sprawling but easy to navigate due to the court yard style build.  

Inside it just get's better.  Lots of room to wander and it has a flow through feel walking into each section.  Clothes, lingerie, skins and so much more unfold as you walk the rooms.  Aida I take my hat off to you for creating a superb place to shop, meet friends and hang out.  It has an indoor/outdoor bar/cafe area that is so realistic I think I've seen it in RL.

Here are just a few snappies of Glam Affair with me in of course.  I'm like a kid with a karaoke mike when it comes to taking pics in SL...I never give it up.  Get there as soon as you can.  I'm sure you'll love it too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Presenting Leona Skin from Glam Affair

Why am I so slow at PS?  I would have had these out much sooner if I would quit fumbling around in there.  Regardless, I was sent the new release skins from Glam Affair (formally known as Beauty Avatar).  Love the name Glam's frou frou me.

I really do love the skins from Ms Aida Ewing, the creator.  Lots of wonderful make ups, both vibrant and soft.  Take a look and see for yourself.  I love the shading and I'm particularly partial to the Natural tone.  Excellent, excellent job and I can see this is going to be a favorite of mine and I'm sure many others.

Don't I look gorgeous???  No don't answer that.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shown in Natural.

Pale, Natural and Tan "The Leona"


Head on down to Glam Affair where a giftie awaits you.  Woo Hoo another awesome skin to wear.

Chalice In Wonderland: Buy A Lifestyle At The Loft

This is the least I can do for someone I have respected as a designer since I began furnishing my houses quite some time ago.  Colleen Desmoulins, the creative force behind The Loft has provided SL residents with a stylish lifestyle akin to some of the upmarket furniture design stores in RL.

New at The Loft are two pieces that Colleen says will provide residents with the ability to mix 'n' match their furniture creating their own distinctive look.  I have been a Loft devotee for ages and what always strikes me, is the attention to detail and clever selection of textures that work together to create life-like furniture pieces that I would have in my own RL home.


The Mayer Chaise

"Is new and improved with lot's of colors to chose from.  It comes with couples and singles animations and texture changeable blankets and pillows". - Colleen Desmoulins

The Krissy Shelves:

"These adorable shelves would make a great addition to anyroom .  It comes decorated with everything shown.  The Picture frame is not attached which makes adding your own picture a cinch".  - Colleen Desmoulins

These pictures are taken in my house so I can testify that both are awesome.  The Mayer Chaise is in my bathroom and is a perfect platform to kick back and rest after a long day.  The Krissy Shelves I just purchased and the texture change curtain at the bottom is such a great idea.  BTW - that's me in the frame.  Just throw a photo in the content tab of the frame and voila.  You've personalized your home.

Thank you Colleen.  SL decorators owe you a snug hug.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: My New Coat And Nuts To You

I just brought a coat by a designer called Nuts Andel from the store enchanty.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the coat but knowing someone made it who goes by the name Nuts makes me love it even more.  I wish I'd chosen Nuts as my SL name...Nuts Carling.  hmmmm I like.  Anyway I've been in SL so long now I've forgotten why I chose Chalice as a name only to say I like the way it sounds.  I knda like being a cup that holds wine which just happens to be one of my favorite drinks.  Anyway I digress.

enchanty (no capitals please) is a little boutique on Japan Fancy Island and also in the Creator's Pavilion that doesn't stock much but what is in there I've found to be of excellent quality.  My ivory colored coat is so well made and doesn't poke out here and there as you move.  When designers get this right, I have confidence to purchase more from then which I did.  A gorgeously sweet soft  lemon skirt and an amazing pair of thigh tights with textured prim lower leg folds.  Scrummy in white but equally adorable in black, pink, brown and gray.  I was trying to create a soft, cuddly, organic look for those days when you want winter dressing to be stylish but not trussed up like an Eskimo.. I have about 5 inches of exposed skin...I think I can manage that in the name of fashion.  I found my Kalnin's Snowdrift shoes and changed the color via the hud.  Me loves these babies :-)  Yay to Kalnin's.

Anyhoo this is my tribute to Nuts from enchanty just to say...I like your stuff.  You simply nailed this coat.

Oh I also had fun at Shag buying some new hair. This is my first visit to Shag and I found it Shag-a-licious for this picky hair buyer.  The Cherry Pie hair I'm wearing is as elegant and stylish as any hair I've found in SL.  Bravo Mr Shag (aka Sebastien Aries).  Nice of him to provide a little bar upstairs for the weary and spent....this is where I took my snaps.

Chalice is training for the Navy Seals between fashion shoots.

Where did you get it???

Skin: Estelle Light Make Up #10 by LeLetka
Hair: Cherry Pie in Blond by Shag
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #4 by Nany Merlin
Coat: Otome Coat in Ivory by enchanty
Skirt: Ohana Skirt in Yellow by enchanty
Tights: Kutushita Tights in White by enchanty
Boots: Snowdrift by Kalnins
Earrings: Charm Earrings from Bonita's Jewelery

Chalice In Wonderland: Schools Out 4 Evah

Came across this blazer tonight out shopping and it screamed naughty school girl.  Possibly because I went to a fancy dress party like this once in my old school blazer, shirt and tie...oh the memories.  Being loyal to my old school I did rip off the school emblem from the pocket so as not to bring the school into any more disrepute than I did when I was a student there. 

Like a shark in a feeding frenzy, I scooped up everything in my path down at the Creator's Pavilion..  It's a brilliant place to be.

I enjoyed this photo shoot at an abandoned school in SL.  Perhaps it was St Trinians?


And she wore:

Skin:  Belle Medium Meow Mocha from Belleza
Hair: Haley in Black by Bishwear
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #4 by Nany Merlin
Nails: Color 1a from The Nail Station
Jacket: Striped Jacket, Shirt and Tie from Unknown Boutique
Pants/Suspenders: Damaged stockings and garter belt from barbee
Shoes: Saffron Pumps in Black by LeLutka

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: I Can't Live Without My.........


It is just amazing what can be produced with 1225 prims.  I brought my 4096sqm piece of  land from Rich Grainger from Virtual World and couldn't be happier with the service.  Barely an uninvited visitor, no grief, no pain in the neck me it's total heaven.  Creating my environment was the most fun I've ever had in SL for a non-builder/designer/artist and I wore out the TP service during the week or two it took me to buy, set up and furnish the house.

I chose a Scarlett Creative home called "Let Me Hang Art 2009" and I adore it.  Having lived briefly in a Dolphin Designs house, I really wanted one of those but it was too prim heavy for my land.  Whilst I loved my Dolphin House to bits, this Scarlett house is more my style and is very, very livable.  By that I mean it's roomy and you can move around so easily not getting stuck with camera limitations. 

My land allows me 1225 prims and I'm so proud of the fact that I was able to incorporate the house, landscaping, sea features and furniture in what I initially thought was a meager amount.  I have two floors of house full of lovely things I thoroughly enjoyed buying and a set up I'm very comfortable with.  When I think I started off renting a room with 50 prims on a womens only island then moved up in the world to 100 prims renting a beach house, there is a vast difference between renting an apartment and having all the permissions inherent in  having your own land.  It just creates another dimension to SL that I had never enjoyed before.

Here is the ground floor only of my little piece of SL that is full of wonderful things I have gathered from many, many SL designers.  Welcome to Chal's Place.


I'll show you upstairs next time.  Need to tidy up the bedroom first.