Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland - I'm A Sloane Ranger

You just have to check out this shop of designer Geryn Sloane. .G Sloane Couture situated in Cederwood is chock full of fabulous designer pieces from casual to elegant gowns.  I was sent this amazing dress called Fragile but there's nothing fragile about the dress nor the cost.  Very reasonable price tags on all the clothing and I'm so impressed with the wide selection they offer and the interesting texturing of the outfits.  Hope you can see how delicate this dress looks and as luck would have it yet again, it's in soft, soft blue.

With collar ruff.

Without collar ruff but with sash ruffles and bow.

This shop is definitely on my list of fav's so take a trip over and check it out.  You just can't have enough LM's to good, honest clothes shops at excellent prices. 

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