Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Good Golly Miss Molly It's Exile Hair

I hear ya, I hear ya.  The topic of us blogging multiple items at once has been raised and I do agree that it can get a bit much when new things come out and everyone rushes to profile it.  But on the other hand I do like to see the different interpretations of the same thing.  It's something that can't really be monitored and I'm about to break it anyway BECAUSE I really love this new style from Exile and I saw it blogged earlier.  I guess I just wanted to add my 2L's worth in saying  the Molly style is just so lovely.  It's feminine, girly and the curls and wispy bits are just perfect. 

I admit I haven't been an Exile hair devotee, why I don't know, but that's now changed.  This hair is seriously well constructed and apart from lifting it a tad, needed no tweaking.  Created by Kavar Cleanslate, I wanted to say I've been looking for Molly all my SL.  Exile is found at Covet, a really lovely sim that has some great photography spots around it.   My head pics were taken on the boat out the front of the shop.

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