Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheering For CheerNo.

I'm so pleased Aleta Scatter lives in SL. If she didn't, I'd never have this fabulous Sabrina Dress that she made. Aleta is the designer behind CheerNo Femme and Homme. It's an impressive enterprise containing some seriously edgy fashion pieces that include clothing, hair, skin, accessories, jewelery to name a few. Everything you see in these pictures bar skin, hair base and shoes comes with your purchase of the Sabrina Dress.

The skull hat kind of reminds me of a bottle top and the geometric design of the dress showcasing black and an unusual tone of pink gives it the uniqueness I like in my formal dresses. I especially like the hip adornments that I could, if I were lazy, hang my shopping bags on if I were inclined to indulge in a spending spree whilst wearing this dress.

If you haven't yet, go check out CheerNo. You may even use my dress to give your arms a rest.



Thank you to:
Glam Affair for the skin.
Vanity Hair for the hair base.
Wap Designs for the eyes.
CheerNo for the dress.
Courtisane for the shoes.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Chalice Found Squatting In New Dutchie Bed.

Before I even start with this post, here is the LM to Dutchie Furniture where you can buy Froukje Hoorenbeek's new release Adult Bed.

OK where to start? Froukje Hoorenbeek is just amazing. She has literally mastered SL building and creating, showing us that RL designs can certainly translate into our second lives to provide us with comfort, beauty and practicality. Froukje has improved on this bed so remarkably that I simply don't think SL would be worth living without it.

It is your one 'drop' shop for anything you would need to do in bed and then some. Whether you're solo like me, have lots of mates around for pajama parties or are a sex fueled couple, this bed will serve it up to you and then make itself after-wards. Oh Froukje, how did you do it?

For example, click on the bed to invoke the menu. In that menu you can opt for SOLO, FRIENDS, CUDDLES, KISSES, FOEEPLAY, SEX, MORE SEX, A BIT MORE and AFTERWARDS. Each option has a choice of 9 poses some complete with accessories. That is 81 different ways to enjoy the bed guys...freaking 81.

Chalice readily admits she is a SL virgin with an electric toothbrush so she only drove it in SOLO but you wait until you test drive it. You'll be busy for days. Available in Green, Black and Salmon, this bed is the Rolls Royce. NO, a custom make Rolls Royce no less and will give you hours of fun.

Come visit Chalice in bed... even has tissues and chocolates for when you dump his sorry ass to the kerb.  Froukje you're a genius.

Lurani Fashtacular.

It's been hands to the sewing machine in the Lurani cutting room with new releases.  Here are two of them. Awesome sauce Lurani.


Bondage Lace.
Bondage Lace.

In Angel:
Hair Base: Vanity Hair.
Hair Attachment #1 (front): Sonique 4 by je suis.
Hair Attachment #2 (back): From Dahlia skin made by Dekade (now known as Cheerno)
Skin: Uni (red lip) by MonS.
Face Tattoo: Creepy Crow Face Paint by nestle my bosom.
Dress: Angel by Lurani.
Eyes: Greenlight by WAP Design.
Nails: By je suis.
Bracelets and earrings: UnTone - no longer available (Designer Chocolat Yifu).

In Bondage Lace:
Hair Base: Vanity Hair.
Hair Attachment #1 (front): Sonique 4 by je suis.
Hair Attachment #2 (back): From Dahlia skin made by Dekade (now known as Cheerno)
Hair Piece: Back Stabbers by LaGyo.
Skin: Leopard Eyes by Nuuna's Skins (free gift).
Nails: By je suis.
Eyes: Static Dark Blue Emotional Eyes by CStar.
Dress: Bondage Lace by Lurani.
Leggings: Lace Cut Out Leggings by Lurani.
Shoes: Diabla by Linx.
Bag: Pink Frivolity Bag by Paper Couture.

A big thank you to Gisele and co for sending me the copies. I had so much fun styling these two.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

There's Something About Agnes.

If you haven't left Orientation Island yet, I forgive you for not knowing Agnes Finney's clothing label, My Precious. Anyone who has a modicum of interest in SL fashion will know the amazing brand that Agnes has created. Apart from the uber huge success of My Precious Queen competition run annually, Agnes' designs have graced the biggest and the best. Imagine my delight when Ms Finney inquired if I, lil' ole me, would be interested in blogging her Rosaline gown in all three colors. The ink wasn't dry when I returned the note card and sure enough, three Rosaline dresses were delivered toute de suite.

Gorgeous, amazing, stunning...I could go on all day but lets allow the dress to do the talking shall we?

Hair: Opening Gift by YunA
Clutch: Camelia Pochette by Baiastice
Necklace, Earrings & Brooch in hair:  Flourish Gold by Eclectica (new release)
Background design: Chalice Carling

Hair Base and Hair: Tiffany's in Essence by Vanity Hair
Skin: Sofia by Glam Affair
Make Up Layer: Glam Affair
Flowers: Evocative Weddings - Lapointe and Bastchild
Necklace and Earrings: Couture Pearl Necklace and Earrings from House of Fox (tinted white)
Background design: Chalice Carling

Noir et blanc.
Hair Base and Hair: Lulah by Vanity Hair
Skin: Leona by Glam Affair
Face Tattoo: By Glam Affair
Monocle: Pearl Monocle from MH
Earrings: Mega from glow studio
Background Design: Chalice Carling

If you enter SL for a bit of fashion fantasy then her gowns, hair and hats will thrill you to the bone. Just don't blame me if you end up in a couture conundrum wondering which one to buy. Seriously beautiful.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Orient Express-ion in Mu-dan by Lurani.

Don't hide in the shadows. Come out into the light wearing a new release dress from Lurani called Mu-dan. Created in three amazing colors, black, red and white, Mu-dan is everything mysterious and inspiring that you expect from a design that encapsulates the wonders of Asia.

The dress interplays with the light and is reminiscent of raw heavy silk with fine piping along the bodice and straps. The dramatic Asian bustle adornment is simply stunning and gives the dress a life force of it's own.

I wanted to show the white and red dress too but I'm under the pump with things to blog so you will all have to visit Lurani to decide which color is for you. The dress comes with a shirt, undershirt, pants, skirt, skirt prims, sculpted collar and the belt with 3 versions.

It's lovely to add an injection of mystique into your formal wear and this dress certainly does that.

Chalice thanks:
Lurani for the dress.
LoQ for the hair attachment and base.
Mayden Couture for the skin (Michelle).
SLink for the shoes.
je suis for the nails.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pretty Knitty.

When I spotted the knit stockings and big pants with pom poms at Sur+, I just had to have it. At the time I had no clue what to do with it but I knew I'd have fun letting my imagination loose on this one. While the outfit doesn't come with a top and my boobs were free-wheeling, for modesty's sake, I chose this gorgeous little shirt by Chantkare from the recent group gift called Teni.  The knitted bloomer's sit just under the breasts so knew it would be a bit difficult to find something that worked but got lucky with this one.

Wool being such an organic material prompted me to follow this theme and I added feathers in the form of gloves from Eclectica, Folk Forest earrings from glow studio and the Harvest Crown full of natures bounty from LaGyo.

Unorthodox this may be, I love the natural elements used in the various pieces and free from the constraints of pants as we are these days thanks to the Lady of GaGa and others, we can all wear our inside on the outside. I'm loving these Edgy Pumps in Vanilla by House of Fox.

I knew I'd find the bag of my dreams at LeLutka to accompany my variation of a winter outfit and the Birger bag is just what I wanted. Deciding natural makeup would be a sympathetic option, I immediately went to LionSkin's Lea range worn with one of Lion's amazing lash sets.

Chalice thanks:
LionSkins for the skin and lashes.
LeLutka for the Charlize hair.
Chantkare for the Teni top.
Sur+ for the 'What A Knitty' pants and stockings.
Eclectica for the feathered gloves.
LeLutka for the Birger bag.
LaGyo for the Harvest Crown.
House of Fox for the Edgy Pumps.
Glow Studio for the earrings.
Idea Motus for the poses.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sea Hole Doll.

SLife just feels better knowing I have The Sea Hole to spend my L's in. I've admired Drinkinstein Sorbet's designs for ages and this little number called 'My Heart Dress' is an inspired fusion of red and teal, something you don't often see.

Feeling the need for Chalice intervention, I hunted some accessories in my inventory that were modify to allow for some injection of complimentary color. I started with Morrigan Hyun's Elegance Hat called 'Betty' and changed the color of the netting to teal. I found these gorgeous Jade earrings by junk and again, edited them to apply an alternative color to match my outfit. I tinted the purse from Shopaholic's Anonymous until I was happy with the match.

I encourage all of you fashion plates to modify anything and everything to ensure your accessories are unique and add that extra va va voom to your outfit. It fun and certainly transforms your 'off the rack' wardrobe in something off the charts.

They say it's the little things that count and that is never more valid than in developing your own fashion style. I know for me, I have so much in my inventory that it's easy to just wear it once and lose it in the folders. I love nothing better than rifling through my wardrobe to find things I can adapt and change to give the item a new lease on life.

Skin from LAQ - Claudia 2 Milky Glow.
Hair from LAQ - HB Style #9.
Hair base from LAQ in red.
Dress from The Sea Hole - My Heart Dress.
Shoes from N-Core - Cherie Xtreme Heals.
Hat from Elegance Hats - Betty in Red.
Bag from Shopaholics Anonymous.
Earrings from Junk.
Ring from Finesmith - Rome.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome To The Fold.

This casual outfit shows off some clever texturing that gives the illusion of delicate folds, both in the pants from L'Abel and top from The Sea Hole.

I'm always attracted to items that have some unusual elements like draping, folds or the appearance of layers and these pieces certainly fit the bill. I'm wearing the new release Edgy Pumps in Black from the House of Fox.

Just look at that simple yet stunning Arrest Me blouse in Honey Weave from The Sea Hole. In my opinion, very classy. As you probably all know by now, LeLutka has just released some new styles and this is Pam in the tone Sweden. While I'm not too fond of the name, the hair is gorgeous and frames the face beautifully. If I can match the hair to one of my many hair bases, I do like to wear off the face hair with said base as I find it softens the sometimes stark lines on the forehead.

I'm sitting on one of my favorite chairs fit for a diva from Shyayn Lusch of Shag fame. This limited edition chair available a while ago for Valentines Day from the Disco Drama room set always makes me smile.

Skin: LAQ
Hair: LeLutka
Hair Base: Miamai
Top: The Sea Hole
Pants: Bibbi from L'Abel
Jewellery: Ecclectica
Shoes: House of Fox Edgy Pumps

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coat To Float Your Boat.

Look at me in my Maki coat from Lurani.

A designer sends you an outfit or item and every time it's like Christmas, opening your present to see what's inside. Do I love it? Do I hate it? Regardless, I am always grateful that someone took the time to think of me and my blog. This time dearies I opened the virtual box to something I just loved. My Maki coat from Lurani is so, so me and its stark lines give it the edge. Maki contains the coat, coat prims, under shirt and black leggings. The cute little mandarin buckle collar is a lovely touch and after a few little alterations to the coat prims, was ready for action.

Immediately I remembered buying some boots from sYs that I thought would be perfect. I couldn't go past my YaYa bag from Simay Creations and short, cornrow hair style from je suis.

I just love it when something comes together as easily as styling this. Me loves me in this.

And the SLoscar goes to:

Hair: Sonique 4 by je suis.
Hair base: LAQ in black.
Skin: Claudia 2 Milky Glow Skin (Make up 4) by LAQ.
Glasses: Susie Cateye Shades in White by Elate.
Jacket and leggings: Maki by Lurani.
Shoes: Syberia by sYs.
Bag: YaYa by Simay Creations.
Earrings: Black Shadow by glow studio.
Photo Studio including backgrounds from Second Snaps. I recommend it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hang Your Head In Fame.

I went on a shopping spree the other day and among a lot of other purchases, I found this amazing Gallows hair from Coif. With one eye on the hair, I found some clothing pieces thinking it would make a great look. I rushed home to style and this is what I came up with.

The jacket and boots are simply fabulous from LpD. Brilliant textures and interesting detail. The pants I discovered at NoaR called Leaf. Both designers have created something unique and reek quality.

Check out these amazing prim nails from je suis.  These nails shown in the greens selection are just great and now I'm a convert to prim nails. The jewellery at je suis is unreal too.

Chalice would like to thank:

YSYS for the skin.
Coif for the hair.
[ glow ] for the lashes.
LpD for the jacket and boots.
NoaR for the leggings.
je suis for the nails.
Yorims for the bag.
Untone for the earrings - shop not operating.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemongrass Class.

I need an inventory clean out like never before and while contemplating this task, I fished around halfheartedly subconsciously looking for an excuse not to do it. I stumbled upon this dress from Stitch by Stitch in the color of lemongrass that I purchased a while ago and forgot about. I adore the color and as usual, the quality and fit were spot on.

Please bear with me while I fluff around finding outfits I had planned to blog but with Christmas/New Year sapping my inspiration, I need to remove my finger and just do it.

Skin and cleavage tattoo layer: Claudia 2 Milky Glow Skin (#1) from LAQ.
Hair: Shirelle in Twilight by Exile.
Eyes: Greenlight by WAP Design.
Dress: Cora Rose in Lemongrass from Stitch by Stitch.
Shoes: Black Ballet Pumps from Beatnik.
Gloves: Diamond Gloves by Cheerno.
Collar: Taken from Bodystructure by BiancaF.
Bracelet: Mysterious by je suis.

Sorry guys...SL stuffed up and wouldn't show up LM's on map otherwise I would have included LM's.