Saturday, January 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Chalice Found Squatting In New Dutchie Bed.

Before I even start with this post, here is the LM to Dutchie Furniture where you can buy Froukje Hoorenbeek's new release Adult Bed.

OK where to start? Froukje Hoorenbeek is just amazing. She has literally mastered SL building and creating, showing us that RL designs can certainly translate into our second lives to provide us with comfort, beauty and practicality. Froukje has improved on this bed so remarkably that I simply don't think SL would be worth living without it.

It is your one 'drop' shop for anything you would need to do in bed and then some. Whether you're solo like me, have lots of mates around for pajama parties or are a sex fueled couple, this bed will serve it up to you and then make itself after-wards. Oh Froukje, how did you do it?

For example, click on the bed to invoke the menu. In that menu you can opt for SOLO, FRIENDS, CUDDLES, KISSES, FOEEPLAY, SEX, MORE SEX, A BIT MORE and AFTERWARDS. Each option has a choice of 9 poses some complete with accessories. That is 81 different ways to enjoy the bed guys...freaking 81.

Chalice readily admits she is a SL virgin with an electric toothbrush so she only drove it in SOLO but you wait until you test drive it. You'll be busy for days. Available in Green, Black and Salmon, this bed is the Rolls Royce. NO, a custom make Rolls Royce no less and will give you hours of fun.

Come visit Chalice in bed... even has tissues and chocolates for when you dump his sorry ass to the kerb.  Froukje you're a genius.

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