Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheering For CheerNo.

I'm so pleased Aleta Scatter lives in SL. If she didn't, I'd never have this fabulous Sabrina Dress that she made. Aleta is the designer behind CheerNo Femme and Homme. It's an impressive enterprise containing some seriously edgy fashion pieces that include clothing, hair, skin, accessories, jewelery to name a few. Everything you see in these pictures bar skin, hair base and shoes comes with your purchase of the Sabrina Dress.

The skull hat kind of reminds me of a bottle top and the geometric design of the dress showcasing black and an unusual tone of pink gives it the uniqueness I like in my formal dresses. I especially like the hip adornments that I could, if I were lazy, hang my shopping bags on if I were inclined to indulge in a spending spree whilst wearing this dress.

If you haven't yet, go check out CheerNo. You may even use my dress to give your arms a rest.



Thank you to:
Glam Affair for the skin.
Vanity Hair for the hair base.
Wap Designs for the eyes.
CheerNo for the dress.
Courtisane for the shoes.


  1. Very cool! Must go check it out, I need more edgy items in my inventory.

  2. Thanks Samara for your comment. Yeah go check out CheerNo. Call me if you need a bag stand :-)

  3. Chalice, thx so much for adding me to your blog roll and being my second follower. I appreciate it! BTW, your blog was the first sl fashion blog I found and started following cuz I really enjoy your style. Then I went through your blog roll and decided I wanted to start blogging too. So, ty for inspiring me. :) Oh, I also went to CheerNo and bought something and will be posting it soon.

  4. Oh Samara...I just wish I'd added you much sooner. I'm so glad you started up a blog which I've really enjoyed reading. Keep up the great work darling and I'll be popping in again real soon. xx