Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Head Honcho In My Poncho.

Inspiration, motivation, perspiration. These are the three factors I need to create a blog post and sometimes one or all three desert me. I push on regardless because I do enjoy pressing the 'publish post' tab and sharing my interpretation of different fashion styles. I wish I could offer something more profound on my blog such as opinions on all aspects of SL but I defer to the old saying of 'opinions are like asshole's...everybody has one'. I may not have one of the popular blogs around although I do strive for quality (as much as my talent will allow) and to give our wonderful designers some more coverage.

You can probably tell by the number of SL blogging links I attach to my blog that I love what my colleagues do and support them as much as time will allow. I would like to encourage you all to make an effort to let your favorite blogger know that their efforts in the SL blogging community are appreciated. Just imagine all the leg work you'd have to do if not for the sharing that occurs in the fashion feeds.

That said, let me introduce this look that I created, centered around the fabulous poncho I picked up at LpD. It's fab darlings and the colors are stunningly rich. I love starting to build around one piece and then introducing more and more until I think I'm done. It takes a lot of searching and my clothes go on and off like a pair of strippers knickers but the more thorough the search, the more I can ferret out long forgotten treasures.

Style card:
Skin incl. hair base: Sukai from LionSkins.
Hair: Kalhua for Sukai from Vanity Hair.
Eyes: Dazzling Green by LAQ.
Poncho: By LpD.
Pants: Seance by Not Without You.
Bodysuit: By Kletva (sold at The Dressing Room Blue).
Shoes: Diabla by Lynx.
Belt: Quimbaya by LeLutka.
Bag: Croco in Black by Septem Essentials.
Braclets: Lowicz Thick Wood Bracelets from Glow Studio (sold at The Dressing Room Blue).
Nails: Oranges by je suis.

And don't forget your opportunity to vote for your favorite store/designer/blogger in the GLANCE Fashion Awards 2011. Press HERE for the link.


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous!and this lil poncho is oh so cute :))

  2. Thanks so much Mimi xx. I appreciate you dropping in :-)

  3. Chalice, IM me in world - I want to add this to LionSkins blog - Petitelittlegirl Pinklady

  4. Thanks Chalice!!!