Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger Bashing.

I'm a glass half full kinda gal and as I've gotten older, have come to realize that things are never quite what they seem. I have learned to stand back and take a look at different perspectives before I make up my mind. I used to be entirely the opposite and would make snap judgments as quick as look at you. When I say this shift has opened up a whole new world, I'm not joking. I can listen to one side of an argument walking away with a certain mind set then hear the other side and I've reanalyzed my position yet again. Some say this is sitting on the fence. Not true I say. Sitting on the fence in my opinion is when someone makes their mind up and won't be swayed even when evidence is presented to the contrary. People with strong and rigid opinions often have the ability to attract others to their cause a bit like the Pied Piper but that doesn't mean they are right just because they have a large following.

I felt compelled to comment on the current distension in the blogging world between The Rumor and certain people who have taken umbrage about some comments left by Rumor writer's that were, let's be honest, in bad taste. The thing about taste however is everyone's is different. Two camps appear to have emerged from this and you only have to read the comments from both to see how opinions widely diverge.

There have been a number of blogs over the years that have built their reputation by being opinionated, sarky and blunt yet I can't recall such a public backlash as I've seen with The Rumor. The comment that had racist connotations and the one questioning if someone was still alive were uncalled for because in my opinion they had nothing to do with promoting the products and they were just plain nasty. They were understandably called on this and Pennelope Thiessam attempted to clear up the controversy. Whether one agrees with the genuineness or sincerity of her statement, she did take the time to address the issue in a public forum. Primarily I'm really concerned in respect to a persons freedom of expression being shut down because some influential people don't like the essence of the blog.

I find The Rumor a really handy tool to suss out who is selling what at discounted prices and while I think they've got some nerve bagging products they haven't even purchased or tried on, it is their right to do it, say it, express it. Everyone who puts anything into the public domain must be prepared for criticism as well as praise. Pennelope and the others are dealing with this right now as it's par for the course when you make controversial comments. The same goes for those who make things in SL for money. You put it out there then you had better be prepared for some form of critique whether it's a snarky one liner under a picture or a well constructed review of your creation.

There are no right or wrong blogs. There are situational unacceptable comments that cross the line in terms of inappropriateness that breaches laws or the Charter of Human Rights. When that occurs, the author(s) must be taken to task, as they have, but not liking a blog because it ruffles the wrong feathers, well that's when you should keep scrolling past.

I guess what I'm saying is by all means be angry at those comments just don't use that one situation as an excuse to destroy a person.

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