Monday, February 21, 2011

Life's A Beach With Elymode.

If you want flirty, fun and sexy, look no further than Elymode and the new release 'Shameless' set that Elysium Eilde has created. Its ever so cute and just a little bit naughty.

Choices abound in terms of mixing your colors and layer selection so you can create tons of looks. I love the half tank and pantie option shown above as they make fabulous swimwear.

Put it all together as I've done mixing up the layers and you have a complete dress but still many more options to wear as separates with some of your favorite pieces. Ely gives you permission to show a booby if you leave off one of the strap layers. Not wanting to invoke too much excitement on her blog, Chalice left the girls completely covered but please, $100L and a pair of Maitreya Gold's will get you a wee peek.

I've lined up the limo for you to go directly to Elymode so just press HERE.

Did I ever tell you Chalice was one of sextuplets? No? Well here they all are.

One final thing. Anyone NOT heard of the Skin Fair? No I didn't think so. Will you all stop teasing me with such fabtastic skin previews on the feeds. I'll have to turn to crime to fund it all.

Item provided by designer: Yes
Photoshopped: Yes


  1. I loooooove how fun you made this! thanks for bloggin' me.
    <3 ely

  2. It's fabulous Ely. And thanks for commenting. So glad you like.

  3. Fun & sexy!! Where are those yellow shoes from?
    I tried all afternoon and night to get to the skin fair but it was full. :( Hopefully I can get there this evening.

  4. Hi Samara...Nevery Lorakeet from LPD (Les Petits Details) made these fabulous shoes.

    Hope you got to the skin fair ok and didn't get injured in the process. It's a war out there :-)