Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Everythings A Drama In Second Life

I know I shouldn't let it bother me because in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing. BUT I've spent my hard earned $'s in SL and thought I'd learned a thing or two about how to keep it performing to a standard I can live with. Unfortunately with the last couple of SL releases, performance has dropped to an all time low for me. Despite my best efforts and trawling the forum's for some answers, I can't seem to fix it. I can't use shadows, I can't use the ultra setting, I can't rezz quickly...I just can't use SL in the way I've been used to and it's sapping my creativity like someone's pulled the plug out of the bath.

I've been a loyal SL viewer user but this loss in performance has got me stumped and while I'm going to keep trying to address the problem, I feel let down by LL. Aren't they supposed to be improving the SL experience? Eight years to get it right but it's worse than least for me.

Here endeth my ranteth.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tweed And Plaid Old Chap.

As a blogger and a member of the odd blogger group, items find their way into my inventory and if I had all day to devote to blogging, I may just about get through them all. The reality is that I struggle to get out four to five posts a week and to make sure it doesn't become a chore, I go through my folders looking for things that interest me on any given day. I came across these fabo baggy pants from Right called Ashleen in Khaki. The folder contained a couple of tops and great hat but I like to see what I come up with from different sources so used only the pants to build around.

I remembered this great shirt and vest I found at Young Urban ages ago and wanted to bring another pattern into the mix. I just couldn't go past Maitreya's Moxie heels with short and over the knee socks of various color combinations. I really like this multifarious look incorporating tweed and plaid. Perhaps it's not in the fashion rules but hey, rules are made to be broken. By the way, poses are from Miamai. There's a 50% sale you know. Run, run.

The look:
Hair: Uma hair in Natural Blond from Maitreya
Skin: Elena in Pale tone from LAQ
Eyeshadow tattoo: XGen Lash and Eyeliner in Yellow from Miamai
Top: Test Match Vest by Young Urban
Pants and bag: Ashleen Baggy pants in Khaki by Right
Shoes: Moxie Heels by Maitreya Gold
Earrings: Tassel earrings from Chantkare
Eyes: Light Blue from WAP
Poses: From Miamai

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ely à la mode(l)

I personally owe Elysium Eilde, designer of the fabulous Elymode and photographer extraordinaire, all the credit for becoming Miss Australia in Miss Virtual World and 4th Runner Up for 2009. A distant memory yes, but it was entirely her capture of Chalice from those days that got me through the door and into the audition process. I don't think there's much Ely hasn't mastered in SL and her quality clothing is like a culmination of all of her creative talent honed throughout the years.

Ely sent me one of her new releases called Cyd's, a cute collection of leather skirts, tops and shrugs available in Taupe, Brown, Purpleberry and Teal that has six color change accents to choose from. It's super cool and expertly textured to reveal amazing detail like seams, folds and creases. Her attention to this brings the outfit to life.

I've shown the outfit in Taupe with Brown accents but the possibilities are endless.

I hope you love Cyd's as much as I do.

Hair: Addison in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Skin: Daylight skin by Bare Sensual
Eyeshadow Tattoo: Smoke in Leaves by cheLLe
Skirt, Top and Shrug: Cyd's by Elymode
Boots: Bloom by Maitreya
Bag: Tote by Berries Inc.
Necklace: Antique Rose by gisele
Hat: Teresa by Elegance Hats

Saturday, June 18, 2011

auTre Vintage Designs - A Must Stop Shop.

Lucky me received a sweet note card and outfit from Rory Tremont, owner/designer of auTre Vintage Designs. The note card indicated that she sent an outfit to a few of her favorite bloggers. WOW. I got one?? Apart from feeling very honored, I undertook my first visit to auTre and was mightily impressed with her store and designs. Right up my tree-lined avenue they were and so reasonably priced for such uniqueness. Let me show you the auTre Dreary Romper in Blackish. The texture is wonderful, kind of like a futuristic version of damask and the aubergine colored twin belts with silver buckles are size scripted for a perfect, hassle free fit. I love sexy romper suits and this one SCREAMS come romp with me.

Another blogger gift shown here are the String Tights in Black by Graffitiwear. I'm definitely a tights 'n' socks clothes horse so this little set is something different that I'll be wearing a lot. I'm loving the side seams...very quirky.

I hadn't yet taken a trip to see Angel Hair at Vero Modero Fashion and was pleasantly surprised by the range. I chose this Brcn hair in the Blond range and when my account gets an injection of funds, will be going back for more.

I'm also wearing my new skin purchase called Lien in Ivory from Atomic, a CH1C Birthday exclusive. Dewy, youthful and feminine.

I absolutely love the Djinn & Tonic shopping sim where these pics were taken. If you haven't been there, you must go and look. Brilliant job guys.

Thank you Rory for the fab outfit and introducing me to your amazing label. You rock my SLocks too.

Hair: Angel Hair at Vero Modero.
Skin: Lien in Ivory from Atomic.
Eyes: Light Blue Eyes from WAP.
Outfit: Dreary Romper in Blackish from auTre.
Shoes: Bare Robin in Aubergine by Stiletto Moody.
Bag: Black Croco Shoulder Bag from +plus (group gift).
Tights: Black String Tights by Graffitiwear.
Nails and rings: Milky Nails by Mandala.

Friday, June 17, 2011

High On SLife.

Oh darlings I'm so behind in my blogging. There's so much I want to feature but there's so little time. Perhaps if SL didn't boot me out so much when I have shadows enabled or I didn't spend so much time in PS trying to make the most of my rather lackluster pictures, I might produce more. Alas, I think my creative juices have dehydrated some and I'm trying to get some fresh ideas in some very strange places and I've come to the conclusion that it's hard being a perfectionist when you're artistically challenged anyway.

Despite my dwindling mojo, I published regardless and I bring you a cute collection featuring the Ibizarre label. Anyusha Lilienthal has a great eye for texture and shape, managing to translate her designs into SL so wonderfully. The Summer Print Skirt and Summer Neckholder Top in Apple are such fun, well made pieces and I congratulate Anyusha for getting these so right. The top comes with it's own beaded necklace so that's an added bonus.

I nipped off to the CHIC birthday venue the other day and came across the Atomic Lien Skin in Ivory, a limited release. I adore the two options for sale. They are so delicate and feminine. I did add the cheLLe Rainbow Eye make up tattoo layer for some added lift given the colors matched well with the skirt and top.

SL has so much to offer these days that I mostly walk around the shops with my mouth dragging on the ground. I just wish I had more time to play.

Skin: Atomic Lien Skin in Ivory tone (or Atomic main store).
Hair: Maitreya Lotus hair in Natural Blond with color change elastic.
Eyes: WAP Greenlight Eyes.
Eye Makeup Tattoo: cheLLe Rainbow Eyes.
Top & Necklace: Ibizarre Summer Neckholder Top in Apple.
Skirt: Ibizarre Summer Print Skirt.
Shoes: Linx Diabla Heels.
Bag: Lurani Studded Black Bag.
Bracelet: Designed by Chic Aeon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bare Sensual - A Happy Skin Story.

I know this green print dress from MichaMi, guest designer at The Dressing Room last week, has been on the feeds a bit but I loved it so much I had to join in too.

My post today was born from the thrill one feels when you find a new skin that you pop on and fall in love with. My thrill is always heightened when the skin is sent to me to blog or I purchase it really cheaply. I fist pump and delight in the fact that while we have our big kahuna skin barons that charge big prices, we also have a wealth of talented skin designers plugging away with amazing results. This Midnight skin from Bare Sensual found it's way in my inventory as a blogger gift with little information in the folder about the new release but a challenge to bloggers to bring them to life. The Midnight skin was my absolute favorite...retro, strong yet soft and photographs like a dream. Bare Sensual has a huge variety of skins and at such reasonable prices too. For the uninitiated, seriously, go look.

The shoes I'm wearing are called Fame Pumps from LeLutka shown here in black. You can wear just the shoes or accessorize with plain or striped knit leg warmers with color change script. The bag, a leather and wood tote in olive from +plus is a gift so go grab it before the gift horse closes its mouth.

Skin: Midnight by Bare Sensual.
Hair base and attachment: Puka in Essence from Vanity Hair.
Eyes: Dazzling Misty Eyes by LAQ.
Lashes: Innocent lashes (smooth) by glow studio.
Dress: Green Print Dress by MichaMi.
Shoes: Fame Pumps by LeLutka.
Bag: Gift from +plus.
Earrings: Make by Brinks Lemmon (LulaLe) - no longer available.
Necklaces: Exotic by Natural Beauty (Miah McAuley).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's A Wrap.

Click the pic for a bigger view of the chick.

I found this little wrap hip scarf as part of a pants outfit from BoHo HoBo and this outfit just grew from there using blue as my theme. I then remembered a blogger pack sent to me recently from Me, Myself and I that had blue in it and then a visor I purchased from LeLutka that was of a similar blue tone. Its really just a mash up of old and new from my inventory but I do love using some of my old treasures that remind me of SL times gone by.

Like the Digit Darkes Dictator Shrug no longer available but I have such fond memories of shopping there going 'Oooooo' and 'Ahhhhh' when new releases came out. Also my black bustier from BiancaF that I've worn to death but would never discard. So many of my historical purchases still hold their ground today despite the vast improvements achieved in fashion design which is a wonderful testament to our early designers who forged a path for the rest.

Click the pic for a bigger view of the chick.

So I reason that my blog is not necessarily about the latest releases on the shelves but merely a selection of looks using anything and everything I can lay my hands on that I love. I often wondered what my angle was and then it hit me. I love to paint a picture with clothes.

So here's to all those who have left SL but will live on through their creations.

And the Oscar goes to.............

Vanity Hair - Tiffany's in Essence.
TBS - Mena Skin (Blogger pack).
Divine - Blue Femme Fatale Eye Shadow.
LAQ - Dazzling Ice Blue eyes.
Je Suis - Naive nails in Black.
Digit Darkes - Dictator Shrug (no longer in SL boo hoo)
BiancaF - Black Bustier (no longer in SL boo hoo)
BoHo HoBo - Blue Hip Scarf.
Me, Myself and I - Summer Leggings, Boots, Necklace and Bracelet.
LeLutka - Vicky Visor in Navy.
UnTone - Black Earrings (no longer in SL boo hoo).
Shot at Muism.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Magic Of Mandala Jewelery.

I remember when I first viewed the displays at Mandala and how at that moment, I realized that SL jewelery had taken on a whole new realm. Designer Kikunosuke Eel had somehow taken the limitations inherent in SL and blown them out the water. Not only are his pieces aesthetically magnificent, they are entirely functional and you just know how much work has gone into each detail to ensure it works with an avatar.

When I received a note card a couple of days ago promoting some new releases at Mandala, I couldn't get there quickly enough once I spied the Kabuki range.

I opted for the Kabuki necklace and earrings; however, there is a bracelet/ring/nail package available as well. Kikunosuke is also the owner of Tempura Island and to celebrate the sims third anniversary, he made Kabuki for this occasion.

Now I love a fine set of talons like any self respecting diva and Mandala have released a flamboyant set called Milky Nails complete with detachable rings. Anyone for a back scratch?

The credit goes to....

Lamb for my Witch hair in Powder.
LAQ for my Elena Glow Skin in Pale.
LAQ for my Dazzling Ice Blue eyes.
Divine for my Femme Fatale Silver eye shadow.
Priss for my One Shoulder Satin top.
DeLa for my Linda Leather pants in Silver.
DeLa for my Grace Sandals in Silver.
Septem Essentials for my Sway bag in Silver.
Eclectica for my Deco Knot bracelet in Silver.
Mandala for my Kabuki necklace, earrings and the Milky Nails.

And to YOU for reading my blog.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BoHo HoBo Supports Afghani Women and Children - Part Trois

Here is my last outfit from BoHo HoBo and it's a real treasure. Called Summer Dress in Leopard and Tie Dye, the layered combination works a treat and the construction is perfect. It comes with the cute slouchy beanie in striking aqua. I wore my Pigtail Braids from Curio and managed to shrink them in edit so only the braids were visible. Worked really well I think.

Now all that's left is to get your gorgeous self over to BoHo HoBo and pick up some fabulous, quality outfits while helping the women and children of Afghanistan. It's a win, win for everybody.

My stuff:

Skin: Monica in Pale tone from Natural Beauty (new release).
Hair: Pigtail Braids in Wheat from Curio (modified).
Eyeliner Tattoo: From LionSkins.
Hat: Slouchy beanie from BoHo HoBo.
Dress: Summer Dress in Leopard and Tie Dye by BoHo HoBo.
Shoes: Salience by Maitreya.
Bag: Claire Clutch from LeLutka.
Nails: Reds from JeSuis.
Necklace and Earrings: Aquamarine by Lurani.

Friday, June 3, 2011

BoHo HoBo Supports Afghani Women and Children - Part Deux

Here is the second part of my homage to BoHo HoBo. In my previous post - here, I explained that all sales of BoHo HoBo items goes to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) to fund worthy projects to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan.

BoHo HoBo's designer, Trill Zapatero, has created a fabulous set here comprising of silk tank top, denim skirt, strappy sandals and earrings. The details are wonderful such as the frayed skirt hem and the colors are so vibrant and well, Boho.

I am seriously in love with this label and am so grateful that Trill sent me a selection of her pieces to enjoy.

Here I'm also wearing another release from Miah McAuley's skin line Natural Beauty. Called Monica, its a stunner.

Ze Look:

Skin: Monica in Pale tone from Natural Beauty.
Hair: Backstage in Teen Blond by Vanity Hair.
Eyeliner Tattoo: Les Makeups Eyeliner from Miamai.
Top and Skirt: From BoHo HoBo.
Shoes: From BoHo HoBo.
Earrings: From BoHo HoBo.
Bag: Everyday Purse in Yellow Gold from So Many Styles.
Necklace: Big Bead Techno Necklace from So Many Styles.

I am not happy with SL at the moment. I keep crashing when I use shadows and I'm just about ready to smack out a Linden. It has taken me three goes to try to capture my last outfit and I still haven't got it done. Seriously dudes. Please do SOMETHING.