Saturday, June 18, 2011

auTre Vintage Designs - A Must Stop Shop.

Lucky me received a sweet note card and outfit from Rory Tremont, owner/designer of auTre Vintage Designs. The note card indicated that she sent an outfit to a few of her favorite bloggers. WOW. I got one?? Apart from feeling very honored, I undertook my first visit to auTre and was mightily impressed with her store and designs. Right up my tree-lined avenue they were and so reasonably priced for such uniqueness. Let me show you the auTre Dreary Romper in Blackish. The texture is wonderful, kind of like a futuristic version of damask and the aubergine colored twin belts with silver buckles are size scripted for a perfect, hassle free fit. I love sexy romper suits and this one SCREAMS come romp with me.

Another blogger gift shown here are the String Tights in Black by Graffitiwear. I'm definitely a tights 'n' socks clothes horse so this little set is something different that I'll be wearing a lot. I'm loving the side seams...very quirky.

I hadn't yet taken a trip to see Angel Hair at Vero Modero Fashion and was pleasantly surprised by the range. I chose this Brcn hair in the Blond range and when my account gets an injection of funds, will be going back for more.

I'm also wearing my new skin purchase called Lien in Ivory from Atomic, a CH1C Birthday exclusive. Dewy, youthful and feminine.

I absolutely love the Djinn & Tonic shopping sim where these pics were taken. If you haven't been there, you must go and look. Brilliant job guys.

Thank you Rory for the fab outfit and introducing me to your amazing label. You rock my SLocks too.

Hair: Angel Hair at Vero Modero.
Skin: Lien in Ivory from Atomic.
Eyes: Light Blue Eyes from WAP.
Outfit: Dreary Romper in Blackish from auTre.
Shoes: Bare Robin in Aubergine by Stiletto Moody.
Bag: Black Croco Shoulder Bag from +plus (group gift).
Tights: Black String Tights by Graffitiwear.
Nails and rings: Milky Nails by Mandala.


  1. Thank you so much for blogging auTre!

    and yes, your blog is bookmarked in my fabulous photographs folder. I always enjoy your banter in addition to your photo's. Super job as always!

    xoxo Rory!

  2. GREAT styling Chalice! Love the whole look!

  3. @dearest Rory...thanks so much for your lovely comment. I'm an auTre super fan xxx

    @darling Lisa...thank you gorgeous. Big huge hugs. xx