Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Everythings A Drama In Second Life

I know I shouldn't let it bother me because in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing. BUT I've spent my hard earned $'s in SL and thought I'd learned a thing or two about how to keep it performing to a standard I can live with. Unfortunately with the last couple of SL releases, performance has dropped to an all time low for me. Despite my best efforts and trawling the forum's for some answers, I can't seem to fix it. I can't use shadows, I can't use the ultra setting, I can't rezz quickly...I just can't use SL in the way I've been used to and it's sapping my creativity like someone's pulled the plug out of the bath.

I've been a loyal SL viewer user but this loss in performance has got me stumped and while I'm going to keep trying to address the problem, I feel let down by LL. Aren't they supposed to be improving the SL experience? Eight years to get it right but it's worse than least for me.

Here endeth my ranteth.


  1. Yo, so Ive been coming on for the past few days ... yayyy ello :) ... everything has changed and Im now working on the phoenix viewer. To me its helped slightly but Ive had to change some settings in my environment as there were shadows on my face and general visibility was poor. Ill msg you in world, am not sure how often you log on darling but hopefully I will see you soon x

    I just (nearly) pee'd my pants when I read this. See what effect you have on me. So good to hear from you my darling. Crikey you wrote this on 2 July...where have I been??? Actually JC, I've finally got around to editing my holiday movies from that big trip in 2009. Shit I've got 5 hours so far and I haven't even got half way through. Can't wait to catch up in SL..that is, if you're still there by the time I get back in haha. Love you xxxx's Jula.