Friday, June 17, 2011

High On SLife.

Oh darlings I'm so behind in my blogging. There's so much I want to feature but there's so little time. Perhaps if SL didn't boot me out so much when I have shadows enabled or I didn't spend so much time in PS trying to make the most of my rather lackluster pictures, I might produce more. Alas, I think my creative juices have dehydrated some and I'm trying to get some fresh ideas in some very strange places and I've come to the conclusion that it's hard being a perfectionist when you're artistically challenged anyway.

Despite my dwindling mojo, I published regardless and I bring you a cute collection featuring the Ibizarre label. Anyusha Lilienthal has a great eye for texture and shape, managing to translate her designs into SL so wonderfully. The Summer Print Skirt and Summer Neckholder Top in Apple are such fun, well made pieces and I congratulate Anyusha for getting these so right. The top comes with it's own beaded necklace so that's an added bonus.

I nipped off to the CHIC birthday venue the other day and came across the Atomic Lien Skin in Ivory, a limited release. I adore the two options for sale. They are so delicate and feminine. I did add the cheLLe Rainbow Eye make up tattoo layer for some added lift given the colors matched well with the skirt and top.

SL has so much to offer these days that I mostly walk around the shops with my mouth dragging on the ground. I just wish I had more time to play.

Skin: Atomic Lien Skin in Ivory tone (or Atomic main store).
Hair: Maitreya Lotus hair in Natural Blond with color change elastic.
Eyes: WAP Greenlight Eyes.
Eye Makeup Tattoo: cheLLe Rainbow Eyes.
Top & Necklace: Ibizarre Summer Neckholder Top in Apple.
Skirt: Ibizarre Summer Print Skirt.
Shoes: Linx Diabla Heels.
Bag: Lurani Studded Black Bag.
Bracelet: Designed by Chic Aeon.

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