Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All Hail The Maxi.

I've blogged items from the fabulous store Not Without You before as I'm a huge fan of the designer, Cashmere Pye. I purchased this dress a while ago called, wait for it....Zebra and was meaning to share it with you as I wanted to profile a maxi dress.

I love the retro appeal of this one as it reminds me of pictures I saw of my mum in the 1970's wearing something like this. I took a few maxi dresses with me on my world trip in 2009 as their versatility and impact took me from beach to bar. Chalice has accessorized to the max for night time fun but some summer sandals, hair in a loose bun, floppy hat and casual beach bag would be just as cool by the beach. Well until you whip it off and show off your new kini's.

I just wanted to give an honorable mention to Exposeur Poses & Animations. I only fairly recently discovered these poses (god knows why it took me so long) and they are just the best, particularly for photo shoots. The variety is unreal and I just find them so life like with great attention to detail. Hands beautifully positioned and they work so well with clothing. Join the group guys as there's wonderful deals etc to be had.

The business end:
Skin: Michelle by Mayden Couture
Hair and accessories: Bossy in Cranberry by Cake
Eyes: Moss by Acid and Mala
Dress: Zebra by Not Without You
Earrings: Love Me by JD Designs
Bracelets: Tres Bangles in Silver from Armidi
Bag: Vintage Clutch by Glow Studio's
Nails: By je suis
Poses: By Exposeur

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life's A Beach With Elymode.

If you want flirty, fun and sexy, look no further than Elymode and the new release 'Shameless' set that Elysium Eilde has created. Its ever so cute and just a little bit naughty.

Choices abound in terms of mixing your colors and layer selection so you can create tons of looks. I love the half tank and pantie option shown above as they make fabulous swimwear.

Put it all together as I've done mixing up the layers and you have a complete dress but still many more options to wear as separates with some of your favorite pieces. Ely gives you permission to show a booby if you leave off one of the strap layers. Not wanting to invoke too much excitement on her blog, Chalice left the girls completely covered but please, $100L and a pair of Maitreya Gold's will get you a wee peek.

I've lined up the limo for you to go directly to Elymode so just press HERE.

Did I ever tell you Chalice was one of sextuplets? No? Well here they all are.

One final thing. Anyone NOT heard of the Skin Fair? No I didn't think so. Will you all stop teasing me with such fabtastic skin previews on the feeds. I'll have to turn to crime to fund it all.

Item provided by designer: Yes
Photoshopped: Yes

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Empress Butterfly by My Precious.

This stunning gown is another gem from Agnes Finney's My Precious label. I always have a slight attack of nerves before I attempt to style and capture her work because I want to do it justice. I never think I do but nonetheless, I try.

I have come to appreciate her attention to detail, amazing use of texture and her ability to make her outfits float and dance when moving. As the outfit is non-modify, you'll need to wear your little skirt shape to avoid splitting the system skirt but once on, it fits like a glove. Chalice is the tallest one can be in SL and if I don't pop on my narrow sparrow hip shape, I can split the textures of some skirts. The dress itself is simple and elegant while it is the bow and skirt attachments that bring this outfit to life.

Less was more in terms of accessories so just wore these lovely long earrings from Glow Studio that dust the shoulders. Some quality prim nails from je suis in a complimentary pink hue, the new amazing pale glow skin from LAQ and this new release do from Miamai called Kana and I'm done.

I have fallen in love with Di Hoorenbeek's poses from Di's Opera particularly her Fatale series. They come with cigarette's for that Marlene Dietrich feel but let me assure you, these are only herbal fags. Honestly officer, I'm smoking oregano.

My selection LM's:
Hair & Base: Kana in Brown by Miamai
Skin: Elena Glow in Pale tone by LAQ
Eyes: Adorable Series in Opal by PixelDolls
Dress: Butterfly Empress by Agnes Finney - My Precious
Nails: Pink range by je suis
Earrings: White Dreams by Glow Studio
Poses & Cigarette: By Di's Opera (Fatale series)

Photoshopped: Yes
Item provided by designer: Yes

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger Bashing.

I'm a glass half full kinda gal and as I've gotten older, have come to realize that things are never quite what they seem. I have learned to stand back and take a look at different perspectives before I make up my mind. I used to be entirely the opposite and would make snap judgments as quick as look at you. When I say this shift has opened up a whole new world, I'm not joking. I can listen to one side of an argument walking away with a certain mind set then hear the other side and I've reanalyzed my position yet again. Some say this is sitting on the fence. Not true I say. Sitting on the fence in my opinion is when someone makes their mind up and won't be swayed even when evidence is presented to the contrary. People with strong and rigid opinions often have the ability to attract others to their cause a bit like the Pied Piper but that doesn't mean they are right just because they have a large following.

I felt compelled to comment on the current distension in the blogging world between The Rumor and certain people who have taken umbrage about some comments left by Rumor writer's that were, let's be honest, in bad taste. The thing about taste however is everyone's is different. Two camps appear to have emerged from this and you only have to read the comments from both to see how opinions widely diverge.

There have been a number of blogs over the years that have built their reputation by being opinionated, sarky and blunt yet I can't recall such a public backlash as I've seen with The Rumor. The comment that had racist connotations and the one questioning if someone was still alive were uncalled for because in my opinion they had nothing to do with promoting the products and they were just plain nasty. They were understandably called on this and Pennelope Thiessam attempted to clear up the controversy. Whether one agrees with the genuineness or sincerity of her statement, she did take the time to address the issue in a public forum. Primarily I'm really concerned in respect to a persons freedom of expression being shut down because some influential people don't like the essence of the blog.

I find The Rumor a really handy tool to suss out who is selling what at discounted prices and while I think they've got some nerve bagging products they haven't even purchased or tried on, it is their right to do it, say it, express it. Everyone who puts anything into the public domain must be prepared for criticism as well as praise. Pennelope and the others are dealing with this right now as it's par for the course when you make controversial comments. The same goes for those who make things in SL for money. You put it out there then you had better be prepared for some form of critique whether it's a snarky one liner under a picture or a well constructed review of your creation.

There are no right or wrong blogs. There are situational unacceptable comments that cross the line in terms of inappropriateness that breaches laws or the Charter of Human Rights. When that occurs, the author(s) must be taken to task, as they have, but not liking a blog because it ruffles the wrong feathers, well that's when you should keep scrolling past.

I guess what I'm saying is by all means be angry at those comments just don't use that one situation as an excuse to destroy a person.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodness Gracious - Here's Sascha's Designs And LionSkins.

Sascha's Designs has a new release dress called Gracious. As usual, value for money is what you get with any Sascha Frangilli outfit due to the plethora of options she provides. I just love how with a click here and there, you can transform from Oscar red carpet to Queen of England. Gracious is available in Bronze, Aqua, Blush, Emerald, Magenta, Mauve, Peacock, Pink, Purple, Strawberry and Sun. I've chosen the stunningly regal bronze color with a few options to give you the idea. The texture is dazzling and it never ceases to amaze me how she gives life to her dresses in a way many cannot.

For a bit more detail, click for a bigger picture.

The skin I'm wearing is a new release from the unstoppable (thank god) Ms Lion Jonesford of LionSkins. This girl is a perfumed steam roller who keeps charging ahead with the most inspired skins on the grid. This line is called Silka and once again, Lion provides a tonne of make up options you can purchase separately. As the name implies, this skin is soft, dewy and silky. Available in Pale (shown), Sun Kissed and Sun, the ethereal and natural tones of this skin are sure to be a total winner and a lovely contrast to some of her bold, statement skins. Lion has done something beautiful with the arms in terms of shading. Love it darling. Go and get yer Silka girls.

Style notes:
Skin: Silka in Pale from LionSkins.
Make Up Layer: Silka range from LionSkins.
Hair: Tatum 2 in Happy from Friday.
Hat: Fleeting Headdress from Adore and Abhor.
Dress: Gracious in Bronze by Sascha's Designs.
Shoes: Wallpaper shoes from Bottle Bird.
Poses: By Di's Opera - From Fashion Week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kiss Me On My Mouths For V-Day.

Plant one on my lips baby! Pick a lip, any lip.

Happy St Valentine's Day darlings. Hope you feel the love and remember you don't need another person to tell you...just stand in front of the mirror and express your undying love to YOU.

To ensure that Chalice didn't just pay lip service to this special day, she created her own look to say Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you.

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

Just remember the most important love affair is the one you have with yourself.

And she wore:
Skin: Isolde Cachet by Exodi
Eye Shadow Tattoo: By Miamai
Lip Tattoo: By Natural Beauty (previously Tik Tok)
Hair Base: By Vanity Hair(red)
Hair Attachment: Heart by Vanity Hair (group gift)
Pants: Leather Shorts by So Many Styles
Top: Black Body Suit by Kletva (was sold through The Dressing Room Blue)
Nails: By je suis (red pack)
Mouth Collar: By LaGyo
Earrings: Black Lace by glow studio (was sold through The Dressing Room Blue)
Shoes and stockings: Cherie Xtreme Hells by N-Core
Bracelets: By Fairy Tail

Background design by Chalice Carling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Moga Dress By Couverture.

When I spotted this dress called Moga at Chocolate Arashi's amazing shop Couverture, I simply had to have it. So glad Chocolate opted for the more expensive form of her name sake or the shop may have been called Compound. Couverture is so much more delicious. An absolute steal at $80 L's, I didn't realize that the dress could be worn in three different ways until I tried it on. All the more value for money.

I just love the strong color and pattern of the material yet it moves with a wisp of wind giving it a totally feminine quality. As you can see below, the dress can be worn in three different ways...strapless, tank and full sleeved.

Tabata Jewell from Vanity Hair fame is just going from strength to strength with her styles. I love all her new releases and have shown Pin Up, Woopsie and Innocent respectively. I just need to get some money into my SL bank and I'll be returning for the rest of her new releases. They are must have's for my future blogging.  Between Vanity Hair and Maiamai attachments, I am in hirsute heaven.

I highly recommend Couverture to my readers. I couldn't be happier with this dress and her shop is stocked with other fabulous pieces and also delightful home decor items. And as we all know girls, chocolate is oh so good for you.

Look 1
Skin: Isolde Cachet from Exodi
Lipstick Tattoo: From Natural Beauty (formally Tik Tok)
Eyes: Dazzling Green from LAQ
Hair Base: Essence by Vanity Hair
Hair Attachment: Pinup in Essence by Vanity Hair
Dress: Moga in Blue Floral by Couverture
Nails: Reds by je suis
Sun Glasses: Logic by JE Republic
Bag: La vie est belle by JE Republic

Look 2
Skin: Isolde Cachet from Exodi
Lipstick Tattoo: From LionSkins
Eyelash Tattoo: MonoChrome Wing Lash by Scarlett Niven Collection
Eyes: Adorable range in Opal by Pixel Dolls
Hair Base: Essence by Vanity Hair
Hair Attachment: Woopsie in Essence by Vanity Hair
Dress: Moga in Blue Floral by Couverture
Nails: Reds by je suis
Boots: Prestige in Black Suede by Bax Coen Designs
Necklace/Earrings: Stoned Love by Shag
Bangles: Pewter Night by Baubles (designed by Chic Aeon)
Bag: Blue Travel Bag designed by Brinks Lemmon

Look 3
Skin: Isolde Cachet from Exodi
Lipstick and Eye Shadow Tattoo:  From LionSkins
Eyes: Adorable range in Opal by Pixel Dolls
Hair Base: Essence by Vanity Hair
Hair Attachment: Innocent in Essence by Vanity Hair
Dress: Moga in Blue Floral by Couverture
Nails: Reds by je suis
Earrings: Zoee in Silver by LeeZu

Background design: Chalice Carling

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spaced Out In My Armor Plated Bustier.

Houston...we have lift and separation entirely due to this plated bustier from The Sea Hole. I like the impact of this small piece of clothing that is trimmed with piercing spikes at the bodice. It comes with a clutch bag also adorned with spikes and the strap sits snugly around the hand. I remembered these funky little leggings I purchased at Beatnik and thought that the geometric patterns on the legs would work well with the geometric design of the bustier. I love Beatnik's range of pants/leggings. Excellent textures and very well shaded. Go look.

I went for an old favorite, my black neck adornment from Moxie Polanos, instead of a necklace this time. Using the Piddle skin tattoo's recently selling at The Dressing Room Blue called the Incognito Make Up Set, I love how this compliments the futuristic feel of this look. Some metallic silver talons from je suis and a space age bouffant from Vanity Hair and Chalice is ready for her date with Captain Kirk at the space station Star Trek Deep Throat Nine.

If the space ship's a rockin', don't come a knockin'. K?

Skin: Isolde Cachet by Exodi
Face Tattoo Make Up: Incognito by Piddle
Earrings: Shari from Mayden Couture
Eyes: Dazzling Green from LAQ
Shoes: Wonder by Kalnins

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Head Honcho In My Poncho.

Inspiration, motivation, perspiration. These are the three factors I need to create a blog post and sometimes one or all three desert me. I push on regardless because I do enjoy pressing the 'publish post' tab and sharing my interpretation of different fashion styles. I wish I could offer something more profound on my blog such as opinions on all aspects of SL but I defer to the old saying of 'opinions are like asshole's...everybody has one'. I may not have one of the popular blogs around although I do strive for quality (as much as my talent will allow) and to give our wonderful designers some more coverage.

You can probably tell by the number of SL blogging links I attach to my blog that I love what my colleagues do and support them as much as time will allow. I would like to encourage you all to make an effort to let your favorite blogger know that their efforts in the SL blogging community are appreciated. Just imagine all the leg work you'd have to do if not for the sharing that occurs in the fashion feeds.

That said, let me introduce this look that I created, centered around the fabulous poncho I picked up at LpD. It's fab darlings and the colors are stunningly rich. I love starting to build around one piece and then introducing more and more until I think I'm done. It takes a lot of searching and my clothes go on and off like a pair of strippers knickers but the more thorough the search, the more I can ferret out long forgotten treasures.

Style card:
Skin incl. hair base: Sukai from LionSkins.
Hair: Kalhua for Sukai from Vanity Hair.
Eyes: Dazzling Green by LAQ.
Poncho: By LpD.
Pants: Seance by Not Without You.
Bodysuit: By Kletva (sold at The Dressing Room Blue).
Shoes: Diabla by Lynx.
Belt: Quimbaya by LeLutka.
Bag: Croco in Black by Septem Essentials.
Braclets: Lowicz Thick Wood Bracelets from Glow Studio (sold at The Dressing Room Blue).
Nails: Oranges by je suis.

And don't forget your opportunity to vote for your favorite store/designer/blogger in the GLANCE Fashion Awards 2011. Press HERE for the link.