Monday, September 30, 2013

Berry's Autumn Challenge.

I do enjoy participating in Berry's challenges/meme's and this one was no exception because it gave me an excuse, as if I need one, to go out shopping to find my interpretation of an autumn outfit.  Getting out and about using the in-world search option certainly takes me to some strange places.  But I love to meet new people and see new things and that's why I love SL so much.

I ended up at the wonderful clothing house Legal Insanity.  Their stuff is insane, insanely great.  I purchased this mink coat (faux of course) and the beautifully pleated trousers both in chocolate.  To liven things up and add some autumn colors, I purchased a gold scarf from NC Paris and brought out my JD Design Hearty Clutch in sand.  I also popped on the Nikki strappy heels from Redgrave and color changed them to gold.

I'm wearing the new release hair from Truth called 'Felicity'....a winner Mr Hawks.

It wasn't until I brought up Berry's blog for the link that I realized we went to the same place to take our pics, being 'Small Town Green'.  It was the autumn-iest place I could think of at the time so sorry Berry.

Anyway, on to the meme:

1. Is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not?
No it's not my favorite season but I do love it when the tree's turn russet.  I don't like cleaning the leaves up all the time though.  My favorite season is definitely summer.  I should have been born in Fiji or Bali or some other tropical locale.  I thrive in tropical heat but on the other hand, I've only holidayed in really hot and humid countries.  I don't know how I'd go living, going to work, shopping etc.  Its much more fun laying by the pool asking Ketut for a Mai Tai.

2. Do you call it autumn or fall?
Well being from Australia, we don't call it fall although we should with all the bloody leaves I've picked up this season.

3. What kind of weather does your area get during this season?
I just checked on-line for this information and converted it so it makes sense.  Our autumn is in March, April and May with an average temperature in Melbourne of 16.5 ℃ (61.7 ℉).  What I think is so amazing about nature is the fact that these months are usually windy which blows the leaves from the tree's.  Someone knew what they were doing when they created this planet.

4. What color do you associate with autumn?
Russet tones probably because I have a lot of red maples and liquid amber's at home.

5. Which autumn themed sim is your favorite at the moment?
I can only remember Small Town Green but I know there must be heaps more I've yet to discover.


HAIR: Felicity in Light Blondes by Truth
SKIN: Ava in Pale tone by Belleza
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Dew by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Metallic Nails by Izzies
JACKET: Vale Mink Fur Coat by Legal Insanity
PANTS: Winter Chic Trousers in Chocolate by Legal Insanity
SHOES: Nikki Heels by Redgrave
BAG: Hearty Clutch in Sand by JD Design
SCARF:Chic Scarf in Gold by NC Paris
EARRINGS: Forgotten Love Opal earrings from Bliensen and Mai Tai
RINGS: Melissa Rings in Orange/Red/Yellow by Bens Beauty

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lemon, Lime But I'm Not Bitter.

Today I'm featuring another wonderful Sascha's Designs gown called 'Fools' in luscious lime.  It's fairytale couture at its finest.  Whimsical, floaty and definitely a head turner as you sashay through the crowd, you have numerous options in terms of skirt type, collar and hat.  Available in fire, gold, metal blue, pink, silver and of course, lime, you have no excuse not to shine.

I chose to wear the 'Ballerina' hair from TuTy's given this dress is definitely made for dancing.


I just knew I'd find a pair of shoes at JD Designs made for this dress and I did.  I purchased another pair of 'Excess' heels but really, any excuse for a shop up at JD and I'm there. lol.

This morning I had the privilege of watching the Miss Virtual World 2014 Opera Challenge sponsored by Maddox DuPont, KMADD, RGF Estates and Lazuri whereby the participants had to give a visual interpretation of various opera's using fashion.  It was seriously brilliant and all of the girls did an outstanding job putting together their outfits from a variety of sources.  When I hear people bag the competition and consider the models are not doing anything too difficult, I wince because the challenges are really tough and do require a lot of imagination, networking, stamina and a big dose of artistic prowess.  While I'm rooting for Miss Australia, I consider each and every one of them the best of luck and congratulate you on your amazing work today.


HAIR: Ballerina hair by TuTy's
SKIN: Leila in Pale tone by Belleza
LIP TATTOO: Apple Lip Gloss by Little Petits Details
EYE SHADOW TATTOO: La Vie Make Up in Pistaccio by Label Mode @ Marketplace
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Dew by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
DRESS: Fools in Lime by Sascha's Designs
NECKLACE: Flora by Eclectica Jewellery
EARRINGS: Forgotten Love Opal Earrings by Bliensen and MaiTai
BRACELET: Mysterious by Je Suis
RING:  Ring of Passion in Green by Omen
SHOES: Excess in Yellow Leather by JD Designs
LOCATION:   Banana Island


Don't ShuShu The Freebies.

Who doesn't love a good freebie?  Well given I had picked up this group freebie outfit at ShuShu, among others, I thought I would blog it because quite frankly, it deserves to be shown off.

The outfit is called 'Hippie Tramp' and consists of the coat with hood, woolen beanie, pants and sneakers.  I love the assortment of textures and colors.  It's not often that a label offers such quality freebie's for group members so I encourage you to go join the LAMU group to take advantage of some great clothing.

I added a hair wisp from Bizarre's 'Sensi' hair and resized it to sit just under the beanie.  The necklace I found in the folder of Bizarre's 'Retro Hair'.

I'm so thrilled I purchased Boom's 'Studio Tote' pack that comes in 8 different color's to mix 'n' match with different outfits.

I so appreciate the ShuShu brand as its designs aren't the norm and have unexpected elements to the clothing that are earthy yet vibrant with an ethnic lean  I'll be bringing you another ShuShu outfit that I purchased because I couldn't resist the incredible colors that have been carefully considered when creating the piece.  Stay tuned lovers....

Oh and check out their shoes...there's a couple of great pairs of colorful boots that are also group gifts.

I've just been involved and witnessed a conversation in a group about shops closing their in-world stores and selling exclusively on Marketplace.  Of course I can see that it makes sense if people aren't getting out and about visiting the stores but its also so sad that we are isolating ourselves effectively shopping on-line.   Come on shoppers...let's support our creators and designers and actually TP to their shops and get some traffic through their doors or otherwise we stand to lose many more.  I know that by actually TP'ing around the shopping districts, I have met some wonderful people and opportunities have occurred by being there at the right time.  I ask myself, are we becoming so lazy that we can't even TP and see the wonderful world we joined up to experience?


HAIR WISP: From Sensi hair by Bizarre Hair
SKIN: Amberly Petal Edition Skin (Sugar make up) by Glam Affair
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Banshee by from IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: Slink
NAILS: By Flair
JACKET, BEANIE, JEANS AND SNEAKERS: Hippie Tramp (Group Gift) from ShuShu
BAG: Studio Tote in Brown by Boom
NECKLACE:  Came with Retro Hair by Bizarre Hair
RING: Silver Cross Ring in Orange by Sakide

Friday, September 27, 2013

Shut Up And Type.

Today I've put together a little number for the professional and is what I wear to work in RL.  I couldn't believe finding this gorgeous mesh skirt at CIA Designs because I have one similar in my wardrobe and almost the same jacket.  What we don't share is the fact that Chalice is over 6ft and reed thin...if only I looked as good as this.  Oh well we can't have everything :-)

The bag I picked up at Just Designs called 'Cassandra' and is perfect for carrying all your necessities such as mobile phone, the latest copy of Vogue and your camera, all subtlety on display in the bag.  JD's brand logo is becoming as important to me in SL as LV is in my real life.  My newly purchased LV Neverfull is one of the highlights of my year.  I can't work out if that's a sad reflection on me or that I appreciate beautiful things.

Search and ye shall find certainly rang true when I found this 'Ava' jacket in my very disorganized inventory.  I knew I was keeping it for something special.  Beautifully cut and I love the high slip of a waist belt.

Now the shoes are what I have been coveting from Just Designs for a week now.  Called 'Excess' they are so, so, so, so perfect in every way.  I love that you can change the heel and sole colors to match your outfits via the hud.

The necklace, earrings and bracelet (camera left) are gorgeous pieces from Pure Poison, while the watch is from 7891.

"Right Mr Jones, sit down right here and take some dictation and bring your BIG pencil".


HAIR: Witch in Butter color from Lamb
SKIN: Candy (make up #2) in America tone from Glam Affair
EYES: Perspective eyes in Blue from IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: Slink
POLISH: By Flair
JACKET: Ava in Black by Maitreya
SKIRT: Paisley Pencil Skirt in Brown by CIA Designs
SHOES: Excess in Black by Just Designs
BAG: Cassandra in Black by Just Designs
NECKLACE: Wilda by Pure Poison
EARRINGS: Rock Stud by Pure Poison
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Love Stacked Bracelets by Pure Poison
WATCH: Aubierre rolex watch by 7891 @ Marketplace
RING:  Eternalle by Je Suis

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sexy In The City...Literally.

Sometimes it's the simplest of pieces that catches your eye because of the material or colors.  That is what this cute item from Graffitiwear called 'Skyscraper Bare Shoulder Jumpsuit' did for me.  I loved the geometry of the pattern emulating city skyscraper's and the shades of black and grey with splashes of red.  It's such a clever and well thought out piece of tailoring.

I decided to pop on some knee length leggings in grey from Art Decade which are equally well made with subtle folds and creases that add authenticity.

I wanted bold jewellery to compliment the bold pattern and headed over to Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery who are renowned for such things.  I found a smart earring and necklace set called 'Chasing Windmills' along with the 'Black Ice' bracelet (camera left) and cute as can be clutch called 'Feu Follet'.  I downsized the purse some to a more petite size.

I adore Paper Couture's hair called 'Slicked Parted Hair Bun' in Blond.  So sleek and elegant.  I wish they would do more hair because every style I've ever purchased has that real authentic model look.  Not too prissy or over-done and allows the clothing to take center stage.

I'm in total shoe lust with everything produced at Just Designs and found these platform thongs called 'Infra' in black.  I say 'thongs' because I'm an aussie but I think the rest of the world calls them flip flops if I'm not mistaken?  To me they're drool worthy as is every row of shoes my eyes gaze upon.  Look at the little 'JD' logo on the strap and delicate silver anklet...tickle me pink til Tuesday, I LOVE these.

Standing in the serene surroundings of the 'Cyprian Garden', I couldn't be more happy with the look I created around the zany little jump suit from Graffitiwear.


HAIR: Slicked Parted Hair Bun in Blond by Paper Couture
SKIN: Amberly in Europa tone (make up #9) by Glam Affair
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Oxidation (member gift) by IKON - Perspective Eyes can be purchased for a limited time at The Liaison Collaborative
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Black Drama by A.S.S.
JUMPSUIT: Skyscraper Bare Shoulder Jumpsuit by Graffitiwear
LEGGINGS: Grey color by Art Decade @ Marketplace
SHOES: Infra in Black by Just Designs
BAG: Feu Follet by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Chasing Windmills by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Black Ice by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
WATCH CAMERA RIGHT: Vivoldi Watch by Cashmere and Keane
RINGS: Melissa Rings by Bens Beauty

A Date With Bogart.

I felt like creating some old world glamor but with a little twist.  I found this stunner of a mesh dress in a gorgeous eggplant color and animal patterned vibrant print panels running down the sides from CIA Designs, a store I was unfamiliar with.  When I spotted it I thought the cut was so elegant but the streaks of color transformed it from your average long gown.  I accessorized using the lime green to accentuate the splashes of color.

The bag is such a good match and I was happy to find it at the Alexandra Sautereau Collection.

The hair is from Paper Couture fittingly named 'Bacall Bob'.

The earrings and bracelets are from Mandala.  I love the silhouette of this dress, very classic but with a modern feel.

I took these pics at 'Ghostsville', a great sim for photo taking.


HAIR: Bacall Bob by Paper Couture
SKIN: Betty in Pale tone (make up #8) by Belleza
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Nailed It
DRESS: Vibrant Evening Gown in Eggplant by CIA Designs
BAG: Xiomara Kid Leather Purse by Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility
BRACELETS: Takara Bangles in Rich Green by Mandala
EARRINGS: Noodle Earrings in Grass Green by Mandala

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm Riding Low In The Crutch.

Gawd did this outfit take me ages to style!  I started with the low crotch lilac pants from Graffitiwear  and set out to find the rest.  I went over to The Liaison Collaborative to grab IKON's new release 'Perspective Eyes' which I'm wearing and saw this fabo top from 22769 called 'Obi' in violet.  I couldn't believe I got that lucky because lilac isn't the easiest color to co-ordinate. IKON's new eyes will only be available for a limited time so don't you go and miss out because they're GORGEOUS.  You may be crying if you do but not with your Perspective eyes.  Do take a trip to The Liaison Collaborative because there is some fantastic stuff there.  I also purchased the purple sunnies made by Le Primitif and the belt bracelets made by Izzies from there too.

I knew where to go for a great bag having been to Swallow the day before noticing what a great range they had in stock.  This one is called 'Rockstud' in purple and it's ever so lovely in the flesh.

I found these shoes from Faenzo on Marketplace called 'Solstice' that are add-on's for Slink feet.  They are simply elegant and you can change the colors with the hud provided.  I labored over my necklace and ended up wearing the delightful 'Balini' necklace in camelian-plum from Zaara.

I'm so glad I spent the time touring the grid for my bits and pieces because I'm ever so pleased with the result.  Oh and the hair is a great style from Tableau Vivant called 'Alexandria'.  I LOVE this hair.

I spent time today adding more feeds to my list taken from the [SL] Blogger Support blog. Thank you to Katya Valeska for compiling this exhaustive list for us.  I went through the feeds I'm not linked with and completed various applications hoping to be included.  If anyone knows anyone who facilitates these feeds, put in a good word for the old Cha will you?  lol.  I've been really enjoying reading 'Conversations With' various bloggers on [SL] Bloggers Support.  I love learning more about people, particularly those in the blogging community, so its been fun getting to know my colleagues in SL fashion better.


HAIR: Alexandra hair by Tableau Vivant @ Marketplace
SKIN: Amberly in Europa tone (#2) by Glam Affair
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Banshee color by IKON @ The Liaison Collaborative
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Lustre by ASS (sorry SL wouldn't give me the LM)
TOP: Obi in Violet by 22769 @ The Liaison Collaborative
PANTS: Lilac Gauze Low Crotch Pants by Graffitiwear
GLASSES: Half Framed Round Sunglasses in Purple by Le Primitif
SHOES: Solstice by Steffan Garcia from Faenzo @ Marketplace
BAG: Rockstud Bag in Purple by Swallow
RINGS: Eternelle Rings by Je Suis
BRACELETS: Belt Bracelets (color change) from Izzies @ The Liaison Collaborative
NECKLACE: Balini Necklace in Camelian-Plum by Zaara
LOCATION: Port Stygian

Monday, September 23, 2013

Back In Black.

I blame the garden for not blogging for a couple of days.  The weather has been beautiful and my lovely garden has been a tad neglected.  I've spent three solid days planting seedlings and doing general maintenance and I'm so happy with the results.  It so pretty with the wisteria, magnolia's, weeping cherry's and my glorious Mt Fuji Cherry Tree all coming into flower.  This prompted me to go to Banana Island to take some shots in my new outfit because it's spring there.

The look started when I found this mini leather skirt at Indented Fashion and grew from there.  I found the lacy top at Graffitiwear which was part of a top and pants set.  I loved the geometric cut of it and thought it would soften the harshness of the leather.

I wore three sets of necklaces from Maxi Gossamer called 'Aphrodite's Dream' using the color change menu to turn all the stones black.  I came across the 'Disco Ball' earrings at Xia's Boutique.   The bag is a winner from Azoury called 'Timeless Bag'.

My shades are from AvaGirl and can be worn on the head or as it when glasses have that option.

To finish off I went straight to Gos for some of their amazing boots.  These are called 'Equestrian Boots' although when I wear top boots for riding, they've never looked this sexy.

Hope you like my naughty black number that I would definitely wear clubbing.  Well maybe without the nip slip:-)


HAIR: Mathilda Bob hair in Platinum by TuTy's
SKIN: Amberly in Europa tone (#12) by Glam Affair
EYES: Sunrise eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Glitter Set 1 by Orc. Inc.
TOP: Black Lace Tee from Graffitiwear
SKIRT: Flare by Indented Fashion
TIGHTS: Black Ripped Nylon Tights by DeeTaleZ
BOOTS: Equestrian Boots by Gos
BAG: Timeless Bag by Azoury
NECKLACES: Aphrodite's Dream by Maxi Gossamer @ Marketplace
EARRINGS: Disco Balls by Xia's Boutique
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Zzoie by Pure Poison
RING CAMERA LEFT: Melissa Ring by Bens Beauty
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Voyante Ring by Je Suis
POSES: Prima Donna pack by TuTy's
LOCATION:  Banana Island

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Beautiful Cheongsam

Well I brought a fat pack from Glam Affair.  I adored the Amberly skin on Cha so before I could change my mind, clicked quick smart.  It's an amazing skin and the make ups are so varied...a look for every look so to speak.

I did have a wee spend up on some more outfits to blog and this one excited me no end.  I fell head over for the striking red and white Chinese inspired Cheongsam style dress with black trim.  Figure hugging with barely room to breathe, its so flattering and sexy.  I found it at TuTy's, a shop I wasn't familiar with but oh my lord I will be in the future. The hair base and pony tail is also from TuTy's...go check out their hair.  WOW.

For some reason I couldn't get these 'Pony Girl Boots' from Boudoir out of my head and just had to wear them.  They've got horse shoes for soles.

Its not that simple finding a blood red bag but I got lucky with the 'Heart Purse' at Fashionably Dead located at Tableau.  The flower mask is another Boudoir buy and was just a little extra to give the outfit the Cha Cha touch.

I won't be swabbing no decks with this dress darlings.


HAIR: Genius High Ponytail in Platinum from TuTy's
SKIN: Amberly in Europa tone (make up #7) by Glam Affair
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
DRESS: Qipao Embroidered Red and Black Blossoms by TuTy's Apparel
BOOTS: Pony Girl Boots by Boudoir
BAG: Heart Purse from Fashionably Dead
MASK: Crimson Beauty by Boudoir
BRACELET: Red Leather Cross Bracelet by ASO
EARRINGS: Diamond and Pearl Chandelier Earrings from Paper Couture
RING: Olen (texture change) ring by Kosh
LOCATION: Outside of Lyfe Of Style store

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Chains That Bind.

Hi precious ones.  Well I visited the new look Glam Affair and got me some demo skins which I intend to try on when I've finished this post.  It looks great Ms Ewing.  Wonderful build :-)

Today I'm wearing an outfit I've been storing in my 'to blog' file from Amarelo Manga called 'Tilla'.  I'm so into these mesh tops that sit just off the body in lacy material.  The shirt is ever so nice and silky looking.  I actually have something similar in my RL wardrobe.

The pants are quite out there and there's definitely a touch of Chanel © about them.  I purchased the bag from Glam Affair. which I love.

I popped on my Gos Lolita Espadrilles and am ready for a ride in my convertible to go shopping.  I need to go stock up on some new blogging outfits cause its pay day and I got money to burn.

Oh and this great little do is from Kik called 'Fiona' in Platinum.  Gawd I love Kik hair.

Thought for the day.  I've seen and known a few people around with the sir name 'Littlething'.  I wonder how many guys opted for that when they joined SL and could pick their last name?


HAIR: Fiona in Platinum from Kik
SKIN: Ava in Pale from Belleza (best buy range - June)
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH:  By Flair
TOP: Tilla from Amarelo Manga
PANTS: Tilla from Amarelo Manga
SHOES: Lolita Espadrilles in White from Gos
BAG: Petra Rivet Bag in White from Glam Affair
EARRINGS: Chain Earrings from Bliss Couture
BRACELET: Lemon Bangle Set from FuLo
RINGS: Arturo Rings from Donna Flora
LOCATION: deSiderium

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey Dude, Get Surreal.

OK I had a trickle of creative juice trickling around the right side of my cerebellum and came up with this contribution to Berry's Surrealism Challenge.  Not sure that she had two rhino's bonking as an image but hey, who am I to stand in the way of my tawdry little mind?  I don't think Madame de Pompadour ever toured Africa and I'm sure she didn't wear a jester's crown.

I had so, so, so much fun doing this Berry.  You really think outside the box.  I dub this picture "Chalice de Pompadour And The Bonking Rhino's"

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Life Would Suck Without You.

I love to find new locations to shoot and I have a little secret blog I visit that features new sims.  Possibly many of you know about it but I promised I wouldn't reveal it when someone shared it with me, so I'm keeping shtum.  I keep my promises you see and even if you tortured me to get the link I wouldn't tell but give me every shoe from Gos and I may weaken.  Well I found this great sim called deSiderium and that LM I will share with you. :-)

Today I'm black on black but with a side of grey.  I found this cute little dress from Bubble called 'Balloon Elipse' dress and I love the material and pattern.  Luckily I found some knit leggings from Drop that I think work well with the texture.

I forgot I had this hair but when I found it I was thrilled.  Its a lovely texture and has little pins at the side holding a small plait and is from [M]unati Bodyshop Store.

Two of my favorite things are this gorgeous bag called 'Valentine Bow Tote' from Cherry and the 'Shiki' shoes from Maitreya.  I purchased the fat pack so have a plethora of colors to play with.

You can't get me out of my new Ginevra skin from Izzies and the fact that it comes with a vast array of eye shadow and lip options makes it even more fabulous.  I popped on my 'Pety Bracelets' from Pure Poison...they are wonderful pieces of jewellery.  I also can't take off my 'Voyante Gemstone' rings from Je Suis.

I really, really want to participate in Berry's 'Surrealism Challenge' but I can't seem to tap in to my creative juices...I wonder if I actually have any.   I am going to have a go at it although I fear the outcome will be more fart than art.  :-)  Until next time.....


HAIR: Verveline by [M]unati Bodyshop Store
SKIN: Ginevra in Pale by Izzies
LIP TATTOO: From Virginia Skin (Red Lip Tattoo) by Al Vulo
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Steel by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
DRESS: Balloon Elipse by Bubble
LEGGINGS: Knit Leggings by Drop
SHOES: Shiki Heels from Maitreya Gold
BAG: Valentine Bow Tote by Cherry
BRACELETS: Pety Bracelets from Pure Poison
NECKLACE: Jewelled Love by Maxi Gossamer @ Marketplace
RINGS: Voyante Gemstone Rings by Je Suis
LOCATION:  deSiderium

Coffee And Vanilla.

I love a good scarf and I've had this one from Vogue just waiting to blog.  Called 'Sharmine Stole' in Russet, it's the mixture of colors that drew me to it.

I chose these embroidered jeans in coffee from Bliss Couture and found that the new release bag from Boom worked really well with it. The top is from Kunglers called 'Alicia' in vanilla.  A simple silky little thing that is so versatile.

The shoes I found on Marketplace for a mere $99L and I consider them my bargain of the month.  They are from InVerse and are called Vegas Heels.  While mainly building houses/prefabs, InVerse have a small variety of shapes/skins, clothing and shoes.  You wear the hud and can change colors on all different parts of the shoes.  I love them.

I took these pictures at the new Glam Affair sim.  Looks great and I can't wait to go check out all the new releases I believe are in store.  Roll on pay day.


HAIR: Trouble Clef in Milk from Analog Dog
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale by Izzies
TATTOO EYESHADOW: Brown from Ginevra Skin by Izzies
TATTOO LIP: Rust from Ginevra Skin by Izzies
EYES: Liquid Light Mesh Eye in True Grey by Mayfly
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Glitter Set 1 by Orc. Inc.
TOP: Alicia in Vanilla by Kunglers
SCARF: Sharmine Stole in Russet from Vogue
PANTS: Embroidered Jeans in Coffee from Bliss Couture
BAG: Studio Tote in Brown by Boom
SHOES: Vegas Heels from InVerse
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Thematic Zodiac Bracelet by Pixel Box
BRACELET CAMERA RIGHT: Indra Painted Stacked Bangles by Zaara
RINGS AND EARRINGS: Pompeii by Bliensen and MaiTai
LOCATION: The New Look Glam Affair

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pink Fantasy.

While SL offers us unlimited choices in cutting edge couture, some days I like to indulge in some overt fantasy fashion that makes me feel, well, pretty.  No one offer's more selection in this genre than Boudoir.  Just take a walk around the cavernous store and you'll see wall upon wall of fairy tale dresses that defies the constraints of RL fashion in many ways.  I loved the powdery pink and soft grey colors and mille feuille skirt  and kind of reminds me of that scene in 'Sex And The City' where Carrie is waiting for Alexander Petrovsky to come home and she's laying on the bed in that fabulous Versace Seafoam princess dress, my favorite of all of her outfits.  This dress called 'Bonjour' has the added little surprise of ants strategically placed around the skirt...who would have thought?  At $350L, this Boudoir beauty is a steal.

Restraint is not what I'm aiming for here so the Donna Flora 'Cristiana Hat' and Mandala pearls add to my OTT look.

The skin was purchased at the Love Donna Flora event as Pink Fuel's contribution of the Doll skin in Porcelain.  I added a bit of extra drama by way of the Dulce Secrets 'Silver Ore' eye shadow make up tattoo.

No other shoes but my Eva Slingbacks from the Baby Collection by Gos would do.

To skin makers who put Slink hand and feet appliers in with your skins, you ROCK.  ROCK I tell you.

I wanted to have a word about blogs.  It appears, well to me anyway, there has been a blogging explosion and of course that means competition.  While competition is great and encourages us to be better, it does make it difficult for your blog to stand out from the rest.  I just keep my head down and bum up, not worrying too much about what other people are doing but it seems to me one of the most important things is to get yourself linked in with as many fashion feeds as possible.  I've noticed that a few of the fashion feeds are linked with inactive blogs and while the standard of those blogs is high, why keep a blog when the bloggers aren't blogging anymore?  I know some of us work like crazy to keep fresh and informative and I for one, despite periodic applications, cannot seem to get Chalice In Wonderland linked to some of the premier feeds.  It would be nice to at least be told 'No your blog is not what we are looking for' and at least one would know.  Please hard working fashion feed owners, let go of some of the blogs that haven't posted for months and freshen up your feeds with active blogs or at the very least, provide us with an answer as to why you won't include us. 


HAIR: Hope in Frosted Pink by LaViere
SKIN: Doll in Porcelain by Pink Fuel
EYESHADOW TATTOO: Silver Ore by Dulce Secrets
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Grey by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: French Manicure Pastels Set by Nailed It
DRESS: Bonjour by Boudoir
HAT: Cristiana by Donna Flora
SHOES: Eva Slingbacks (Baby Collection) by Gos
EARRINGS, NECKLACE AND BRACELETS: Pearl Rain in Rose Pink by Mandala
LOCATION:  The Beguiled Art Gallery and Studio at Kakapo

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm On Stripe.

I've had this striped shirt from Pichi for a little while and have been meaning to blog it. I really like the gold lapel studs and buttons.  I found these shades at Mon Tissue called 'Harlow Sunglasses' and the gold details picks up the gold on the shirt.

The bag I picked up at Boom called 'Studio Tote' and love the boxy style of it.  I went hunting in my inventory for hair and loved this curly do from W&Y.

I love the simplicity of these add-on Llena sandals from Slink.


HAIR: #148 from W&Y Hair
SKIN: Ginevra in Pale tone from Izzies
TATTOO LIP: Matte Rose lipstick (Ginevra) from Izzies
TATTOO SHADOW: Smokey (Ginevra) from Izzies
EYES: Vanity Eyes in Clarity by IKON
GLASSES: Harlow Sunglasses by Mon Tissu
POLISH: By Flair
SHIRT: Narmi Blouse by Pichi
SKIRT: Ruby Mini Skirt by Insanya
SHOES: Llena add-on's by Slink
BAG: Studio Tote in Black by Boom
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Viomini Chained Bracelet by Zaara
BRACELET CAMERA RIGHT: Dara Bracelet by Celoe
RING CAMERA LEFT: Anuttra Ring in White/Silver by Mandala
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Celtic Ring from Casual Lies Designs
EARRINGS: Anaya Onyx Earrings from Zaara

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jungle Fever.

I found this dress at Angel Dessous called 'Masala' and just loved the colors...I've dubbed it camouflage couture.  It came with the necklace, earrings and bracelet so accessorizing was easy peasy.  I just added another bracelet (camera left) and 'Voyante' rings both by Je Suis.

I found the bag at Izzies where I initially went to buy the skin I'm wearing called 'Ginevra' in the pale tone.  I didn't own an Izzies skin (god only knows why) but I'm completely won's amazing skin and the faces are ever so pretty.

The hair is great style from LeViere called 'Taylor' in Platinum.

I picked up these fabo shoes at Slink called 'Cassandra' in Forest.

I need to have a serious shop because I'm running out of things to blog. How this has happened I don't know because I always seem to be shopping.  I've been through my 'to blog file' and some of the stuff didn't inspire me anymore...Cha needs to get her run on because the cupboard is getting bare.


HAIR: Taylor in Platinum by LaViere
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale Tone by Izzies
MAKE UP TATTO: Ginevra Green Shadow by Izzies
LIP TATTOO: Ginevra Neutral Matt by Izzies
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
BAG: Heart Bag in Green by Izzies
SHOES: Cassandra Heels in Forest color by Slink
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Sophistique by Je Suis
RINGS: Voyante Gemstone Rings by Je Suis
LOCATION: The Flowout