Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Mine A Flirtini Please.

Today I've got a cute casual outfit and I've been dying to blog these fantastic jeans from [JP]:dsg for ages.  One of the best pair of jeans I've found in SL because of the smart details such as mobile phone, keys and handkerchief poking out of the back pocket.  Don't you love it when designers go the extra mile and strive for realism?  I know I appreciate it.

I have a love affair with Diva hair.  Its the realistic wispy windswept look of many of their styles that capture my attention.  This style is 'Sayaka 3' in Moonstone.

I wearing the 'Steampunk Open Secrets' necklace and earrings from Pixel Box.  I love it because you can put your photo in the locket and really personalize it.

The top is called 'Flirtini' from Mon Cheri.  I like the fact that while it's cropped, my boobs aren't visible.  I must admit, I don't like that look at all.  Its like the dress maker ran out of material lol.

Now tell me these aren't great looking jeans?  You can change the colors of the accessories or wear them dirty or clean.  I chose dirty cause Chalice doesn't wash...she throws out her clothes after she wears them.

The bangles and watch are from 7891 called 'Aurbierre'.  Its a really chunky over sized set of jewellery that looks great.

This is the 'Garbo Clutch' from Little Petits Details.  God they made great bags. 

I wonder if other bloggers experience my dilemma?  While I love to go shop at all the big events, I tend to stay away because I know by the time I blog the items, other bloggers will have beat me to it and the feeds will be full of the same stuff.  I really strive to feature items I find on my travels that perhaps haven't been blogged, yet I always feel I'm missing out on some fabulous fashion.  I guess you can't be everywhere and do everything eh?

I notice that the 32 official Miss Virtual World candidates have been named for 2014.  Good luck girls because you're going to need it.  It's a marathon undertaking but well worth the experience.  May I be so bold as to say "GO MISS AUSTRALIA"?    I notice that Miss Averil Resident (Miss USA) is chronicling her journey of Miss Virtual World on her blog 'The Lovely World Of SL Modeling', so you might be interested to get the perspective of what it takes from someone in the competition.


HAIR: Sayaka 3 in Moonstone by Diva
SKIN: Leila (Rare #3) in Pale by Belleza (Available at The Arcade)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
EYES: Acute Mesh Eyes in Blue from Crash Republic
TOP: Flirtini by Mon Cherie
JEANS: Superior Jeans from [JP]:dsg  
SHOES: Angelina Peeptoe in Black Python by Gos
BAG: Garbo Clutch by Little Petits Details
BRACELET AND WATCH CAMERA RIGHT: Aurbierre Watch Set by 7891 on Marketplace
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Pearl Rain Bracelet in Onyx by Mandala
RING: I'm Your Present Red Ring by Glow Studio
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Steampunk Open Secret by Pixel Box
LOCATION: San Diego City

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