Monday, September 23, 2013

Back In Black.

I blame the garden for not blogging for a couple of days.  The weather has been beautiful and my lovely garden has been a tad neglected.  I've spent three solid days planting seedlings and doing general maintenance and I'm so happy with the results.  It so pretty with the wisteria, magnolia's, weeping cherry's and my glorious Mt Fuji Cherry Tree all coming into flower.  This prompted me to go to Banana Island to take some shots in my new outfit because it's spring there.

The look started when I found this mini leather skirt at Indented Fashion and grew from there.  I found the lacy top at Graffitiwear which was part of a top and pants set.  I loved the geometric cut of it and thought it would soften the harshness of the leather.

I wore three sets of necklaces from Maxi Gossamer called 'Aphrodite's Dream' using the color change menu to turn all the stones black.  I came across the 'Disco Ball' earrings at Xia's Boutique.   The bag is a winner from Azoury called 'Timeless Bag'.

My shades are from AvaGirl and can be worn on the head or as it when glasses have that option.

To finish off I went straight to Gos for some of their amazing boots.  These are called 'Equestrian Boots' although when I wear top boots for riding, they've never looked this sexy.

Hope you like my naughty black number that I would definitely wear clubbing.  Well maybe without the nip slip:-)


HAIR: Mathilda Bob hair in Platinum by TuTy's
SKIN: Amberly in Europa tone (#12) by Glam Affair
EYES: Sunrise eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Glitter Set 1 by Orc. Inc.
TOP: Black Lace Tee from Graffitiwear
SKIRT: Flare by Indented Fashion
TIGHTS: Black Ripped Nylon Tights by DeeTaleZ
BOOTS: Equestrian Boots by Gos
BAG: Timeless Bag by Azoury
NECKLACES: Aphrodite's Dream by Maxi Gossamer @ Marketplace
EARRINGS: Disco Balls by Xia's Boutique
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Zzoie by Pure Poison
RING CAMERA LEFT: Melissa Ring by Bens Beauty
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Voyante Ring by Je Suis
POSES: Prima Donna pack by TuTy's
LOCATION:  Banana Island

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