Friday, September 13, 2013

Jungle Fever.

I found this dress at Angel Dessous called 'Masala' and just loved the colors...I've dubbed it camouflage couture.  It came with the necklace, earrings and bracelet so accessorizing was easy peasy.  I just added another bracelet (camera left) and 'Voyante' rings both by Je Suis.

I found the bag at Izzies where I initially went to buy the skin I'm wearing called 'Ginevra' in the pale tone.  I didn't own an Izzies skin (god only knows why) but I'm completely won's amazing skin and the faces are ever so pretty.

The hair is great style from LeViere called 'Taylor' in Platinum.

I picked up these fabo shoes at Slink called 'Cassandra' in Forest.

I need to have a serious shop because I'm running out of things to blog. How this has happened I don't know because I always seem to be shopping.  I've been through my 'to blog file' and some of the stuff didn't inspire me anymore...Cha needs to get her run on because the cupboard is getting bare.


HAIR: Taylor in Platinum by LaViere
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale Tone by Izzies
MAKE UP TATTO: Ginevra Green Shadow by Izzies
LIP TATTOO: Ginevra Neutral Matt by Izzies
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
BAG: Heart Bag in Green by Izzies
SHOES: Cassandra Heels in Forest color by Slink
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Sophistique by Je Suis
RINGS: Voyante Gemstone Rings by Je Suis
LOCATION: The Flowout

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