Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stop And Smell The Lilac.

What am I thinking about?  Possibly that I still can't get in to The Arcade.  I want to get my hands on the new Belleza skin but alas, I'm thrilled to have found Al Vulo skins.  This one is called 'Virginia' and what a great idea to find that the Slink skin appliers were contained in the folder when I purchased this.  YAY.  In my opinion this is a divine skin and plan to head on back to Al Vulo for more, more, more.  I love you Hlin Bluebird for making such incredible skins.

I'm thrilled to present this beautiful dress from Zaara called 'Aamani Wrap Dress' in lilac.  When I saw it on the poster I thought it looked stunning, but on, wow it's even more gorgeous.  It took me ages to style because I was stuffing about and getting side-tracked in all the stores I visited.  I wanted some lovely shoes to go with it and ended up at Just Designs.  Thank God I did because I found these unreal shoes called 'Deviant Lilla' and blow me down, they had Al Vulo skins in the hud.  How lucky was that?  Anyway, now I can't wait to buy some more shoes from Just Designs and believe me, there are some amazing shoes.

These have no heel and I couldn't help but think how I'd walk in them in RL.  I know GaGa can do it but I think I'd be walking like an some old knock kneed hooker.  I love shoes but I know my limits.

I was all over the place trying to find THE bag and luckily Zenith didn't disappoint.  That shop never disappoints.  This one is a little gem of rattan, lace and leather.  I chose the Peach color and matching little studded hair bow which seems to work well with the delicate bow belt on the dress.

Words don't express how much I love this dress and how it fits and drapes the body.  Zaara has indeed excelled in making one of the most realistic pieces I've seen.

I must give a big, appreciative shout out to Sasy Scarborough's FLAIR nails.  Not only are they bloody fantastic, she shares them with bloggers and I want her to know how grateful I am.  Hopefully she will read this...THANK YOU SASY.

I've seen that the next lot of contestants for Miss Virtual World have been selected...dang.  I wanted to audition again.  Bugger...may be next year.

I really need to get going on my next Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp.  Could this be any slower to take off?  I don't think so given no-one has yet to claim my $1000L prize but I'm not giving up on it though.  I want it to become big, big, big and be on the tips of everyone's tits. lol

Until next time my nice :-)


HAIR: Delicate in Platinum tone by Vanity Hair
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy by Al Vulo
EYES: Liquid Light Mesh Eye in Monet Dawn color by Mayfly
HANDS: Slink
DRESS: Aamani Wrap Dress by Zaara
BAG: Isabella Mini Rattan Bag by Zenith
HAIR BOW: Ribbon Headband by Zenith
SHOES: Deviant Lilla by Just Designs
RING: Vito by Donna Flora
BANGLE: Pearl Rain Bracelet in Rose Pink by Mandala
EARRINGS: Dream Earrings by Donna Flora
NECKLACE: Love Letters Necklace by Bliensen and MaiTai    

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