Sunday, October 27, 2013

Haughty Houndstooth.

I'm loving the shop Little Bones and recently picked up this smart woolen jacket with houndstooth scarf called 'Liberty Cinched Coat'.  Considering that good fashion lay in the finer details, I love the slip of a leather belt with skull motif clinched in at the waist. Given in 1959, Christian Dior used the black and white houndstooth motif on a line of court shoes, many other fashion houses have since incorporated the print in their fashion lines over the years and was adopted by the upper class as a symbol of wealth.  I love the juxtaposition of the not so overly tailored cut of the woolen jacket with the scarf that is the epitome of high fashion couture.

I managed to find a houndstooth bag from IAF (Designer: Amber Swallowtail) and thought some short gloves would make a smart statement.  These were from Nemesis which is unfortunately now closed but regardless, there are heaps of great shops selling gloves.  I wore two tone tights in black and grey from Sleeping Koala. You'll see in the shoe shot below that the tights are one color in the front and another in the back.

I wanted ear clips rather than dangly ones that would be hidden in the scarf and wore 'Voyante Plain Ear Clips' that are color change from Je Suis.  My bangle is called 'Stone Age' from Gizza.  My neat little bun is from Paper Couture....make me more of these PC PLEASE.  Your texturing of the tattoo layer hair is second to none.

Now are these not a work of art?  I LOVE my GOS 'Storm Sandals to bits.


HAIR: Parted Hair With Messy Bouffant Bun from Paper Couture
SKIN: Liv in Pale tone (make up #7) by Redgrave
LIP TATTOO: Berry from Liv make up by Redgrave
EYES: Gem Eyes in Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
COAT: Liberty Cinched Coat from Little Bones
TIGHTS: Two Tone Tights by Sleeping Koala @ Marketplace
GLOVES: Fabulous Gloves by Nemesis (Designer: Calypso Clip) - no longer operating
BAG: PB Dogstooth Satchel Bag from IAF
SHOES: Storm Sandals by GOS
BRACELET: Stone Age by Gizza
EARRINGS: Voyante Plain Ear Clips by Je Suis

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Worked It Out With A Pencil.

Anyone for a pencil?  Just ask me, I've got plenty in my hat.  I pulled together a neat little look awash with autumn colors but could be great to wear at the races.  I say the races as it's coming up to the Melbourne Cup and in general, the Spring Racing Carnival.  I found the dress at Indie Rose called the 'Peplum' dress featuring the obligatory ruffle sewn at the waist.  The cute pencil hat is from Xen's Hats.

The skin is a new release from Redgrave called 'Liv' and I have it on good authority, Ms Redgrave herself, that she will be releasing Slink hand and feet appliers soon...YAY.  It's a beautiful skin in the pale tone with a lovely selection of make ups and tattoo lipsticks at an affordable price.

The bag is a little beauty from Je Suis called 'Coquet'.  Loving the black trim and bow.

The hair is one of the new releases from Truth called 'Harley'.  Windswept and short, it a lovely style.

The shoes are from Essenz called 'Lisbon' in brown.


HAIR: Harley in Light Blond from Truth
SKIN: Liv in Pale tone (Cat's Eye Make Up) from Redgrave
EYES: Gem Eyes in Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
DRESS: Peplum dress by Indie Rose
HAT: Pencil by Xen's Hats
BAG: Coquet by Je Suis
SHOES: Lisbon by Essenz
LOCATION: Sunshine Mist

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pretty In Paisley.

I popped into BeloD for a look yesterday and spotted this 'Eden' dress in black and white paisley that commanded my attention.  Yes the cut of the dress is simple but the pattern definitely transforms it and certainly get's you noticed.

The hair is a new release from Truth called 'Faye', a lovely soft up do that he does so well.

The bangles were purchased at Designer Circle from Modern Couture and come in black, silver and gold and are called 'Gaki' as was the dewy feminine skin from WOW called 'Kate'.  Thank you WOW for providing the SLINK hand/feet appliers for sale with the skin.  I really appreciate it when skin designers make it easy to find their appliers and can only wonder why every skinner hasn't got on board with this.  It would have to be an awesome must have skin for me to buy it if they haven't joined SLINK in providing appliers.

The bag which I know has been shown on the feeds before but deserves regular viewing is from Le Primitif fittingly called 'Leather Swan Tote'.  I love this so much and encourage designers to come up with out of the box bags.  If you haven't already noticed something about me, I'm a HUGE shoe and bag fan. 

Now these totally fabulous shoes are from Redgrave called 'Helena' and for around $660L you can purchase the 12 fat pack and the hud allows you to come up with all sorts of wonderful combinations.  Redgrave's shoe collection is outstanding in my opinion and I've never been disappointed with any shoe from there.  I plan to purchase their entire collection as money permits.

Here's a closer view.

I'm in shoe lust with these and love how well they work with this little paisley dress.


HAIR: Faye in Light Blond by Truth
SKIN: Kate by WOW Skins @ Designer Circle
EYES: Melanie Eyes in Light Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Black Drama by A.S.S.
DRESS: Eden dress from BeloeD
HAIR ACCESSORY: Starburst Hair Stick from Chop Zuey Couture
SHOES: Helena by Redgrave @ Marketplace
BAG: Leather Swan Tote by Le Primitif
BANGLES: Gaki by Modern Couture @ Designer Circle
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Christian Ring by Le Primitif
RING CAMERA LEFT: Melissa Ring by Bens Beauty
NECKLACE AND EARRINGS: Heart Flame by Chop Zuey Couture

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Orange Ladybird.

You'll need to put on your shades for this look sweeties.  It's a bright fun look from Living Imagination called 'Sweet Rain' in Orange Ladybird.  I loved the coat that drapes long at the front but tapers up short at the back and covers the head to keep your hair dry.  I decided to pop on my group gift hat from C'est la vie called 'Pretty Big Fedora'.

I again visited EarthStones and purchased a necklace called 'Neisha' in Tigers Eye. 

I found this Vogue bag at Solidea Folies which can be worn on the arm or in the hand.

The star studded boots are from ShuShu called 'Trafo' and are amazing in their detail.

I just looked at the long range weather forecast and its not looking too good for my birthday party on Saturday.  Damn Melbourne weather.  Four seasons in one day is oh so true.


SKIN: Gem in Pearl tone by LeLutka
LASHES: From LeLutka
LIP TATTOO: Gem Lipsticks in Jaffa from LeLutka
EYES: Melanie Eyes in Light Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Black Drama by A.S.S.
COAT: Sweet Rain in Orange Ladybird by Living Imagination
HAT: Pretty Big Fedora (group gift) by C'est la vie
BAG: About Women by Solidea Folies
SHOES: Trafo Boots by ShuShu
NECKLACE: Neisha in Tigers Eye by EarthStones
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Christian Ring by Le Primitif
RING CAMERA LEFT: Johanna Ring in Amber from EarthStones
LOCATION: The Pixel Bean Coffee House and Cafe

Saturday, October 19, 2013

You Scary Bitch.

Hello darlings.  Hope you are having a fab weekend?  Today I've put together a rather unusual outfit that started when I found this jumper with hood at Living Imagination.  I love it when I find something a bit different and the hood just did it for me.  The material is replicated on the band around the bottom of the jumper and it's a cutie.  I hadn't been to this store before so again, I was delighted to have found another place to squander my L's.  No squander isn't the right word...let's just say spend!

The top is called 'Oh My Scary Jumper' but the little munchkin on the front is too sweet to be scary.  Now finding the pants was a mammoth effort simply because finding baby blue to match the fabric wasn't easy but I got lucky at Artilleri with these capri's.  I swear I'm like a dog with a bone when I'm looking for what my mind's eye has envisaged and can spend hours touring the grid.  I also found two rings in powder blue called 'Rapsody Ring' in Ice from H.M.A.E.M. that sit up the fingers.  I love them.  The bangles are from Willow and the earrings from LaGyo.

I purchased this bag from ShuShu not so long ago and was looking for something to wear with it.  I love the mishmash of colors and textures that are so boho.  Called the 'Good Journey' bag, its ever so well made.  I brought out my fabulous 'Missy' shoes from Slave where the construction of these just knocks my socks off...if I were wearing any of course.

I found this sim called 'Aldous Huxley' where the pictures are taken.  Don't go there if you're feeling blue because its all blue and may just tip you over :-)


HAIR: Hair Base in Essence color from Vanity Hair
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale by Izzies
EYESHADOW TATTOO: Ginevra eyeshadow in Teal by Izzies
EYELINER: Ginevra eyeliner by Izzies
LIP TATTOO: Geanna Lipgloss in Pastel Rose by Izzies
EYES: Melanie Eyes in Light Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
TOP AND HOOD: Oh My Scary Jumper from Living Imagination
PANTS: Ruby Capris in Baby Blue from Artilleri
BAG: Good Journey by ShuShu
SHOES: Missy by Slave
BANGLES: Turquoise And Leather Cuff from Willow
RINGS: Rhapsody Rings in Ice from H.M.A.E.M.
EARRINGS: Morgana by LaGyo @ Collabor88
LOCATION: Aldous Huxley

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Curtsy To The Princess.

Long time no SLee.  I've been busy, busy, busy in RL but squeezed in this post 'cause I miss you.  Yes YOU!  Today I've got a look that emanated from the gorgeous pink 'Princess' jacket I found at LaRosa Virtual World Fashion.  You'll see where the princess comes in with the next shot.  I found myself at Little Bones a short time later and found the fabulous pink and orange 'Ombra Tote' and that was it, I merged pink and orange for my look.  I also found the super fantastic 'Elise' leggings at Little Bones and basically fell over myself purchasing them knowing I had myself a dynamic little outfit.

The hair I purchased from sYs Designs called 'Otess' and wore the orange option.  I'm not quite sure what the thing is on top of the head but love it just the same.

I found this great top to wear under the jacket from Insaya called 'Ripped Lycra and Red Bra'.

What I really loved about the jacket apart from the stunning quality was the diamond studded princess crown at the back.  You know what they say, if the jacket fits and all that.  Yes there's an element of princess in me and I certainly wouldn't mind a piece of Prince Harry, after all, we've matching hair.

I sincerely do love these heels called 'Deborah' from Redgrave and used the color change hud to match them with the jacket.  My earrings and necklace are called 'Zahra' in Amber from EarthStones.  I hadn't visited there for a while and was mightily impressed by their wonderful selection.

Oh my rezz day came and went and I totally forgot about it.  My RL birthday is in two weeks and I'm having a party.  About 40 people, some I haven't seen in ages so it should be a great night if the weather holds.  I've put my order in for 30℃ (86℉) with no wind.  The cocktails will be flowing so if its crappy weather I'll just drink more and hopefully not even care.  Last year my beautiful mum died 4 days before my birthday. Needless to say it was a horrible day so I'll have to party twice as hard because that's what mum would want me to do...but not to the point of getting messy lol.


HAIR: Otess in Blond by sYs Designs
SKIN: Candy in America tone (#2) by Glam Affair
EYES: Melanie Eyes in Light Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
JACKET:  Pink Princess Jacket by LaRosa Virtual World Fashion
TOP: Ripped Lycra and Red Bra by Insaya
PANTS: Elise leggings in Orange by Little Bones
SHOES: Deborah by Redgrave
BAG: Ombra Tote in Pink/Orange by Little Bones
RING: Princess Ring by Cluny @ Marketplace
EARRINGS AND NECKLACE:  Zahra in Amber from EarthStones

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nya's Made A Beautiful Outfit In The Name 'Donna Flora'.

When I went to fabulous Nya's shop the other day, I was drawn to this outfit as you walk in the doors.  When I discovered it was called 'Donna Flora', well that made it even more special.  I still think of her.  The image of her on video singing 'Wonderful World' is ingrained on my memory knowing that her lovely face and voice has left this physical world.  But as we all know, her legacy lives on in our minds and in our inventories.  I thought what a lovely thing to do, create a beautiful outfit in her name.

Contained in the folder is the top, belt, skirt and shoes.  All amazing pieces in their own right.  I chose the orange colored outfit because this color symbolizes happiness to me.

I hunted high and low for an orange bag that would be the best match for this outfit and after TP'ing for an hour, did a check on Marketplace and found it at the Vendetta store on Marketplace.  The strings of color change pearls are from Maxi Gossamer.  The hair is Diva's contribution to Collabor88, a lovely curly wurly do in the color Moonstone.

The wedge sandals that come with the dress are so lovely.  All in all, I am so happy to wear this outfit knowing that the inspiration for it was one and only Donna Flora.  Such a beautiful person is surely up in heaven dressing those with no style :-) 


HAIR: Tina in Moonstone by Diva available at Collabor88
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale tone by Izzies
EYES: Deep Skye Mesh Eye in London Fog by Mayfly
LIP TATTOO: Orange Lipstick for Ginevra skin by Izzies
EYESHADOW TATTOO: Coral eyeshadow for Ginevra skin by Izzies
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
SKIRT, BELT, TOP AND SHOES: Donna Flor by Nya's
BAG: Ivanca Bag in Orange from Vendetta @ Marketplace
NECKLACE: Pearls from Maxi Gossamer @ Marketplace
EARRINGS: Ayelet Earrings in Gold and Orange from Finesmith Designs
RINGS: Angelica's Ankh Of Power from Maxi Gossamer @ Marketplace available at Collabor88

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Beauty Of Aboriginal Art.

Today I'm blogging an outfit very close to my heart because part of it depicts our wonderful Aboriginal heritage and the stunning art our indigenous people create.  To me there is nothing more beautiful than Aboriginal art and the stories behind each symbol are amazing.  Not that I'm an expert but I sincerely appreciate the fact that our land, Australia, was inhabited by people with incredible survival skills that put us settlers to shame.  We all know that Australia was not Terra Nullius (Latin for land belonging to no-one) and that the British lied when they claimed this country as a colony.  The Aboriginal people were killed and treated abominably and for that I am ashamed and in my opinion we should never forget it and know that the word 'sorry' doesn't even come close to it being alright.  Although we must move forward but at the same time we should never forget our history is not a glorious one.  Obviously its a contentious issue but this is my firm belief particularly after completing a law paper on the inequality within the criminal justice system between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.  I was stunned by my research to say the least.

The skirt depicts Aboriginal inspired art and I found it at Indented Fashion.  Since purchasing it I had trouble thinking how to style it.  The skirt, while not mesh, does have a mesh insert between the legs. I searched everywhere for a top that also showed Aboriginal art but just couldn't find anything.  I thought I'd just find a small top in brown which I did at League.  I also purchased the 'Grandad Braces' there.

I found the glasses in Leopard print from Le Primitif which come with either clear or dark lenses.  God they make great stuff.

I purchased the lovely necklace, earrings and bracelets also from League called 'Coin Collector'.  I so love the bucket bags from Zenith so decided to purchase the fat pack of solid colors because they're just so perfect in every way.  The ring camera right is from Le Primitif and the one on the left from Je Suis.

I found the boots a while ago from Marshmallow's.  Aren't they amazing?  The detail is utterly impeccable and I think you should all go check out the store.

I'm wearing my 'Ladyboy' hair from Vanity Hair because I simply adore it. In RL my hair is past my shoulders but I'm thinking of getting it cut like this.  Hmmmm will require a lot of contemplation because I remember crying my eyes out at 16 when I got my hair cut short.


HAIR: Ladyboy by Vanity Hair
SKIN: Holly in Pale tone by Izzies
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Blue/Grey by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH:  By Flair
TOP: Grandad Vest in Brown by League
BRACES: Grandad Braces in Brown by League
SKIRT: Dazed by Indented Fashion
TIGHTS: Cozy Tights in Brown by Riddle
SHOES: Wedge Boots in Light Brown by Marshmallow's
BAG: Mini Bucket Bag in Brown by Zenith
GLASSES: Half Frame Round Glasses in Leopard from Le Primitif
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Christian Ring by Le Primitif
RING CAMERA LEFT: Eternelle by Je Suis
LOCATION: Outside of Izzie's main store.


Chalice's Private SLife After I Log Off.

Oh Berry, you've done it again!  What a great idea Winter J. to imagine what our SL alter ego's do after we log off.  Well I might have known that Cha throws off her clothes and goes BARE back riding but is using a saddle.  The bare back refers to her lack of clothing.  Having a horse myself, I knew Cha and I had something in common other than fashion.

She's riding a beautiful Friesian stallion through the forest at dawn. She's a sneaky one is Cha because she never tells me what she does when left to her own devices but I'm glad she's not off pole dancing at a strip club which is what I suspected.

Please note for IHEART SL feed, she has nude colored undies on so is not nakie.  Certainly don't want to be removed from that feed lol.

HAIR: Plume by Ploom
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone by Al Vulo
UNDIES: Desiderio in Nude by Fishy Strawberry
HORSE: Friesian by AKK Horse Ranch
LOCATION: Voltai Range Casmu 

Just Another Day At The Office.

Hello darlings.  Today I've put together another look for the office although I'm not sure if my eye make up would go down too well but then again I do lean toward the dramatic. Always have and probably always will. 

I found the blazer suit at Gizza and loved the austerity of the jacket.  I wore a black head scarf from Le Primitif and efl lashes from Boudoir.

I found a great leather mesh skirt that worked so well under the blazer from 22769 along with the black and white bag.   I do appreciate shops providing demo's particularly with mesh so you can see if there's any poking out through other mesh items.  Sometimes its an easy fix by putting on a larger size or tweaking your shape but sometimes it just won't work at all so it negates the need to spend the money.

I found the cross rings at Le Primitif and if you look closely you'll see my bracelet from Mischa Fine Jewellery has my initials on it.  It is actually a mens bracelet but I loved it so much I snapped it up.  The watch is from Gizza called 'Asia'.  Even down to my nails from Flair I've kept the black and white theme.

The boots are a new release from Gizza called 'Lisha' and are fabulous.


HAIR: Sachi in Platinum from Taketomi
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone from Al Vulo
EYE MAKE UP TATTOO: Elf lashes by Boudoir
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Blue/grey by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
SKIRT: Leather Mini-skirt from 22769
HEADSCARF: By Le Primitif
BOOTS: Lisha in Black from Gizza
BAG: Veronica by 22769
RINGS: Christian Ring in Onyz by Le Primitif
BRACELET: Mens Studded Initial Cuff by Misha Fine Jewellery
WATCH: Asia by Gizza
EARRINGS: Heart Flam With Black Diamond earrings from Chop Zuey Couture
LOCATION:  On the pier of 'Our Island'

Saturday, October 5, 2013

You Came In With Your Wrecking Balls...Then I Kicked Them.

Sometimes I see an outfit that kind of isn't me but the colors and textures completely draw me in and I snap it up.  This outfit from Gizza did just that.  It was the meld of blue and aqua and sparkle that said buy me.  It's called 'Rich and Famous' and is definitely not for the faint of heart fashion wise.  I remembered only just purchasing this teal make up tattoo (lips and eyes) from Lovely Mi and was thrilled to have found something flashy to wear with it.   The dress has ostrich feathers with a silver spikes poking out and a silver fringe belt that drapes down each leg.

I don't even remember buying these great heels called 'Missy' from Slave.  They come with a hud that allows 7 texture color changes so you can wear the shoes in lots of combinations.  Aren't they scrumpalicious?  Someone on my flickr page made a comment when I posted a shot of some other shoes that they were having a shoegasm.  I think thats exactly what I have constantly with all the fabulous shoes available these days.

I purchased the cute silver clutch and precious stone bracelet from Chop Zuey Couture.  The other bracelet is from NC Paris.  I found this great hair style at Vanity Hair called 'Ladyboy'.  There you go Ramonzita, I really am a lady boy now.  Speaking of which, she/he's gone quiet.  Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing actually but like a fart under a doona, it will escape eventually.  Still selling ripped shapes on Marketplace under the name of Ramitachica so is still among us.  Whatever you call yourself, you'll always be just plain RAMBO to me dear.

I took these pictures at an amazing sim called 'Dead Pool'.  I have a weird fascination for anything derelict, particularly amusement parks, so this was right up my alley.  I think it goes way back into childhood when clowns scared the bejesus out of me as did the game where you put ping pong balls in the clowns mouth as their head turned.  When in SL and visiting derelict amusement parks of which there have been a few over the years, it seriously takes me right back to being a kid but isn't that why we like scarey movies?  It challenges our fears.


HAIR: Lady Boy in Platinum by Vanity Hair
SKIN:Virginia in Fairy tone by Al Vulo
LIP AND EYE SHADOW TATTOO: Debauchery in Teal by Lovely Mi
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
NAILS: Lustre by A.S.S.
DRESS: Rich and Famous in Blue by Gizza
BAG: Starla Clutch in White by Chop Zuey Couture
SHOES: Missy by Slave
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: A Wink And A Jig bracelet by Chop Zuey Couture
BRACELET CAMERA RIGHT: Turquoise Bangle by NC Paris
EARRINGS: Native Bead Earrings by So Many Styles
LOCATION: Dead Pool   

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wanna See My Pom Pom's?

I love dresses and I love even more that with the introduction of mesh, dresses have improved out of sight.  This gorgeous number I picked up at ArisAris called 'Red and Black Pom Poms' but I'm kicking myself because it was only after taking the pics that I realised it came with a red necklace and a feathered belt.  I do apologise to ArisAris that I was so stupid and did not represent their dress in its entirety.  Regardless, I still adore it, particularly the material texture that resembles heavy thick woven linen.  Because I'm a leggings lover, I popped on these 3/4 length one's from Gawk.

I'm wearing another favorite hair from Tableau Vivant called 'Campbell'.  It comes with an extension for an even fuller look but I haven't shown it here.

The bag was a great pick up from Revanche called 'Gina's Glock Clutch' that has gun emblem's on the front.  I purchased it on Marketplace because I was running out of time to get this look blogged.  As you know, I'm a great supporter of actually visiting shops in-world to keep them there and not exclusively selling on Marketplace.

The stunning bracelets and watch I purchased from Gizza called 'Asia' and the detailing is wonderful to see close up. 

I found these fab shoes at Essenz called 'Paris' in Red.  The detailing is magnificent; however, I did have to fiddle around with them a lot so that they fit my leg perfectly but well worth the trouble for shoes of this caliber.  They come with blender socks but I'm really rubbish at skin matching but got there in the end and this fixed the issue I had with the seam of the leg showing.

My pics are taken at a beautiful sim called 'Reflections of Beauty' and know you will love it for photo taking as I did.


HAIR: Campbell by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Leila in Pale from Belleza
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by from IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
DRESS: Red and Black Pom Pom's by ArisAris
LEGGINGS: Black Sports Leggings by Gawk
BAG: Gina's Glock Clutch by Revanche @ Marketplace
SHOES: Paris in Red by Essenz
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Princess Ring in Red by Cluny @ Marketplace

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I do so love lime.  In my Corona's, in my mojito's and on my body.  I found these low ride, low crutch beauties at Legal Insanity the other day.  Perusing the clothes in all the rooms I was struck and impressed by the beautiful presentation of the way they market their label.  In terms of the vendor posters, they give it to you on a gold platter.  Their style from top to toe is gorgeous.

I went off looking for something to wear with them and found this cutie of a top at So Many Styles.  Because they literally have so many styles, I purchased the bag, earrings and necklace too.  I purchased the butterfly hair accessory from one of my fave's, Tram.

The hair is a voluminous up-do from Miss C. While I love to wear my hair long, I do love to show off earrings so am always looking for hair that allows me to do this.  The boots are from Maitreya called 'August Ankle Boots' shown in the grey color.

I've been reading with interest on Plurk people asking 'what do you want to know about me?'  Being one who fears rejection and an empty non-replied Plurk, I haven't participated but I'll share two.

  1. I collect jim-jams (aka as pajamas).  I have about 50 tops and bottoms because I LOOOOVE to come home and get into them.  I'm a bit like the Aussie female version of Hef but I stress without the white socks. And they're not daggy drab PJ's.  They're fabulous colored one's that I can co-ordinate.  In RL I really truly do love fashion and shopping while at home I'm super casual but am a quick change if anyone rings and says 'hey let's go out'.  If my hair's not looking too good I pop it up in a chignon, take 15 minutes for make up, a quick spray of perfume and I'm off.  I can do it because I have two walk in robes that I keep in perfect order and a wall of shoe racks in boxes with a pictures of the shoes on the front.   Thanks mum for turning the once chaotic me into a neat freak.
  2. I collect perfumes.  Ever since I saw the movie 'Someone To Watch Over Me' and the magnificent glass perfume cabinets in Mimi Rogers' dressing room, I dreamed of having a cabinet filled with perfumes.  I got my wish when I renovated my bathroom and found this wooden and glass cabinet which over the years I have filled with perfumes.  People know that is my thing and have given them as presents and many I have purchased duty free when traveling.

My absolute weakness.
Anyway sweeties, remember to keep supporting SL designers so we can keep being beautiful.


HAIR: Vol in Blond from Miss C
SKIN: Holly Candy skin in Pale tone by Izzies
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Metallic Nails by Izzies
TOP: Loose Deco Tee in Grey by So Many Styles
PANTS: Shefunky Pants in Grass by Legal Insanity
SHOES: August Ankle Boots in Dark Grey by Maitreya
BAG: Baggy Bag in Gold by So Many Styles
HAIR ADORNMENT: Butterfly Hair Accessory in Yellow by Tram
NECKLACE:  Big Summer Necklace in Lime by So Many Styles
EARRINGS: Native Bead Earrings by So Many Styles
RING: Ring of Passion in Green by O.M.E.N.
BRACELETS: Woven Chain Bracelets by Glow Studio
LOCATION:  Our Island