Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Another Day At The Office.

Hello darlings.  Today I've put together another look for the office although I'm not sure if my eye make up would go down too well but then again I do lean toward the dramatic. Always have and probably always will. 

I found the blazer suit at Gizza and loved the austerity of the jacket.  I wore a black head scarf from Le Primitif and efl lashes from Boudoir.

I found a great leather mesh skirt that worked so well under the blazer from 22769 along with the black and white bag.   I do appreciate shops providing demo's particularly with mesh so you can see if there's any poking out through other mesh items.  Sometimes its an easy fix by putting on a larger size or tweaking your shape but sometimes it just won't work at all so it negates the need to spend the money.

I found the cross rings at Le Primitif and if you look closely you'll see my bracelet from Mischa Fine Jewellery has my initials on it.  It is actually a mens bracelet but I loved it so much I snapped it up.  The watch is from Gizza called 'Asia'.  Even down to my nails from Flair I've kept the black and white theme.

The boots are a new release from Gizza called 'Lisha' and are fabulous.


HAIR: Sachi in Platinum from Taketomi
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone from Al Vulo
EYE MAKE UP TATTOO: Elf lashes by Boudoir
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Blue/grey by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
SKIRT: Leather Mini-skirt from 22769
HEADSCARF: By Le Primitif
BOOTS: Lisha in Black from Gizza
BAG: Veronica by 22769
RINGS: Christian Ring in Onyz by Le Primitif
BRACELET: Mens Studded Initial Cuff by Misha Fine Jewellery
WATCH: Asia by Gizza
EARRINGS: Heart Flam With Black Diamond earrings from Chop Zuey Couture
LOCATION:  On the pier of 'Our Island'

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