Monday, May 30, 2011

BoHo HoBo Supports Afghani Women and Children - Part Un

I am always honored when someone sends me something that has meaning beyond just the actual product. Recently I received a lovely note card and outfits from Trill Zapatero, the designer behind BoHo HoBo, an amazing, dynamic and bold label that I had not known about. Trill wondered if I might be interested in blogging her outfits but it was when I read the story behind the label that warmed my heart.

All proceeds from the sales of items at BoHo HoBo goes to RAWA , the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. RAWA will use the money to fund schools, orphanages, clinics, literacy programs and income generating projects. It was rather ironic as I have always held a fascination with the Islamic way of life and came to appreciate it even more during my travels to Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. In saying this, the experiences of women and children in Afghanistan has been unimaginable as victims of war, where their standing has been diminished over the years and is only getting worse despite many media reports to the contrary.

To highlight what is going on, Trill has also made an Afghanistan Museum in SL that is a visual journey of the displaced and disenfranchised women and children in war torn Afghanistan. I took a visit and to say it was heart breaking is an understatement. Alternatively, you can read about the Afghanistan Museum on line here. Trill was also interviewed on Metaverse TV's MBC News - watch here.

Trill's commitment to RAWA is so wonderful and I'd have totally forgiven her if the clothing was, shall we say, not what I would normally like to review. BUT, BUT, BUT, it was FANTASTIC. So fantastic that I want to show them in three different posts. Trill, her amazing designs and her generous spirit deserves all the publicity that can come her way.

Ladies and germs, here is BoHo HoBo look number one.

The BoHo look:

Hair: Inverted in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Belle in Pale tone by Natural Beauty (new release).
Nails: Pink by J's Mainstore.
Top and Pants: BoHo HoBo.
Shoes: Summer Clog in Pink by K&C Fashion.
Necklace: Chalice necklace made by marcopol oh as a gift from my friend Vixie.
Necklace: C Pendant made by Diarmuid Miklos.
Ring: Pink Flower by LeeZu.
Bracelet: Red Bangle by +plus.
Bag: Glam Tote in Blue by +plus.
Shot on location at Cafe and Green Gables.

Look out for part deux.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Material Girl.

First of all, I wanted to say an embarrassingly late, THANK YOU, to Shay from Retail Therapy with Shay who so kindly gave me a blogger award. Shay has one of the most dynamic, up-to-the-second blogs in the SL Blogasphere and coming from her, this award is very special to me. I apologize for being so tardy in my response Shay but I was tickled tangerine when I read it on the feed. Thank you precious.

Today I have another outfit from Chantkare that was a must have and a new skin range from Miah McAuley's Natural Beauty.

The outfit is called 'Lil 40's Ensemble'. Don't you just love the word ensemble? So quaint. I loved the fact that it consists of two completely separate patterns and materials. The skirt has a resize script so easy peasy to get it looking just right.

Now look at this lovely skin from Natural Beauty. Miah has excelled herself with the beautiful Bella range available in Pale, Medium, Tan and Dark Tan. Each pack has 10 make up styles to choose from in addition to cleavage and brow options. Thanks so much Miah for sending it to me and I'll be wearing this a lot. Bella's soft and dewy face is just adorable.

Hair: Veruca 2 in Swedish from Truth.
Skin: Bella in Pale from Natural Beauty.
Eyes: Icey by WAP Designs.
Top and Skirt: Lil 40's Ensemble by Chantkare.
Shoes: Hana by Maitreya.
Necklace: Modavia 20,000 member gift by Kunglers.
Bracelets: Violet Bangles by tesoromio.
Shopping Bags: Shopping Gift Bags from Juicy (modifiable to change color).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chant Kare As Loud As You Can.

Chantkare is indeed one of my favorite labels and I thought I better stop being a slack old tart and show my recently purchased LBD with a twist. Called the Jan dress, its a sophisticated black dress with a resplendent flower design on the bodice and narrow ribbon belt around the waist. Me loves.

Hair and base: Kana Platinum and base from Miamai.
Skin: Charlie (Violet Stripe) in Milk tone by De La Soul (blogger gift).
Eyes: Grey eyes by Mozz.
Dress: Jan by Chantkare.
Stockings: Pants taken from Une Femme de Fer outfit from Tres Jolie.
Shoes: Soho Boots in black suede by Maitreya.
Bag: White Canvass Tote from Meiling. (free gift)
Location: Virtual Decay.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free To Look Stunning At World's End Garden.

Most of us love a freebie and one that is of stunning quality is even better. A few posts ago I promised to show you a gift that I picked up from a most beautiful sim called World's End Garden designed by Lucia Genesis. You have to go and explore if you haven't already and pick up two amazing outfits and a hat that is a gift when you join the group.

Me being me, I mixed it up a bit and wore the La Nuit Du Chasseur outfit that includes shoes with the skirt from the Requiem Pour Une S Ur Perdue outfit. Look at that lace's amazing and I'm sure would go with so many of your outfits for mix n match individuality.

Apart from my Belleza skin, earrings from Plus, Miamai hair base and Je Suis hair, pretty much I'm a FREE spirit.

Thank you Lucia for the gifts and the amazing sim you have created. You are such a talent.

Ok, one post over, a heap more to go. I have so many outfits to show from my shopping spree. Have a great week darlings.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Power Of Baby Pink.

I don't care what anyone says. Boys love pink and surprise, surprise, boys love girls in pink. They may never admit it, but they do.

I'm very partial to pink and white and when I saw the Liv Pink dress at Glam Affair, well, it was on my back before the Cha-Ching stopped sounding. I thought I would create something pretty and feminine.

I love being a girl.

Hair: Charli in Natural Blond by Maitreya.
Skin: Leona in Natural by Glam Affair.
Eyes: Grey by Mozz.
Dress: Liv Pink by Glam Affair.
Shoes: Plastique by Kalnins.
Bag: White Short Feather bag by Muism.
Hat: le lis blanc du roi available for free from Worlds End.

Location: Milvus.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kenya Dreaming.

When I was wandering around Aliza Karu's shop, AngelsDemons Creations, I found a wardrobe containing Kenyan inspired items and I had to have me some of it. I purchased the Project for Kenya skirt made by WAP Designs and matching Marie Candy Pumps called Africa made by Les Petites Details or LpD as they are commonly known.

The collection of Kenyan inspired clothing has been a collaboration by the Italian Taste group who are a group of Italian dealers specialized in different business fields as clothing, furniture, poses and animations. The Italian Taste designers support the Harambee Gwassi Kenya project with a complete outfit sold to raise money for the "Harambee Schools" in Kenya, a project followed by Loredana Loring and Lotrec Oh in second life.

The entire outfit is made up of:

- accessories from Solidea folies, a mask, two rings, bracelets and a giraffe with poses

- stool and microfone from Italica Interior Design

- jacket and waistcoat from AD Creations

- skirt with pants from Wap design

- shoes from Les Petits Details

SL really has some wonderful, altruistic people in its population and supporting such a worthy cause is even more reason to purchase some of the fabulous Kenyan inspired pieces for sale. Here is your TP to Aliza Karu's shop to look at what is available in the wardrobe.

Here is the official poster from Italian Taste:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm DeLa Arted.

This is without doubt my worst title ever BUT I am actually delighted with the new DeLa outfit called Leta. It's silky soft and the muted colors add an earthiness I love. I purchased the skirt and top in Indigo and for contrast, opted for the Sage jacket.

I love this because it's different and expresses a casual elegance. I went through my bag wardrobe and found the Dream Silver clutch from Baiastice a good match.

I think my new Grace heels from DeLa in Silver are a good fit too. The dekade skin has a fabulous hair layer with hair attachment and just perfectly understated to allow the outfit to feature.

I think Chalice looks very classy in this fabulous DeLa creation.

Hair base and attachment: From Dekade Skins.
Skin: Dahlia in Sunkissed by Dekade Skins.
Tattoo eye make up: Eye Pop Lime by cheLLe.
Eyes: Grey by Mozz.
Nails: From J's Main Shop.
Skirt, Top and Jacket: Leta from DeLa in Indigo and Sage.
Shoes: Grace in Silver by DeLa.
Bag: Dream Silver by Baiastice.
Earrings: Tassel Earrings from Chantkare.
Location: Tableau.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Conformity Is Boring.

Okay so this is not my usual look...or is it? I don't think I have a 'usual'. Just like my eclectic taste in music, I can go from twin set and pearls to torn tights and most likely, all in the same outfit. I hope you see the symbolism in the image. You make a statement when you dare to be different.

In case you haven't had the pleasure, meet Ms Aliza Karu, designer of Aliza Karu Shop - Angels and Deamons. She made this outfit called Button True Pink which she has kindly given as a group gift. Oh Em Gee. Her stuff is amazing and has a creative depth to it. I can see elements of goth, punk, steam-punk with color, couture and fantasy just to name a few in her work. What it definitely isn't though is bland.

I so appreciate the uniqueness and twist of her designs. These are the kind of designers that excite me because its such a challenge to incorporate one or two key pieces of their non-traditional creations with the more traditional to create something WOW. Do go and have a look at Aliza's masterpieces but look closely. The attention to detail and unexpected quirkiness is quite genius. I have worn this as it was designed but look forward to fusing Aliza's work with other designers I love.

Hair and hair base: Valentine Group Gift from Vanity Hair.
Skin: Elena from LAQ.
Eyes: Blue 02 from Mozz.
Glasses: Made for me by Nina Singer.
Nails: Je Suis.
Dress/socks/shoes: Button True Pink by Aliza Karu Shop.
Location: MiC. (seriously brilliant)


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boho With A Side Of Black.

I do appreciate a great print and a bold dash of color. I found this little boutique style shop a couple of days ago on the Juicy sim. Called Boho (designer Redsoledrea Gossipgirl), I found a modest but fabulous selection of pieces and I fell in love with this top called 'Donna' shown here in Venetian Red.  Sits perfectly and the bow on the cleavage really well placed.  Looking forward to more from Ms Gossipgirl.

I lucked in with a couple of great freebies. The necklace is from Justice and the bag from Meiling, both group gifts.  You know you love the gifts when you would definitely buy them.  Thank you darlings.

I'm in love with my new BIG hair called Momo from Vanity Hair, a recent release. I so love Tabata Jewell's imagination and execution when it comes to cutting edge hair. Me hearts you big time.

The leather Oleta shorts are a new purchase from Ibizarre although the fab little stockings 'n' suspenders purchased from Barbee may not be available these days; however were produced by Natsu Serevi if you wanted to contact her in world.

Hair base: Vanity Hair.
Skin: LAQ.
Eyes: Mozz.
Eyeliner (tattoo): EyePop in Guava from cheLLE.
Shoes: Digna from Kalnins.
Left earring: Timeless Hoops from Encore (designer Tracy Scofield) no longer available.
Right earring: Black Shadow from Glow Studio.
Bangle: Gift from Fairy Tail.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ibizarre? Ubizarre?

WHY do I come up with these ridiculous titles???? hehe

What isn't ridiculous is my appreciation of Ibizarre. If you haven't been there, you simply must.

I have a lots of different stuff to blog as a result of my recent shop-a-thon at a few of my favorite shops and this is something I picked up at Ibizarre. I loved the shape of it really. The high waist of the tweed skirt with simple body hugging light black sweater top. Sometimes simple is all that's needed to make an elegant statement.

I'm having great fun checking out photography locations on my oh so secret web site that I promised my friend I would never divulge. These shots are taken at the Garden of Origin at Heaven Lake. I'll be showing you a couple of excellent freebie outfits from there too.

This Jupiter necklace from Swallowtail has been around for a long time now but the quality and design are so wonderful it deserves to forever be plucked out the jewelery box for many encore's.

Hope you like my simple little look from Ibizarre just perfect for a fun day in SL. And the best never get sore feet even wearing these towering heels from N-Core.

Hair: Rain in Sweden tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Castella by Glam Affair.
Eyes: Icy by WAP Designs.
Lashes: Tattoo layer from Miamai.
Eyeliner: Tattoo layer from Miamai.
Top and Skirt: From Ibizarre.
Shoes: Soul from N-Core.
Bag: Soho from Your Skin & Your Shape.
Necklace: Jupiter from Swallowtail.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow. Chalice Sacks The Stylist.

God that Chalice can be a bitch. Just because her hairdresser didn't conceive the amazing Rykiel style from the hair house of LeLutka first, she sacked him, withdrawing her custom after many years of monogamy to diva stylist Dree McTavish. He's said to be utterly devastated and has allegedly waxed his entire body in protest.

She isn't worried though. She's been showing it off to absolutely everyone. She may not have worn it first, but she believes she's worn it best. Chalice is such a bitch.

Anyway she did want to share this outfit with you, particularly the flower emblazoned shoes from DeLa. The corky wedges with patent leather and a choice of flower colors are just the sweetest and look a treat with the Leather Prom Dress that is a FREEBIE from Bottle Bird.

Of course here's the hair that has caused the furor but you can see why. It's brilliant. Oh and look at the cute Keira neck ribbon from DeLa that can also be worn on the arms. Cool eh?

Now I was being rather lazy taking these pics at home but at the same time I did want to give you a little look of my new place. It's the AMAZING, WONDERFUL, STUNNING new house from Fornicola Butuzova's PreFabulous brand called Lanai Beach House. It's not overly huge which I like. A quality build with out of this world textures that is cozy and not prim heavy.

Anyway darlings, check out the style card and if you see the hairless hairdresser Dree McTavish around, give him a tissue will you because he's such a cry baby.

Hair: Rykiel in Powder from LeLutka.
Skin: Elena in Pale by LAQ.
Eyes: By WAP.
Dress: Leather Prom Dress by Bottle Bird (free).
Neck Tie: From DeLa.
Shoes: Monica Flower Wedge Sandal by DeLa.
Bag: Satin Round Bag by House Of London.
Nails: By JeSuis.