Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free To Look Stunning At World's End Garden.

Most of us love a freebie and one that is of stunning quality is even better. A few posts ago I promised to show you a gift that I picked up from a most beautiful sim called World's End Garden designed by Lucia Genesis. You have to go and explore if you haven't already and pick up two amazing outfits and a hat that is a gift when you join the group.

Me being me, I mixed it up a bit and wore the La Nuit Du Chasseur outfit that includes shoes with the skirt from the Requiem Pour Une S Ur Perdue outfit. Look at that lace's amazing and I'm sure would go with so many of your outfits for mix n match individuality.

Apart from my Belleza skin, earrings from Plus, Miamai hair base and Je Suis hair, pretty much I'm a FREE spirit.

Thank you Lucia for the gifts and the amazing sim you have created. You are such a talent.

Ok, one post over, a heap more to go. I have so many outfits to show from my shopping spree. Have a great week darlings.

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