Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boho With A Side Of Black.

I do appreciate a great print and a bold dash of color. I found this little boutique style shop a couple of days ago on the Juicy sim. Called Boho (designer Redsoledrea Gossipgirl), I found a modest but fabulous selection of pieces and I fell in love with this top called 'Donna' shown here in Venetian Red.  Sits perfectly and the bow on the cleavage really well placed.  Looking forward to more from Ms Gossipgirl.

I lucked in with a couple of great freebies. The necklace is from Justice and the bag from Meiling, both group gifts.  You know you love the gifts when you would definitely buy them.  Thank you darlings.

I'm in love with my new BIG hair called Momo from Vanity Hair, a recent release. I so love Tabata Jewell's imagination and execution when it comes to cutting edge hair. Me hearts you big time.

The leather Oleta shorts are a new purchase from Ibizarre although the fab little stockings 'n' suspenders purchased from Barbee may not be available these days; however were produced by Natsu Serevi if you wanted to contact her in world.

Hair base: Vanity Hair.
Skin: LAQ.
Eyes: Mozz.
Eyeliner (tattoo): EyePop in Guava from cheLLE.
Shoes: Digna from Kalnins.
Left earring: Timeless Hoops from Encore (designer Tracy Scofield) no longer available.
Right earring: Black Shadow from Glow Studio.
Bangle: Gift from Fairy Tail.


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