Sunday, May 8, 2011

Conformity Is Boring.

Okay so this is not my usual look...or is it? I don't think I have a 'usual'. Just like my eclectic taste in music, I can go from twin set and pearls to torn tights and most likely, all in the same outfit. I hope you see the symbolism in the image. You make a statement when you dare to be different.

In case you haven't had the pleasure, meet Ms Aliza Karu, designer of Aliza Karu Shop - Angels and Deamons. She made this outfit called Button True Pink which she has kindly given as a group gift. Oh Em Gee. Her stuff is amazing and has a creative depth to it. I can see elements of goth, punk, steam-punk with color, couture and fantasy just to name a few in her work. What it definitely isn't though is bland.

I so appreciate the uniqueness and twist of her designs. These are the kind of designers that excite me because its such a challenge to incorporate one or two key pieces of their non-traditional creations with the more traditional to create something WOW. Do go and have a look at Aliza's masterpieces but look closely. The attention to detail and unexpected quirkiness is quite genius. I have worn this as it was designed but look forward to fusing Aliza's work with other designers I love.

Hair and hair base: Valentine Group Gift from Vanity Hair.
Skin: Elena from LAQ.
Eyes: Blue 02 from Mozz.
Glasses: Made for me by Nina Singer.
Nails: Je Suis.
Dress/socks/shoes: Button True Pink by Aliza Karu Shop.
Location: MiC. (seriously brilliant)



  1. This is gorgeous and I love that red sky! I've added you to my blog roll, hope that's ok.

  2. Hi Eliza...thanks so much for your comment. I've linked your blog a log to mine also. Take care xx

  3. Such a cute outfit and OMG the hair is amazing!!! Love the unconventional look!