Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Power Of Baby Pink.

I don't care what anyone says. Boys love pink and surprise, surprise, boys love girls in pink. They may never admit it, but they do.

I'm very partial to pink and white and when I saw the Liv Pink dress at Glam Affair, well, it was on my back before the Cha-Ching stopped sounding. I thought I would create something pretty and feminine.

I love being a girl.

Hair: Charli in Natural Blond by Maitreya.
Skin: Leona in Natural by Glam Affair.
Eyes: Grey by Mozz.
Dress: Liv Pink by Glam Affair.
Shoes: Plastique by Kalnins.
Bag: White Short Feather bag by Muism.
Hat: le lis blanc du roi available for free from Worlds End.

Location: Milvus.


  1. Hi Chalice...I was wondering what the house is in the background or who the creator is? I love it...:)

  2. The background is indeed perfect! And the color works great with your dress from Glam Affair! You look adorable. Yay us girls! :P

  3. @ Kylie - Sorry its taken me so long to answer Kylie. I've added a link to the sim in the actual post now. See I always forget to do that. Thanks for commenting x

    @ Laura - Thanks so much for your lovely comments Laura. Definitely yay us girls x

    @ Breezy - Thanks my darling for your comment.

    Hugs all.