Saturday, May 28, 2011

Material Girl.

First of all, I wanted to say an embarrassingly late, THANK YOU, to Shay from Retail Therapy with Shay who so kindly gave me a blogger award. Shay has one of the most dynamic, up-to-the-second blogs in the SL Blogasphere and coming from her, this award is very special to me. I apologize for being so tardy in my response Shay but I was tickled tangerine when I read it on the feed. Thank you precious.

Today I have another outfit from Chantkare that was a must have and a new skin range from Miah McAuley's Natural Beauty.

The outfit is called 'Lil 40's Ensemble'. Don't you just love the word ensemble? So quaint. I loved the fact that it consists of two completely separate patterns and materials. The skirt has a resize script so easy peasy to get it looking just right.

Now look at this lovely skin from Natural Beauty. Miah has excelled herself with the beautiful Bella range available in Pale, Medium, Tan and Dark Tan. Each pack has 10 make up styles to choose from in addition to cleavage and brow options. Thanks so much Miah for sending it to me and I'll be wearing this a lot. Bella's soft and dewy face is just adorable.

Hair: Veruca 2 in Swedish from Truth.
Skin: Bella in Pale from Natural Beauty.
Eyes: Icey by WAP Designs.
Top and Skirt: Lil 40's Ensemble by Chantkare.
Shoes: Hana by Maitreya.
Necklace: Modavia 20,000 member gift by Kunglers.
Bracelets: Violet Bangles by tesoromio.
Shopping Bags: Shopping Gift Bags from Juicy (modifiable to change color).

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  1. It's amazing how the colours and prints of this ensemble match so well ! Beautiful post I say!