Monday, May 2, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow. Chalice Sacks The Stylist.

God that Chalice can be a bitch. Just because her hairdresser didn't conceive the amazing Rykiel style from the hair house of LeLutka first, she sacked him, withdrawing her custom after many years of monogamy to diva stylist Dree McTavish. He's said to be utterly devastated and has allegedly waxed his entire body in protest.

She isn't worried though. She's been showing it off to absolutely everyone. She may not have worn it first, but she believes she's worn it best. Chalice is such a bitch.

Anyway she did want to share this outfit with you, particularly the flower emblazoned shoes from DeLa. The corky wedges with patent leather and a choice of flower colors are just the sweetest and look a treat with the Leather Prom Dress that is a FREEBIE from Bottle Bird.

Of course here's the hair that has caused the furor but you can see why. It's brilliant. Oh and look at the cute Keira neck ribbon from DeLa that can also be worn on the arms. Cool eh?

Now I was being rather lazy taking these pics at home but at the same time I did want to give you a little look of my new place. It's the AMAZING, WONDERFUL, STUNNING new house from Fornicola Butuzova's PreFabulous brand called Lanai Beach House. It's not overly huge which I like. A quality build with out of this world textures that is cozy and not prim heavy.

Anyway darlings, check out the style card and if you see the hairless hairdresser Dree McTavish around, give him a tissue will you because he's such a cry baby.

Hair: Rykiel in Powder from LeLutka.
Skin: Elena in Pale by LAQ.
Eyes: By WAP.
Dress: Leather Prom Dress by Bottle Bird (free).
Neck Tie: From DeLa.
Shoes: Monica Flower Wedge Sandal by DeLa.
Bag: Satin Round Bag by House Of London.
Nails: By JeSuis.


  1. Beautiful dress and shoes! Love the hair too!

  2. My God, what shoes! Thank you for your nice blog =)

  3. laughs so hard, so cute, poor man, no way he can get a step ahead of Thoras hairstyling brilliance.


  4. No he should just stop trying and let Thora do her thing. Thanks for the comment Sasy x