Saturday, April 30, 2011

I shop, therefore I am...broke that is.

This would have to be one of my most favorite styling results of all my attempts. Possibly because I had so much fun after purchasing the gorgeous pale blue jacket from Chantkare, teleporting to all my haunts looking for just the right pieces to go with it. Well what I think are the right pieces. Lots of lovely new designs at Chantkare so go look...go...go.

I immediately had it in my mind to create something with white and was stuck on finding a mini-dress no longer than the jacket.

I was like a squirrel foraging for nuts until I hit DeLa and found 'Angela', a suede mini-dress in white. Walking around DeLa, I found these amazing shoes called 'Grace'...hehe...Amazing Grace.

This outfit is actually a Chantkare and DeLa fusion and I'm thrilled with it. That's what I love about styling an outfit using different pieces from different designers. There is an element of creativity involved in the choices that you make.

Now I would like to ask, no PLEAD, with designers to make their pant/under-pant layer modifiable. With avatar heights so varied, I am always left frustrated when I purchase something, particularly dresses, where the glitch pant layer is seen poking from the dress/skirt because they are too long. It's such a simple thing to rectify and negates the need to forage through my inventory trying to find something else that might work. Also, I'd like to see more attention given to the quality of the seams on glitch pants. How many times do you put them on and find that the length at the inner and outer thigh are markedly different or at the inner thigh the texture is all smudgy and uneven? I'm not usually a whinger but this is one part of an outfit that is often neglected but can mean the difference between looking great or throwing the whole thing in the trash.

In case you want to know:

Hair base: Vanity Hair.
Hair: Puka in Essence color by Vanity Hair.
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by LAQ.
Eyes: Icy by WAP.
Jacket: Lesley Sweater Tunic in Sky by Chantkare.
Hair flower: Kusum in Soft White by Chantkare.
Dress: Angela Suede Mini-dress in White by DeLa.
Shoes: Grace in White by DeLa.
Bag: Dudu Clutch in White from DeLa.
Earrings: From UnTone (sadly no longer operating).
Bangles: Metallic Tres in Silver by Armidi.
Poses: Exposeur Poses.
Location: Pleasure.

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