Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Natural Beauty Meets Sascha's Designs = Perdy Me

I died bringing you this post. In fact I died 4 times. I scooted off to Wolfenstein because I liked the aesthetics of the sim but it turned out to be a combat location and hidden in the hills, unseen residents were playing 'shoot em ups' and I was the target. Thanks dudes! Every time I got the shot set up which took me forever, BANG I was dead and on my way home. Well I guess it serves me right for entering unarmed. The only thing I had was some very pointy and possibly deadly stiletto's but didn't fancy getting blood on them.

Anyway I managed to finally finish the shots featuring two of SL's powerhouses. That being Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Designs and Miah McAuley from Natural Beauty. Both darlings sent me little gifties from their new range and I thought I would join forces and combine their products in the one post.

Click the pics for an eyeful.

Sascha's new gown is called Zephra and comes in Black or White. I love the chance to don one of her stunners and opted for dramatic black for this series. I added a few little pieces like the orange belt and hair piece because it's always fun to give your outfits the personal touch. Your shopping bag will be overflowing with all of the extras Sascha provides with her outfits including bolero, hat, lacy shawls to name but a few.

Miah's new Natural Beauty skin range is called Malinka and with 10 make up choices in each tone that includes light and dark brows, 2 cleavage options and brow shaper, don't say she doesn't spoil you. Likewise, Miah offers 8 skin tones from light to dark and everything in between. It's been such a pleasure to see Miah's label grow and develop. She really offers an exceptional product and given the range she has built up, has worked incredibly hard.

Until next sweet.