Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Lace With Your Zombie???????

Hey SLifer's...No I didn't forget to put a top on under my lace jacket in case you were wondering. Cleavage is in don't you know? To be more precise, it's OUT, like let it hang out at every opportunity. A little slither of magic tape and not a slip of the nip in sight. I wanted my ZOMBIE Stomach Wound to feature prominently created by Max Lexigle from Repulse for the upcoming Zombie Popcorn Hunt running from June 1st to 15th. I had a great time at the last Zombie Hunt so here's hoping this year's a cracker.

Yoriminaty Beresford from Yorim's Factory is a designer I greatly admire and this lace cardigan in brown called to me from across the shop. I've worked out my purchasing MO (modus operandi) only recently. I buy things I like with no idea what I'm going to do with them. This look started with the cardigan and Zombie tattoo layer and developed from there. I like the juxtaposition of lace with gaping wound.

It felt like everyone was at the recent boot sale at Stiletto Moody. Somehow I pulled a swifty as I was wading through the thick mud of lag near the front entrance. I cammed in to the boot section and clicked 'sit' on a vendor poster. Next thing I was past all the other shoppers right where I wanted to be. Click, click, click and I bagged my boots. Here are the Bare Lucille's...a heelless wonder of fantasmic proportions. Works well with my Croco bag from Septem Essentia. 75% off some Moody magic just couldn't be overlooked.

I've worn these Burleske tights to shreds from LeeZu as they go with so many things. A big shout out to Glow Studio for the necklace/earrings, Redgrave for the Trinity skin/hair layer and Baiastice for the hair attachment.

I award my crown to the undeniably talented designer and business woman Linka Demina from [glow] Studio . Not only does she have the most dynamic and cutting edge label around, she's also affiliated with The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue. I've never met Linka but her work inspires me and makes me proud to be a SL fashion lover. Thank you Linka.


  1. oh i want the laced jacket too, so pretty!!!

  2. fabulous style and pics and I want this jacket, too :D

  3. Jelly & glad you like it. I just love finding these little places full of gems like this. Hugs from me.

  4. Hi Em you gorgeous thing. Yep Linka did an awesome job with that set of jewelery.