Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Smoking In Vero Modero.

Who doesn't love a little Vero Modero?  A walk around the store is a delight for the senses and I couldn't resist this sex-il-icious powder blue top with a botanical print called 'Blossom'.  I teamed it with Vero's Marine Low Rise Bermuda pants in crisp white with golden buttons for a summer look with punch.

I've been meaning to show you this cute bag from Boom from the Yip collection called 'Take It Easy'.  I again brought out my scrummy Grace sandals with fur from DeLa

My talons are lethal weapons from the Milky Nails collection complete with oversize rings from Mandala.  Such a beautiful addition to the hands while frightening off a would be attacker at 50 paces.  A new addition to the jewelery collection is this eye popping necklace and earrings set called 'Opulence' from Eclectica Jewelery recently sent from Tiffy Vella to blog.  The intricate collection of various jewels is gorgeous.

I'm wearing a great hair style from Truth called Isla that I've shown with Truth's hair base in the Swedish tone.  Very versatile 'do' that works so well when you want to show off interesting necklines.  Boho Beauty sent out a blogger review skin called 'Frost Bitten' shown here in the Milky tone.  For dramatic effect I added the 'Love My Eyes' liner and mascara tattoo from Boom and thick eyeliner mascara from Les petits Details.  My ciggie is from NicotiN.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day as I did.  Everything was in excess and I loved it.  Bring on New Year :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas From Chalice In Wonderland

I want to say a very Merry Christmas to my lovely readers and to thank each and every one of you for dropping by throughout the year.  I really do appreciate the support, comments and review copies and to be honest, it makes the effort worth it. 

Please take extra care over the holiday period and whether you are spending it with family and/or friends or flying solo this year, I hope the spirit of Christmas envelops you like a hug.

Come 2012, I will be in my fourth year of blogging about SL fashion and can't wait to see what our wonderful designers have in store for us.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wisteria Lane.

I'm backing up my last post with another dress from Couverture.  It was the amazing color of this dress that caught my eye.  Chocolate Arashi calls the color Wisteria and it has a feminine and whimsical feel to it.  Titled 'Zepher', it has the finest spaghetti straps with prim ribbons at the shoulders and features a geometric pattern in the lace. 

I returned to [kik] for some more hair love and found this great style called Atmos shown here in platinum. I'm hair over heels in love with the platinum tone and couldn't stop at one purchase so more to come from  [kik] in future posts..  The hair flower also comes with Atmos and I colored it to match the dress. 

I chose the delicate Nouveau Rose jewelery set in lilac from Eclectica.

My most exciting purchase of the day has to be these gorgeous wedge sandals called 'Monique' in Icy Rose from DeLa.  I have long been a DeLa fan girl and Kuranosuko Kamachi's footwear is just getting better and better if that's possible. 

Other credits:
Skin: Glam Affair - Monica light - Modavia gift.
Eyes: WAP - Icey Blue.
Nails: Pixel Mode.

Well Miss Virtual World is nearly upon us.  In around 4 hours the candidates will take the stage for the marathon event.  Having been in the competition myself a few years ago representing my country as Miss Australia, I remember the stress I felt that lasted for around 6 hours if memory serves me correctly.  Constantly on edge trying to ensure I was rezzed, had the right clothes on, hit my marks all while trying not to crash gave me a mega headache.  For me this all began at around 4am so by the time the winner was announced, I was delirious and said a prayer of thanks for not being chosen as I'd never have been able to produce a coherent sentence.  Good luck to all the girls.  Have fun but remember, winning can be a huge burden so be careful what you wish for.  Don't forget your dignity particularly in defeat because your behavior will be remembered long after the fan fare has died down while what you wore will not.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Mesh With The Dress Baby.

So EnCore got me over to the right side...the mesh side...with the allure of her new release skirt and now I'm entirely won over.  As luck would have it, I decided to check out a store that I have a real crush on, Couverture.  Designer, Chocolate Arashi, has pulled together a wonderful collection of clothing and produced one of my favorite dresses in SL (see here).  To my delight one of her new releases is a darling knitted maxi dress in a muted shade of purple for only $280L.  Available with or without the delicate spaghetti straps, my 'mesh-affair' only deepened when I put it on. 

There are three sizes, small, medium and large to fit most shapes and for me, the large fitted like a glove.  How wonderful to have a hem that maintains its folds and drape without the body poking through with every movement. 

I went bag hunting too and found this little treasure called 'Miranda' made by Tattoodiva Jules from BagLady Design.  These are the days when I love fossicking in SL.  The times where you unearth a treasure from a place you didn't know existed and at only $10L, I literally bagged a bargain.

The earring (yes I'm only wearing one), necklace and bracelets were recent bargains from the Tropicalia Bazaar 2 at Purple Moon.  Designed by Amorous, the set is called 'Antiquarian Chianti' and sells for a steal at $75L. 

I have a real thing for Similar Footwear and popped on the Barletta shoes that compliment this dress perfectly in my opinion.  I think they're around $795L but they're quality all the way and I simply can't get enough of them.

And while you're checking out Couverture at the sim Slow, go take a peek at [kik] hair.  I love this wind-swept, messy do called 'Fine' in platinum for only $200L.

Only 10 days to go and nary a Christmas post from me.  I'm resisting as long as I can because quite frankly, I'm quite over candy cane's, red, green and white lingerie and Christmas fare protruding from every orifice.  I think I've become a bit Scrooge like this year :-(  If anyone finds my Christmas spirit, by all means have a swig, then send it back home to me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Meena - NEW STORE Making Afghanistan Bohemian Inspired Clothing..

This amazing shawl and waist sash are just two items of many available at a new store called 'Meena'.  An off-shoot of BoHo HoBo, designer Trill Zapatero, describes her clothing designs for Meena as 'Afghanistan Bohemian', a hybrid of tradition Afghan and western clothing.  The richness of the textures and the vivid patterns and colors make these clothing items pop.  Check out the Meena vendor poster.

Meena Vendor Poster.

As I have said before and totally stand by, Trill makes AMAZING clothing that always work on my avatar.  In my opinion you won't get better quality for the absolutely reasonable prices she charges.

As you can see, the mix 'n' match versatility of these pieces provides a stunning fusion of east meets west.  Using the waist sash and shawl as my inspiration, I chose to wear only a sleek hair base from Cashmere to elongate the neck to take the shawl. 

I found this cable knit body suit in 'ember glow' from The Secret Store and then came upon the pencil skirt in 'quarry' that I thought would bring out the blue hues.  I opted for a strong makeup from my Claudia 2 fat pack from LAQ and wore an earthy earring and bracelet set called Adele from Indyra Originals.

You simply must check out the bags at Bare Rose.  I'm so impressed with them and they are better in the flesh than the pictures. This bag is called 'Bellissima' in wine but there's so many fab styles to choose from.  The quality totally surprised me. On my right hand (camera) is a great bracelet from Miel called Chum.  Maitreya Gold Allure shoes n socks finish me off and I'm ready to spread some color wherever I go.

Do drop by Meena and pick up something to make you happy while at the same time, all proceeds from this store go RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

These shots were taken at The Nest - Home & Garden Shopping Town.  Great sim for photo's guys not to mention shopping for your home and garden needs.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adorable Mesh Skirt From Behold Designs.

Drum roll please...this is the first piece of mesh clothing I've ever worn.  Talk about late on the uptake but better late than never I suppose.  What prompted me to finally go to the mesh side and download V3 was reading EnCore Mayne's blog (here) sharing her new creation, the polka dot mesh skirt.  I just loved the pattern and shape of it and immediately TP'd to her store, Behold Designs, to get me one. 

Never underestimate the power of a little skirt on those around you.  This is ever so sexy and I love the asymmetrical aspect of it that cleverly uses the polka dots to create added dimension.  This skirt is not rigged so can be modified as opposed to modifying your shape for the rigged mesh clothing pieces.  This gives you carte blanche to tint your skirt.  EnCore indicates she will be selling this for $300L but when I purchased it, it was a mere $150L. 

I set about building up a look from the skirt and visited Le Poppycock where I purchased a top called  Le Tanque.  I then had a bit of fun at Tee*fy shopping for accessories and found Anya's Pico Mofumofu scarf with dangling embellishments at either end and My Lunch Bag shown here in blue and brown hues. 

I opted for my favorite Arch Boots in 2 tone nude kindly sent to me by Fashionboi Lander from the House of Fox..  Also shown: Hair - Starlight in Essence from Vanity Hair; Skin - Claudia 2 Milky Glow from LAQ; Eyes - Pale Steel Blue from Fashism; Watch - Cashmere; Earrings - Antonia from DeLa; Nails - Pixel Mode

Thank you for throwing me from the comfort of my V2 nest and into the V3 unknown EnCore. I so wanted that skirt and I'm so glad I took the plunge.  I love this viewer and it actually works better for me.  Great job darling.

Friday, December 2, 2011

There's Power In The Flower.

You know you're wardrobe is in a bad way when you can't find the new coat you recently purchased.  I've been searching high and low for my new acquisition from Peqe, a stunning floral coat called 'Pacific'  I just assumed it hadn't arrived when there it was...voila. 

Styling this look was lots of fun if not a bit of a challenge.  I wanted to create a romantic and feminine look with an old world feel.  Coats/jacket's can be tricky little things but Peqe has nailed it with a great drape to the coat that gives the impression of flowing material and the puffy prim sleeves match really well with the pattern of the jacket layer. 

I racked my brain thinking about what I would wear under the coat and recalled this outfit I purchased so long ago from Redgrave called Nude Body Suit.  God knows if it's still available but I loved it for the delicate diamante detail at the hem of the shorts, shirt bottom and neckline.

I've been holding onto this Christiana headpiece from Donna Flora for a while now eager to wear it with something that would do it justice.  I love this hat to smithereens.  I raided the jewel box big time for this look and draped myself in the Chicago Diamante selection (earrings, necklace and bracelet) from Eclectica.Jewelery.  If you want quality, go Eclectica shopping.  I also brought out my big gun Trinity Ring from Modern Gypsy that is akin to a bling-ified knuckle duster.  Yay for you Micah.

To finish off my floral Lolita look, I snapped up this hat box called 'Faded Fragrance' from Le Poppycock.  Loving that shine and luster on the bag...Amazing work Julliette Bade.  Your shop is fabulous.

Other credits:

Hair and skin: Laq.
Shoes: Maitreya Gold.
Nails: Pixel Mode.
Eyes: Pale Steel Blue from Fashism.
Location: Spring Isles.